Friday, 25 March 2016

Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle, Alessandro Benvenuti: The Elba Triangle - teaser for the massive rock fusion project featuring some of the best rock fusion players on the planet

Tom Quayle via The Elba Triangle

So excited to announce this! The first track from a project I've been involved in with some of the musicians I respect most in the world. Really happy to be a part of this. I have to say, recording solos in this alongside these other guys is a daunting but incredibly rewarding experience!

The Elba Triangle is a new special project featuring the three stunning rock fusion guitar players; Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle and Alessandro Benvenuti. The album features new takes on classic fusion tunes, sprinkling awesome guitar sauce and scintillating keyboards in contemporary way over these time-honored tracks

The album also features world renowned musicians:
Guitars - Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle, Alessandro Benvenuti
Drummers - Virgil Donati and Walle Wahlgren
Bass - Anton Davidyants and Junior Braguinha.
Keyboards: Alex Argento

Alex Argento is also the music director, adding his musical virtuosity to the sonic tapestries with his of masterful sound production. Alex is also responsible for the mixing and the mastering of this first "The Elba Triangle - Chapter One" set for release in 2016.

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Copyright: Face First (1993) - Gary Willis
Licensed through LOUDR

The Elba Triangle - Face First (album teaser)

Sam Birchall: Spice Up Your Solos With These Modern Rhythmic Licks!

Spice Up Your Solos With These Modern Rhythmic Licks!
Sam Birchall debuts at JTC with a very original, unique and fresh release that is going to blow your guitar world wide open! With varying degrees of intensity from the beautiful to the aggressive, these 20 modern rhythmic licks will show you how to incorporate and master chordal ideas in your own guitar solos!

There is a real progression in the licks starting with simpler more introductory licks which ease you into the idea of using rhythmic chordal ideas in your licks. Then as you work through these 20 ideas Sam will guide you into the more complex and advanced licks.

On the theory side on things, there is a lot going on! We've got interesting use of rhythmic ideas, syncopation, drop-chords, great use of colour notes and chord extensions and wide interval ideas. Sam's licks are the perfect example of how you can really get a lot of interesting sounds out of a mostly diatonic palette! If you can learn to do a lot with a little, then imagine what's possible when you expand your ideas further!

Some of the fantastic techniques in this pack include; hybrid picking, legato (hammer ons and pull offs), sliding, pick raking, open-strings, palm-muting, finger rolling, tapping, economy picking, percussive clicks and letting notes ring into each other to create chordal effects... plus much more!

If you can master each of these super creative licks in turn then you'll be well on your way to adding your own interesting rhythmic/chordal ideas into your own licks and solos!

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Saaghs Dantas: Bach - Suite I BWV 1007 - two hands and two guitars in a "V"

Saaghs Dantas: Saaghs plays Bach - Suite I BWV 1007

Saaghs plays Bach - Suite I BWV 1007

Remy Hansen: live at Parking Toys 2016

Remy and Goldie @ Parking Toys 2016

Remy and Goldie 2016

Simon Kinny-Lewis, Anton Davidyants, T J Helmerich: Strat Attack - track previews

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Simon Kinny-Lewis - Strat
Michael Azzopardi - Keyboard ( Bob Mintzer, Marcia Hines )
Christian Howes - Violin ( Robben Ford, Les Paul )
Anton Davidyants - Bass ( Alex Hutchings, Feodor Dosumov, )
Goran Rista - Drums ( Neil Finn, Eddie Gomez )

Mixed by Simon Kinny-Lewis, Simon Cotsworth, Goran Rista
Mastered by Simon Cotsworth ( Incognito, George Benson, Simply Red, Steve Winwood )

All songs written by Simon Kinny-Lewis
All songs © 2015. Simon Kinny-Lewis/ SKL MUSIC
Produced by Simon Kinny-Lewis

Photography by Simon Kinny-Lewis and Wayan Suratni
Artwork by Sebastian Hue
“ Simon's releases never cease to amaze me! This one is my favorite I think... love the writing, and the players. Simon's guitar talents truly shine on this, as he effortlessly navigates through tricky progressions with fire, grace and taste! ”
- T J Helmerich ( Procucer/engineer for Steve Vai, Victor Wooten, Scott Henderson and many more )
Cloud run has got to be my fave tune of the bunch, it's actually a really impressive composition, rooted somewhere between dixie dregs and mahavishnu. The strongest points of your record are, that you have surrounded yourself with great musicians, which is so rare these days, so that definitely makes it stand out from the lot. The mix is really well done too, congrats. Quite exciting to hear you shred it hi gain too! I wish you all the success you deserve with this! "

- Martin Miller ( JTC artist and endorser of Ibanez Guitars )
STRAT ATTACK track previews feat Anton Davidyants, Christian Howes

Steve Vai: Guitar Town Festival - Colorado - 2015

Steve Vai: Guitar Town Festival - Colorado - 2015

Steve Vai - Guitar Town Festival - Full Show - Colorado - 8/9/15 - HD

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: Rock Guitar Google Hangout

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Link to the Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar Forum Jam:

Rock Guitar Google Hangout with Paul Gilbert & Bruce Bouillet

Igor Paspalj: Chillaxe - Axe Fx II using FAS lead amp.

Here's one of my improvisations over one of Guthrie Govan amazing backing tracks. Chillaxe is actually name of this backing track, so I used it as well. Guitar is recorded through one and only Axe Fx II using amazing FAS lead amp. Hope You gonna like it :)

Igor Paspalj - Chillaxe

Rob Balducci: RU Divine - performance playthrough

RU Divine from my CD The Color Of Light. I really love this tune and I think it's one of my favorite compositions. Here's a quick run thru of the tune.
I am using my Ibanez RG Libra LAC and running into my Amplifire Pedal. Enjoy and please show your support.
You can get the CD this track is on at or buy it from download on all the major load sites..

Rob Balducci - RU Divine - Play Thru