Monday, 7 March 2016

Matt Schofield, Tomo Fujita: Fun blues funk jam with a Blues master Matt Schofield at JJ Guitars NAMM 2016

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Fun blues funk jam with a Blues master Matt Schofield at JJ Guitars NAMM 2016

JJ Guitars.

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Fun blues funk jam with a Blues master Matt Schofield at JJ Guitars NAMM 2016

Bob Gjika: Gjika 10 ^n amp powers of ten guitar amplifier, slide

testing the 10^n amp. sliding some blues in D head is into a 4x12 with 014 bass cone 30 watts from the late 60's

Gjika 10 ^n amp powers of ten guitar amplifier, slide

Reece Fullwood: Open Ground Eumeria - Guitar Playthrough

Reece Fullwood: Open Ground Eumeria - Guitar Playthrough

Open Ground is a song of the 2nd Eumeria record.

Here it is in it's demo form mixed by 'Kevin Bartlett' at 'The Smash Rooms' Studio.

OPEN GROUND - EUMERIA - Guitar Playthrough

Oliver Steffen: Athmo Synth Improvisation on AXE-FX Synth pad sound

Oliver Steffen: Athmo Synth Improvisation on AXE-FX Synth pad sound

Athmo Synth by Oliver Steffen

News: Why Stop at 11? SXSW Turns it Up at the PRS Shred Shed

Why Stop at 11? SXSW Turns it Up at the PRS Shred Shed

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) March 7, 2016 – For the third consecutive year, PRS Guitars is the official sponsor of the SXSW “Shred Shed” at the 2016 SXSW Music Gear Expo. PRS will have the latest guitars, basses and amplifiers available and invites SXSW visitors to grab a guitar or bass and crank up the volume. Located in the Austin Convention Center Exhibit Hall 5, booth #401, the PRS Shred Shed is also a great place to chat with PRS staff and PRS SXSW showcasing artists while seeing and playing the latest PRS gear.

PRS will be bringing their popular S2 guitars, including the offset S2 Vela, S2 Custom 22 Semi Hollow, S2 Singlecut Standard and S2 Standard 24. The new CE24 bolt-on guitar will also make its SXSW debut. Guitarists are invited to jam out on the SE Custom 24, SE Standard 24 and the new SE277 baritone guitars and bass enthusiasts will be able to play the SE Kestrel and SE Kingfisher 4-string basses. The Shed will also be outfitted with PRS SE Angelus acoustic guitars including the A20E, A30E and Lifeson models for folks who like to walk on the unplugged side. The Shred Shed will also be home to PRS amps, including the PRS Archon and HXDA models, for the duration of the Gear Expo.

In addition to the SXSW Shred Shed, a dozen PRS guitars, including the newly released CE 24 and the edgy, begging-to-be-picked-up S2 Vela will be available for SXSW Music Expo attendees at Deli Magazine’s Stompbox exhibit where players can check out the latest pedal effects.

Outside of the Expo, there are planty of opportunities to see PRS on stages throughout SXSW, including performances by Thomas Onebane & Gary Larsen of Royal Teeth, Paul-Devon Lewow of Brother Grey, Jordan Smith of Diarrhea Planet, Sam Harris of X Ambassadors and Jana Hunter & Walker Teret of Lower Dens.

The PRS Shred Shed will be open from 11am to 6pm, Thursday, March 17 through Saturday, March 19 in the Austin Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5, Booth #401. For more information please visit:

Anders Nyström, Roger Öjersson: Katatonia - new album and tour details

10th studio album "The Fall of Hearts" out May 20 on Peaceville

SWEDEN - Katatonia, the Swedish purveyor of dark progressive rock/metal, has revealed details of its eagerly awaited 10th studio album, The Fall of Hearts, set for release on the May 20, 2016 through the band's long-time home of Peaceville Records. 

The band commented: "This album is probably everything we unknowingly ever dreamed of to release. It's a bleak but adventurous journey through our elements, we haven't held back, we have pushed to get forward and backward in the ever spiraling night of our musical legacy."

The official follow-up to 2012's acclaimed Dead End Kings was recorded at Stockholm's Studio Gröndahl & Tri-lamb Studio, and was self-produced by Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse. Mixing and mastering duties were carried out by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Ihsahn, Devin Townsend) at Fascination Street Studios, with Karl Daniel Lidén (Switchblade, The Ocean, Greenleaf) brought in as engineer.

The dramatic yet desolate artwork was created by long time Katatonia designer and illustrator Travis Smith.

Katatonia has spent the past four years since the release of Dead End Kings touring the world, as well as expanding its fan base through two special albums on Kscope, the sister label of Peaceville. 2013 saw the release of Dethroned & Uncrowned which exploded the core of the songs on Dead End Kings creating new moods and textures. In 2015, the band released the live acoustic album and concert film, Sanctitude. Both releases illustrate the band's journey toward this, its current more progressive sound.

The Fall of Hearts is the first record to feature new drummer Daniel 'Mojjo' Moilanen along with the addition of recently recruited guitarist

Roger Öjersson (Tiamat), who came in just in time to sprinkle some blistering solos on the album. With its new lineup, Katatonia will continue to push its musical boundaries beyond its roots in the metal scene while drawing in new fans from across the musical spectrum like peers such as Opeth and Anathema have also done, cementing Katatonia's place as one of the most revered and cherished of all bands in the world of modern heavy music.

More details of The Fall of Hearts will be released shortly. Stay tuned for more information on Katatonia.

Katatonia live:

3/12 - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Metal Town Festival
4/29 - Kopervik, Norway @ Karmoygeddon Festival
6/19 - Clisson, France @ Hellfest
7/03 - Helsinki, Finland @ Tuska Festival
7/09 - Bouckenborgh, Belgium @ Anterwerp Metal Festival
7/10 - Bouckenborgh, Belgium @ Anterwerp Metal Festival
8/05 - Corroios, Portugal @ Vagos Open Air Festival
8/17 - Dinkelsbühl, Germany @ Summer Breeze Festival
8/18 - Dinkelsbühl, Germany @ Summer Breeze Festival
8/19 - Dinkelsbühl, Germany @ Summer Breeze Festival
8/20 - Dinkelsbühl, Germany @ Summer Breeze Festival

Katatonia is:

Jonas Renkse - Vocals
Anders Nyström - Guitar
Roger Öjersson - Guitar
Niklas Sandin - Bass
Daniel Moilanen - Drums

Katatonia online:

Rob Marcello: Racer X On The Loose and Rock it!

Solo (s) of the week #5!

Racer X is one of my all time favorite bands on the planet, and I've been on a massive Racer X Since day one! I couldnt make up my mind which solo to choose for this week...So here it it is:
Racer X "On The Loose" AND "Rock It" (Extreme Volume II version).
Thanks to Bruce Bouillet and Paul Gilbert for all the inspiration!

Racer X - On The Loose - Racer X - Rock It - (Cover by Rob Marcello)

Andy Wood: Reach - Suhr Factory Event 2016

Suhr Artist Andy Wood performs “Reach” from his latest recording Caught Between the Truth and a Lie at the 2016 Suhr Factory Party.

Andy Wood - Lead Guitar
Andy Campbell - Drums
Matt Rodriguez - Bass
Ben Eller - Rhythm Guitar
Travis Toy - Steel Guitar

For more information on Andy Wood and Suhr:


Michael Romeo: Symphony X - Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln 2016

Michael Romeo: Symphony X - Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln 2016 series of videos

Michael Romeo: Symphony X - Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln 2016

Tosin Abasi, Aaron Marshall, Plini: European tour dates for Animals as Leaders, Intervals and Plini!

Tosin Abasi, Aaron Marshall, Plini: European tour dates for Animals as Leaders, Intervals and Plini!

Europe BOOM! with the bros Plini INTERVALS and Animals As Leaders

Adieu Adyu: Bear God - vigier tapped and fretlessly wah-wahed

This is an Original song that I played for the first time at the Tosin Abasi clinic earlier this year in Kuala Lumpur,
I have been working on getting a recorded version done and this is just a small clip of the outro :) hope to release it soon. watch in 1080p for best audio/video quality.

Adieu Adyu - Bear God

Artur Cabanas: Soundtracks - mix of blues, surf, and weird things like "spaghetti western soundtracks". great new album

1. The Road 05:20
2. Desert Trails 03:15
3. Shuffle à la Les Paul 02:33
4. Tribal Vibes 03:48
5. Seafoam Blues 04:00
6. Dusk 03:04
7. Icebreaker 03:53
8. Into the Depths 03:10
9. Presences 04:17

Blues, surf, rock 'n' roll... "Soundtracks" is the first album by guitarist Artur Cabanas. It has been recorded at Aclam Records, Vertigo Studio and Groove Factory Studios. All the music is written and arranged by Artur Cabanas (guitar, bass and mellotron). Also, you can hear Toni Mateos on drums, Jose Gallardo at keyboard (Hammond C3) and Jose Luis Cattaneo behind the mixing desk. The album has been mastered by Alvaro Balañà at Impact Mastering Labs, and is being distributed by La Cúpula Music Label.
released January 27, 2016

Guitar, bass & keys: Artur Cabanas
Drums: Toni Mateos
Hammond C3: José Gallardo

News: Daemoness Guitars is a custom Metal guitar workshop in Bristol, England

Daemoness Guitars is a custom Metal guitar workshop in Bristol, England. This video log series is about Metal Guitars, Metal luthiery, Metal guitar playing, Metal philosophy, Metal albums and Metal shows. This series is made by Metallers, for Metallers. Everyone here is a convinced headbanger. If you are not, and any of the content in this channel offends, challenges or perplexes you - we actually prefer it that way so just walk on by pilgrim.
In this episode I demonstrate how to fill a Floyd Rose tremolo cavity before installation of an Evertune bridge. This method can be used to prepare a guitar for any replacement hardtail bridge. I make these videos as I work using the iphone 6 plus. You are watching real processes.. This video is information only - a degree of woodworking experience and tool operating ability is required to replicate the processes I demonstrate. I can accept no responsibility if you attempt anything in this series that is outside your practical reach and damage your guitar.

If there is a question or subject you want answered or addressed in this series, email me at dylan@daemonessguitars and I will do my best to answer it in future episodes

Rusty Cooley: adds some exotic spice to his Golden Room Backing Track jam

Rusty Cooley: adds some exotic spice to his Golden Room Backing Track jam

Rusty Cooley laying it down!

Rusty Cooley Grip It 'N' Rip It! with Golden Room Backing Track

Danny Tunker, Per Nilsson, Hannes Grossmann: Bare Trap - single from fusion project

Like the beginning of many a great blues lyric: I woke up one the beginning of December 2015 while working on songs for a jazz fusion project I'm working on with my buddy Christian Muenzner (more on that later!) with most of this song in my head. I finished it that morning and whipped up a demo later that same day. 

After a few days of being undecided on what to do with it I decided to ask Hannes Grossmann and Erlend Caspersen to play on it and release it on my own. After sending everything off to Per for mixing and mastering we decided the song would benefit from keys and Per added his magic to the song as well as preserve everybody's performance in crisp detail with his masterful mix.

When I received the final mix it struck me that I wanted artwork too (further emphasising the whole 'spur of the moment/no thinking ahead' feel of this project) and after looking through my albums I approached Plini because of the cover he created for his song 'Cloudburst'. I was thinking of a more urban interpretation of that cover and he immediately grasped what I was going for, even suggesting teaming up with Demas Rusli, a good friend of his and stunning photographer in his own right. What they came up with was better than I imagined possible. Glorious!

Everyone involved brought their A-Game and lifted the whole project to a different level for me. The fun I had and the gratitude I feel for their contributions can only be summed up thusly - Hannes, Erlend, Per, Demas and Plini: I wish to thank you with every fiber of my being.

As for anyone reading this: I sincerely hope you'll enjoy listening to this song as much as I loved making it.
released March 5, 2016
'Bare Trap' was written by Danny Tunker

Danny Tunker - Guitars
Hannes Grossmann - Drums
Erlend Caspersen - Bass
Per Nilsson - Keys, Mix & Mastering

Guitars recorded at Grayskull Studios
Drums recorded at Mordor Sounds (
Bass recorded at Casa Caspersen
Keys, mix and mastering by Per Nilsson at Studio Kabyss.

Artwork by Plini ( & Demas Rusli (

Hope you like the track. You can buy it on Bandcamp! (and soon on iTunes)

Danny Tunker Bare Trap

Reece Fullwood, Matt Guillory, Derek Blakley: Eumeria - Open Ground

Demo Track for 'Open Ground' by Eumeria.
Mixed by Kevin Bartlett.

Eumeria are:

Jonny Tatum - Vocals
Reece Fullwood - Guitars
Matt Guillory - Keyboards
Kevin Bartlett - Drums
Derek Blakley - Bass Guitars

Eumeria NEW DEMO: Open Ground

Jimbo: on his War Guitar - how many strings?! 2012 revisited

Legend Music Manteca hosted its second round of Guitar Wars competition on November 9, 2012. Jimbo was one of the three finalists to go on to the finals being held on December 9, 2012 at Legend Music Sound Stage, Fresno

Jimbo on his War Guitar

Naia Izumi, Taylor Mansfield, Kynwyn Sterling: Utena - ウテナ Los Angeles Math rock Trio set sail!

Genre: Indie / Math rock / Alternative

Band Members
Naia Izumi
Taylor Mansfield
Kynwyn Sterling

Home Town: Los Angeles

Utena is three unique musicians combined into one creative, driving force of original music. Consistently finding one another on various virtual web forums for music, we decided to meet up and jam together for the first time in February 2016. Our individual passions for intricate, well-crafted music made us blend right away, so now we are launching this band of three women to the world of music! Utena's sounds create a new, bold, expressive voice in a world that could use more innovators. We are sharing our music to this world and beyond, and invite you to come out on the edge with us!

Email address:

Paul Masvidal, Sean Reinert, Sean Malone: Cynic Live at club DROP, Osaka Japan

Live at club DROP, Osaka Japan on Sep 6th, 2015
Paul Masvidal — Guitar, Vocals
Sean Reinert — Drums
Sean Malone — Bass
This concert video is free for everyone online; there will not be a separate DVD or audio release of the show.
Special thanks to Sotaro and Nubuo Okuda, and everyone at Pudding Broadcast for their hard work and dedication.
Thanks again to Hayato Imanishi and his team at Rising Media for making us feel so welcomed, and looking after our every need.
We are proud to have shared the stage in Japan with Plini and Cyclamen.
And to the fans—many of whom came to all three concerts—thank you for your kindness, and for sharing three unforgettable nights with us!


Track List

00:00 Veil of Maya
06:00 Adam's Murmur
10:30 True Hallucination Speak
16:45 Elves Beam Out
21:42 Moon Heart Sun Head
29:10 The Space for This
36:30 Integral
42:20 Carbon-Based Anatomy
50:20 The Lion's Roar
57:05 Kindly Bent to Free Us
Thanks, Andres Centellas!!

CYNIC - Live "CYNIC Japan tour 2015"

Matthew Mills: go fund me Arpeggio instructional DVD

Hello my name is Matthew Mills. I am a guitarist performer composer recording artist and a guitar instructor. I am releasing my first ever guitar instructional DVD. This has been a dream of my since I first viewed the very first Vinnie Moore guitar instructional video. My upcoming DVD release will be new ways of performing arpeggios on the guitar. In the DVD I cover major minor minor 7th minor 7th b5 7th major 7th diminished diminished 7th Major 7th b5 major 7th Augmented Sus 2 and Sus 4 I need donations to finish the DVD. All filming and editing is done on the DVD any donations toward this product it will to cover the production and manufacturing cost and tray insert replication and volume mastering.

A $20 donation will you a signed copy of the New Matthew Mills Arpeggio DVD

$95 donation will get you signed copy of the arpeggio DVD a Skype guitar lesson and digital files of my last two albums

$100 donation will get you signed copy of the DVD a Skype guitar lesson and digital files of my last three albums

$250 donation you will get you signed copy of the DVD two Skype guitar lessons and digital files of my entire discography

$500 donation you will get you signed copy of the DVD two Skype guitar lessons and digital files of my entire discography

$1000 donation you get everything on the $500 donation and I will come perform at your home for your next party!