Saturday, 2 April 2016

Vernon Neilly, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale: Boosweet Records announce Vernon Neilly's New Album "Outta Time" packed with guitar players!

Boosweet Records Vernon Neilly set to Release New Album "Outta Time" April 15th, 2016

"This project 'Outta Time' took some time to finish but the time has been well worth it and you will be able to hear it soon everywhere." ~ Vernon Neilly

Los Angeles, Ca. / March 2016 - Vernon is due to release his 5th solo CD in the beginning of 2016 entitled “Outta Time” to his international fan base and the world. This CD features some of the most prominent guitar players, bass players, and drummers in the world.

Vernon Neilly is no stranger to talent laden musical projects, and this CD “Outta Time” is no different. Vernon brings together super virtuoso and legendary guitar and bass players, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, Jennifer Batten, Kiko Loureiro, Mattias IA Eklundh, Victor Johnson,Doug Wimbish, TM Stevens, Juan Nelson and others to help him to express his musical point of view. Although “Outta Time” boasts supreme musical fire power, it is far more than an exposition of world class musical abilities. The CD has a definite message for our times by means of songs like “They Don’t Care”, “Outta Time”, and the cool “Git Yo Lyfe Rite”. Strong melodies and hooks will have the listener singing along. Vernon was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix as a youth, and pays tribute to the Guitar Hero with is version of “Fire” rearranged and produced by Vernon and Greg Howe. Vernon and this all-star cast of virtuosos Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Rhianna), Frank Gambale (Chic Corea, Return To Forever), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck),Kiko Loureiro (Angra, Megadeth), Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Victor Johnson (Busboys, Total Eclipse, Sammy Hagar), Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Jeff Beck, Tarja), TM Stevens (Steve Vai), Juan Nelson (Ben Harper) and the other highly skilled musicians bring the heat on “Outta Time”.

*** All songs written by Vernon Neilly published by VNeillyI Songs BMI

*** Fire written by Jimi Hendrix published by Experience Hendrix LLC.
Online Websites:

Genre: Alt Rock, Modern Rock, Pop Rock, Funk Rock, Blues Rock, Classis Rock, Jazz Rock


1. Fire Single Edit feat. Greg Howe, Vernon Neilly (guitar solos) Vernon Neilly (vocals) TM Stevens (bass)
2. They Don’t Care feat. Doug Wimbish (bass) and Khalif (vocals) Vernon Neilly, Bill Hudson (guitar solos)
3. Outta Time feat. Mattias IA Eklundh (guitar solo) Khalif (vocals) TM Stevens (bass) Eric Valentine (drums)
4. Git Yo Lyfe Rite feat. Vernon Neilly, Vic Johnson (guitar solos) Vernon Neilly (vocals) TM Stevens (bass) Eric Valentine (drums)
5. So Far Away feat. Vernon Neilly (guitar solos & vocals) Charles Glen (bass) Steve Ferrone (drums)
6. Nassau Nights feat. Vernon Neilly, Frank Gambale, Cacau Santos (guitar solos) Derrick Murdock (bass) Cuca Texeira (drums)
7. Meta Funk Trip feat Vernon Neilly, Kiko Loureiro, Jennifer Batten (guitar solos) Philip Bynoe, Juan Nelson (bass) Cuca Texeira (drums)
8. Fire feat. Greg Howe, Vernon Neilly (guitar solos) Vernon Neilly (vocals) TM Stevens (bass)

Morten Faerestrand: Rig Rundown And Secret PreAmp Trick!

Here's the rundown of my live and studio rig, including a very cool pre-amp trick that I don't really know of anyone else doing.

Jim Dunlop 535Q Wah
Fulltone Full-Drive 2
Mesa Boogie Flux Drive
Keeley Compressor
Palmer FX-loop
Fender Super Sonic 60/Mesa Boogie V-Twin
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Mesa Boogie 5-Band Graphic EQ
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay (With Option Knob and Boss FS-5U for Tap Tempo)
TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb Pedal
Fender Super Sonic 60 Power Amp In/Fender Concert 60 Power Amp In

Rig Rundown (And Secret PreAmp Trick!)

Frank Steffen Mueller: JTC | Jam Of The Month | April | Harlem Blues

Hi guys, here's my take for JTC Jam Of The Month April 2016 "Harlem Blues". Cheers, Frank :)

JTC | Jam Of The Month | April | Harlem Blues

Akihiko Onji: Weather Report - Two-Hand Tapping

Weather Report - Havona - Akihiko Onji - Two-Hand Tapping

Weather Report - Havona - Akihiko Onji - Two-Hand Tapping

Derya Nagle,Joaquin Ardiles: Good Tiger - Snake Oil from A Head Full of Moonlight

Dez and Jo play "Snake Oil" from Good Tiger's debut album "A Head Full of Moonlight".

Elliot Coleman
Derya Nagle
Joaquin Ardiles
Alex RĂ¼dinger
Morgan Sinclair

Good Tiger "Snake Oil" (PLAY THROUGH)

Drewsif Stalin: Bring Me To Life with Nikki Simmons

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About time someone re-did it, right?
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I'm playing a Legator Ninja 300 Pro 8 String with 10-74 Ernie Ball strings in Drop E into an Airis Effects Savage Drive into the Axe-Fx II's Carvin Legacy Model.
Shot on Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with a Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens. Edited in Final Cut Pro 7, Color Graded in Adobe After Effects.

Rob Balducci: Fan Request - RU Divine - Solo riffs...

This new LOTW is a fan request from @quincyMorrison who asked for some of the solo riffs to my song RU Divine from the Color Of Light CD. Please subscribe to the channel and also like my face book band page, The Rob Balducci Band and request what you want to hear in the future Lick Of The Weeks. Thanks and if you like my music you can get the CD plus backing track packages only at

Balducci - (Fan Request) RU Divine - Solo riffs...

Pritesh Walia: Wondering solo - Continentem

This is a clip of one of the improvised solos I played in the second recital at 1140 Boylston of Berklee College of Music with the band "Continentem"

January 2016

Guitar: Pritesh Walia
Piano: Daniel Tauber
Drums: Nick Sanchez
Bass: Philip Chuah

Pritesh Walia: Wondering solo - Continentem

Carnival Solo - Continentem

Billy Sheehan, Gregg Bissonette, Stephen Chesney: Shy Boy Ultimate Jam Night

Billy Sheehan, Gregg Bissonette, Stephen Chesney: Shy Boy Ultimate Jam Night
Billy Sheehan,Gregg Bissonette, Stephen Chesney,


Flint Blade: live, spontaneous Chapman Stick and vocal improvisation

"Improv #5" by Flint Blade - live, spontaneous Chapman Stick and vocal improvisation.

Flint Blade - Improv #5

Ian Bemolator: Metal soloing over Trance music

Backing track by Daily Backing Tracks

Metal soloing over Trance music

John 5: Now Fear This

Available to buy as a single wherever digital music is sold.
Directed and edited by Matt Zane of Lord Zane Productions.
Choreography and dancing by Mallory Gutierrez.


Rob Marcello: Ozzy Osbourne - Revelation - Mother Earth

Welcome to "Solo Of The Week #17"

Randy Rhoads epic solo on Ozzy Osbourne's
"Revelation (Mother Earth) " from the "Blizzard Of Ozz" album.
Ozzy has always had absolutely incredible guitarists (and musicians), I highly recommend ALL guitar players (and music fans) to go check out the entire Ozzy catalog NOW!

Ozzy Osbourne - Revelation (Mother Earth) - (Cover by Rob Marcello)

Jason Wilding, Tom Quayle: Cometh the hour cometh the man... kudos to the Wampler maestro

Tom Quayle

Baby Quayle is on the way and this is possibly the coolest gift Cheryl Marie Barbie Harford and I have ever received! Thank you so much Jason Wilding - you are the best human on the planet right now and we just can't express how much this means to us both. Thanks to David Young at WGS who helped make this happen too. Blown away!

Zendhy Kusuma: Slow Jam - tasty playing

Zendhy Kusuma: Slow Jam - tasty playing

Zendhy Kusuma Slow Jam

Bub Zulu: Creamy noodling for JTC April Fools

Bub Zulu: Creamy noodling for JTC April Fools

JTC April Fools

Jojo Alves: Weather Report-Birdland - 6on7 guitar

weather report tune played by jojo alves on the 6on7 guitar

Weather Report-Birdland-Jojo Alves

Stephane Pilette: EVH Wolfgang special

working on some Cm7 variations using peavey revalver IV for the tone. this guitar is really inspiring.

Stephane Pilette: EVH Wolfgang special

Jerry Rosenkrans: Jamming Along with Kool and the Gang - Get Down On It

Get yo back up off the wall.

I didn't write this song - it's Kool and the Gang. hahaha

Jamming Along with Kool and the Gang - Get Down On It

Andre Nieri: Trio - Friends - Live at the 2016 Suhr Event

Andre Nieri Trio - Friends (Live at the 2016 Suhr Event)


Andre Nieri - guitar
Bruno Valverde - drums
Braguinha - bass

Andre Nieri Trio - Friends (Live at the 2016 Suhr Event)

Scott Gailor: Eventide H9MAX Walk Through T.J.C.

The Eighteth in a series of pedal demos from Scott Gailor and the Tone Junkie Chronicles. Hear the pedal in the loop, see real time knob turning, plus a demo vamps.

Gear Used
Eventide H9MAX
Mesa Boogie MK5 head (stock)
Recto 212 cab with V30's
Conquest Sound Cables
West Coast Pedal Board (Demo Rock)

Guitars (All tuned to Eb with 10-46 Von York Strings)
1991 Fender Strat w/Suhr DA Bridge pups and custom shop Texas
2005 Mexi Tele (Sam Ash LTD ED)with a Hot Rails and Tex Mex pups

Sure SM57
Sennheiser 421

Recorded at Signal To Noize Studio Fla

Scott Gailor - Eventide H9MAX Walk Through T.J.C.

Daniel Weiss, Lior Ozeri, Sharon Petrover: Square To Check - Spaghetti Champions - From the new album Stir Fry

Square To Check is a young progfusion power trio presently taking the EP route in the game but supplementing their short discs with videos that tip in in-the-moment dynamism visually augmenting already highly sterling work. The latest such exposition is a look-see for "Spaghetti Champions"an amusing scenario juxtaposing all the fret-and-skinswork shenanigans As you'll see and hear, the combo's metier is upbeat speedy snazzy jazzy fusion most frequently in rock tempo loaded to the high water mark with chops, complexity, and high spirited intensities crossed between scholasticism and trash-the-textbooks explorations. Should readers be familiar with music history over the last half century, and I know a bunch of ya are, you'll hear elements of Minimum Vital, Durutti Column, Isotope, even a little Flash, backchecked Holdsworth, tons of the Euro 70s vanguard, and so on, fingers and drumsticks flying, mucho added keyboards in places, heady fare and then some. It goes without saying that this is top-rate stuff needing to break out of the EP world and into a label like MoonJune, perhaps Music For Nations.
imprint purveying intelligence, class, and cool-ass bravado.
Mark S. Tucker (progdawg / FAME / Veritas Vampirus)

Square To Check - Spaghetti Champions
From the new EP "STIR FRY" (more videos coming up)

Buy It Here:

Recorded and filmed live
November 27 at Mitzlol Studios in Tel Aviv Israel

For more information and upcoming video releases please visit

Daniel Weiss- guitar
Lior Ozeri - bass
Sharon Petrover - drums

special guests:
Keys and Sequencing - Yoav Efron
Trippy bubbles and Sounds - Oren Peer

Produced and Mixed by Yoav Efron

Engineered by David Louria
Engineer assistant Jonathan Barak

" Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - U.S.A "

Filmed by Or Paz and Yoav Efron
Video Edit: Amir Hakim,Lior Ozeri and Daniel Weiss

Special Thanks to:
Ofer Froind,Kobi Farhi,Eyal Amir,Hush Paz,Evgeniy Mamontov,Eilon Peri
and all the cool people we had fun with on this cool journey

Square To Check - Spaghetti Champions

Roy Marchbank,Rowan Parker: Ludicrous Legato and Terrifying Sweep Picking!

Roy talks about and demonstrates his legato and sweep picking technique!

Roy Marchbank Talks Technique! - Ludicrous Legato and Terrifying Sweep Picking!

Tom Quayle, Marco Sfogli, Alessandro Benvenuti,Virgil Donati,Anton Davidyants,Alex Argento: Support the Elba Triangle on

Kris Claerhout

Campaign starts soon. You already can sign up for this great project with Tom Quayle, Marco Sfogli, Alessandro Benvenuti, Anton Davidyants,Walle Wahlgren, Virgil Donati, Junior Ribeiro Braguinha, Alex Argento

Support the Elba Triangle

The Elba Triangle is a new special project featuring the three stunning rock fusion guitar players; Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle and Alessandro Benvenuti. The album features new takes on classic fusion tunes, sprinkling awesome guitar sauce and scintillating keyboards in contemporary way over these time-honored tracks.

The album also features world renowned musicians:
Guitars - Marco Sfogli, Tom Quayle and Alessandro Benvenuti
Drummers - Virgil Donati and Walle Wahlgren
Bass - Anton Davidyants and Junior Braguinha.
Keyboards: Alex Argento

Alex Argento is also the music director, adding his musical virtuosity to the sonic tapestries with his of masterful sound production. Alex is also responsible for the mixing and the mastering of this first "The Elba Triangle - Chapter One" set for release in 2016.
Please like, share, comment and subscribe, and share on your social media channels. Let us know if you would like this music to be released with the professional backing tracks as an added bonus and if you would be interested in pre-ordering this amazing product.

Copyright: Face First (1993) - Gary Willis
Licensed through LOUDR

The Elba Triangle - Face First (album teaser)

Simon Phillips,Andy Timmons,Steve Weingart,Ernest Tibbs: Protocol European Tour 2016

Simon Phillips

PROTOCOL EUROPEAN TOUR DATES! We're really looking forward to this 2016 European Spring/Summer Tour!! See you there! - SP! — with Ernest Tibbs, Andy Timmons and Steve Weingart.