Monday, 28 March 2016

Funtwo: All for One One for All

Youtube sensation guitarist 'Funtwo' known for the CanonRock Video comes back with an original single music video 'All for One, One for All'

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Film by Sammi Kim
Cinematography by Ray Cho, Kyle van Tonder

'All for One One for All' by Funtwo

Hedras Ramos: Cort Source - Minor Blues Michael Jackson Style

This is the beautiful Cort Source!
I remember back in my early days watching Eric Johnson's 335 and getting amused by it's shape and look, but it was until the past 2 years when I really got into the Hollow/Semihollow thing and I find this instrument very musical, I rather hear every note than going thru every fast lick, it really inspires me in a different way! This is full improvisation over my BT "Minor Blues Michael Jackson Style"

Hedras Ramos - Cort Source

Ola Englund: Sinvertek No 5 Distortion - Metal


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Sinvertek No 5 Distortion - Metal

Rob Scallon: One String Battle (ft. Davie504

The battle continues:

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Classic bass guitar vs. shovel scenario

One string battle's are always more then one video. I mean duh!
Davie thinks he can play his bass with one song vs. my shovel on my channel and be done with it? pfffft... pfffft.... I'll get him on his channel...

Watch this shovel be made on "I Like To Make Stuff"

Mixed by Pete Cottrell:

The huge pick I'm using is from Purple Plectrums :)

This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Cody Melcher, Rob Harper, Michael Christie, James Bryant, Charles Jones, Jedidiah Silvertooth, Rory Cameron, Edward Breadwinner, Robin Tregaskis, Joe Cseko jr, Amit Kumar, Andy "VaultsOfExtoth" Wears, Jared Dines, Walter Zwinger, David Newell, Josh Fittler, Allistair Colson, Nick Crawford, Risking The Fall, Viacheslav Blinov, Jason Yoder, Taylor Fraser, Zachary Gaffney, Stefan Gunn, Brandon Ruf & many other awesome people on my patreon page
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One String Battle (ft. Davie504)

ONE STRING BATTLE (ft. Rob Scallon)

Nuno Bettencourt, Glen Sobel: drum jam Lucky Strike Live- Hollywood

Nuno Bettencourt sat in with the guys at week #1 of Sound Check Live held at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood on March 16, 2016. In the middle of Nuno's rendition of "Sign O' The Times" by Prince he and house band drummer Glen Sobel went into a percussion drums jam. Also with Tanya O'Callaghan- bass, Steve Fekete- gtr and Steve Ferlazzo- keys.

Nuno Bettencourt / Glen Sobel drum jam Lucky Strike Live- Hollywood

News: Michael Kelly Guitars Releases Next Generation Hybrid

Michael Kelly Guitars Releases Next Generation Hybrid

CLEARWATER, FL - MARCH 28, 2016 – Michael Kelly Guitars announced today the release of the new Hybrid 55 guitar. The Hybrid 55 is an electric guitar that has an unexpected acoustic guitar sound built in allowing players who need both electric and acoustic tones on the same gig a simpler alternative while also opening up creative sonic options by easily blending the two tones together. With the flick of a switch the player can go from screaming electric guitar tones to a warm acoustic guitar sound or any desired blend of the two.

Based on Michael Kelly’s top selling 1955 model, the Hybrid 55 allows for no compromise as an electric guitar. The Rockfield mini-humbucker in the neck and SWC humbucker in the bridge are the power source of the electric guitar tone. Their performance options are expanded with the MK Great 8 wiring mod that allows both to be split for a single coil sound option. The magnetic pickups have their own three-way switch, providing all of the traditional settings for this vintage-inspired electric guitar tone.

The stealthy acoustic guitar sonic option is possible thanks to a Fishman VT Powerbridge and a Fishman Powerchip. The Hybrid 55 provides for volume control over the acoustic sound with a dedicated volume pot, adorned with an elegant wooden knob, which is discreetly and conveniently placed directly behind the treble side of the Fishman VT Powerbridge.

“The Hybrid 55 is the logical next step in the evolution of our Hybrid series,” explains MK founder Tracy Hoeft. “We introduced our first Hybrid 10 years ago and our Hybrid Special model remains one of our most popular models globally. Where the Hybrid Special had the heart of an acoustic guitar with electric capabilities added, the new Hybrid 55 is an electric guitar first with a stealthier approach to the two-instruments-in-one promise that our Hybrid instruments have always kept.”

Based on the 1950’s series of guitars, the 25.5” scale Hybrid 55 is a tasteful blend of modern upgrades on an iconic guitar design. The Hybrid 55 features a Swamp Ash body and Quilted Maple top, offered in Tiger’s Eye Burst, and finished with genuine flame maple binding. The bolt-on neck is constructed of maple, a rosewood fretboard, and finished with 22 medium jumbo frets and a tonally brilliant bone nut. The Hybrid 55 is available immediately.

MSRP - $1,100

For more information on the Hybrid 55, please visit:

MK - Hybrid 55 from Guruz Media on Vimeo.

Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Gary Husband, Martin Miller,Anton Davidyants,: Spirit vs. Origin - fusion album pre order

Spirit vs. Origin by Sebastiaan Cornelissen1. Spirit (feat. Martin Miller)
2. Origin (feat. Gary Husband)
3. The Uncommon (feat. Anton Davidyants) 04:54

all songs written and produced by Sebastiaan Cornelissen

Martin Miller, Anton Davidyants, Gary Husband, amongst others.
Will be released 1st of May. More teasers on the way
releases May 1, 2016