Saturday, 6 February 2016

Hedra Ramos: presentation for Super Cola drink that incorporates photography Hedras Ramos on their cans!

Cicloperiodismo. Images of Guatemala prodigy, guitarist Hedra Ramos during the presentation of Super Cola, soft Guatemalan company that incorporates photography Ramos in their cans, recognizing talent in music Hedra Ramos.
Hedras Ramos is an autodidact guitar prodigy born in Guatemala in 1992, at age 17 won second place in the famous Guitar Idol contest in London, England, competing with over 1200 guitarists worldwide. He has produced three albums, "New Sounds", "TheHolyGift of Shred" and "Atoms and Space", where collaborated artists such as Andy James, Billy Ashbaugh, Jennifer Batter, who was guitarist for Michael Jackson, among others. One of his collaborations most important was the legendary Hollywood star, Sir Christopher Lee, in his heavy metal album, "TheOmens of Death" and their own versions of songs from the video game Rock Band Games. Hedras Ramos has participated in festivals, concerts and clinics , sharing the stage with icons like Kansas, Die TotenHosen, Switchfoot and White Cross; He was chosen by Axl Rose, to open the tour of Guns N 'Roses, "ChineseDemocracy" in Guatemala City. His most recent tour in May 2014 in Asia, was sponsored by the manufacturer of the world's largest guitar Cort Guitars. Recorded in Guatemala City on Tuesday, January 9, 2016.


Hedras Ramos, Pritesh Walia: improvisations at ChickenPicks booth NAMM 2016

Hedras Ramos and Pritesh Walia in the ChickenPicks booth NAMM 2016 Anaheim

Hedras and Pritesh ChickenPicks NAMM 2016

Rusty Cooley: Nuclear Cheddar Swiss Pick !!

Swiss Picks
NEW for '16 !! The Rusty Cooley Edition 'Nuclear Cheddar Swiss Pick !! Included in this series is the NEW Jazz Mini's in .90mm (thin) & 1.80mm (slab) to bookend our best selling 1.30 Mini. Comprised of Polycarbonate with a pinch of this and a pinch of that, these Screaming Green meanies will officially be available in March !!! See and hear ALL things Rusty Cooley at and be sure to check out Rusty's NEW Day of Reckoning 'Into The Fire Part 1' disc !!

Hedras Ramos, Marcelo Donoso: jam session at the ChickenPicks booth at NAMM 2016

Hedras Ramos and Marcelo Donoso playing in the ChickenPicks booth at NAMM 2016 Anaheim CA USA

Hedras and Marcelo ChickenPicks NAMM 2016

Adam Rafowitz: Bloom - Guitar Playthrough .strandberg* Boden OS7

Laurie Monk: I was lucky enough to bump into Adam Rafowitz during NAMM week. I had not seen his instagram performances, but after seeing his .strandberg* appearance, I decided I just had to work with Adam to create a performance piece for the Truth In Shredding YouTube channel. The result is this track "Bloom", a Guitar Playthrough on the .strandberg* Boden OS7. Enjoy!

Adam Rafowitz is a guitarist and composer originally from Minneapolis, MN. He is currently based in Boston, MA after completing a Performance degree at Berklee College of Music. “Bloom” will be featured on Adam’s upcoming EP, which will be released late spring 2016!
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Matthieu Danesin Quartet -
Current EP project in progress.
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