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Bryan Baker: Brimstone Masai 727b Specs

Check out the full run down on the amazingly awesome guitar that was built for me by Equilibrium Guitars. Love this thing!…Equilibrium Guitars
The Masai 727b built for Bryan Baker.

Full specs and info on the EQ website:

Brimstone Masai 727b Specs:
• Brimstone Multi-Stage Dyed Alder Body
• 27 Fret Torched Maple Fretboard
• Slim C Shape Padauk Neck
• 4-Bolt Deep Contour Heel... 
• Luminlay Side Markers
• Bare Knuckle Black Hawk 7 Pickup
• Graph-Tech String Saver Saddles
• Hipshot Hardware

Mattias IA Eklundh: hilarious interview made possible by some weird animation software

Mattias IA Eklundh joins me for a hilarious interview made possible by some weird animation software. Enjoy as Mattias regales us with tales of Swedish guitar playing, Swedish boredom, Swedish hair, and Swedish genitalia.

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Interview: Mattias IA Eklundh

Julian Lage, Ben Monder : Alternative Guitar Summit 2016 details

The 2016 Alternative Guitar Summit continues with "While We're Still Here," a special performance honoring Joni Mitchell and Carla Bley with performances of their music by Nels Cline and Julian Lage; Dave Douglaswith Camila Meza and Heather Masse; Ben Monder and Becca Stevens;Wolfgang Muthspiel; Sheryl Bailey; Joel Harrison with Jerome Harris and Allison Miller; and Mike Baggetta with Jerome Harris and Billy Mintz.

Mario Camarena,Erick Hansel: Chon - live at Triple Rock Social Club 2016

Set List provided by Sykke
Start @ 0:40
Across the Spectrum- 1:38
Mountains of Creation- 4:26
Temporarily Destabilized- 7:25
Elliptical Illuminations- 11:28
Story- 14:25
Fall- 18:00
Splash- 21:28
Sketch- 24:03
Fluffy- 28:24
Book- 31:17
Wut the... (Poop)- 34:50
O.G.- 35:00
Knot- 38:19
Breathe- 41:11
Newborn Sun- 44:36
Dew- 48:18
Puddle- 51:34
Bubble Dream- 55:27
Perfect Pillow- 58:23

CHON - Full Set Live @ Triple Rock Social Club
Super Chon Bros Tour
Minneapolis, MN
Filmed with a hero 4 on a hat mount
I do not own the rights to this music
music by CHON

CHON - Full Set Live @ Triple Rock Social Club

Tim Henson,Scott LePage: Polyphia live at Gas Monkey in Dallas, Texas 2016

Polyphia performing in Dallas for the Super Chon Bros. 2016 Tour. Full set was recorded in 4K. Great performance and amazing music!

5:08 Euphoria 
9:10 Culture Shock 
14:20 Champagne 
18:58 James Franco 
22:20 Amour 
26:05 Crush 
30:20 Impassion 
35:39 Finale

Polyphia Live FULL SET IN 4K 2016 at Gas Monkey in Dallas, Texas 4-11-2016

Kevin Heiderich: G# Major b7/Dominant Lick with TAB

Here's a lick I came up with some time ago. Just transposed it to another key and changed some phrases. It's basically just a G# Major b7 chord with some tapping (with middle and ring finger), legatos and a short sweep at the beginning.
The first 3 bars are one big phrase and the last bar is just some legatos to get back to the root on the 6th string.

Here's the tab:

G# Major b7/Dominant Lick (incl. Tab)

Here's the first part of the solo section of Polyphia's "Aviator". Full solo will be recorded soon, this section is the hardest part of it though. There's one really fast alternate picking run at the end that's also quite bitchy. I'm currently busy with other stuff, that's not music, so that's why I'm taking so long with videos right now.

Polyphia - Aviator 1st part of the solo (Cover)

Marcelo Donoso: Cruz & Souper duo - VII Guitar Festival to Puerto 2016 - splendiferous!

Marcelo Donoso: Cruz & Souper duo - VII Guitar Festival to Puerto 2016

I was fortunate to live to mount a small piece of music that I compose for the documentary "Stories of Chilean Soldiers in Haiti" with two large national guitarists. Without trial beyond a previous review which teach them their parts .... Infinite thanks Souper Lorena and Marcelo Donoso for his disposition and quality!

Cruz & Souper duo Marcelo Donoso. VII Guitar Festival to Puerto.2016

Jeff Martin, Stu Marshall: Blasted To Static - is a new band from the US featuring Jeff Martin singing legend from RACER X

BLASTED TO STATIC is a new band from the US with some really established musicians. Headed up by the incendiary vocals of JEFF MARTIN, who has his fame from 9 great records with the US Metal legend RACER X and influencing an entire genre of guitar players, Jeff continues to display his incredible vocal range with BLASTED TO STATIC. He also worked as a musician for MSG, UFO and BADLANDS. Joined by Australian fret-melting guitar wizard STU MARSHALL (DEATH DEALER, DUNGEON, EMPIRES OF EDEN), which influenced an entire genre of guitar players, their goal was to bring back the high octane vocals combined with riffing mayhem and outstanding guitar shredding! The rhythmic talents of bassist REV JONES (STEELHEART, MICHAEL SCHENKER, LESLIE WEST) and Australian session demigod CLAY T. on drums play it very hard to add an incredible groove. BLASTED TO STATIC represents an uncompromising and intense odyssey from veterans of the metal scene. But for all the high-octane, hook-laden riffing mayhem, the band’s versatility also encompasses acoustic elements and more subtle, understated interludes. “We’re embracing an organic approach with this band,” says guitarist Stu Marshall. “Don’t expect music from a single genre – BLASTED TO STATIC is all about full artistic freedom, so you might even hear echoes of Black Sabbath or Queen.” More explosive than a hailstorm of hand grenades, they deliver a cutting-edge offering that is both refreshingly new, and re-imagines the hallmarks of 80’s guitar histrionics as a sonic hurricane that will blow the roof off.

Jeff martin (vocals)
Stu Marshall (guitar)
Rev Jones (bass)
Clay T. (drums)

1. Suicide King
2. The Hammer
3. Repossession Of Nothing
4. Lovesick Blue Pt.1
5. Requiem Pt. 2
6. Dance Devil Dance
7. Devil’s Preacher
8. Nottingham Grove
9. Delivered From The Ashes
10. Warbaby
11. Francois

Pre Order

Alessandro Giglioli: Allan Holdsworth - 0274 on a classic Ibanez jazz guitar

Allan Holdsworth - 0274 (guitar solo cover by Alessandro Giglioli).
From the album "The Sixteen Men of Tain" (A. Holdsworth).
For full solo transcription contact me at

Allan Holdsworth - 0274 (cover by A. Giglioli)

Guitar Nerds: The Top Five Most Ridiculously Metal Guitars Ever

Mark counts down the the most metal guitars ever. Pointy, impossible to play sitting down and super morbid, these axes are HEAVY.

Guitar Nerds: The Top Five Most Ridiculously Metal Guitars Ever

Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Anton Davidyants, Martin Miller, Gary Husband, Ray Russell: Spirit vs. Origin new album

1. Spirit (feat. Martin Miller) 03:01
2. Origin (feat. Gary Husband) 03:30
3. The Uncommon (feat. Anton Davidyants) 04:54
4. Advanced Planning (feat. Anton Davidyants) 04:15
5. Plexi-Jazz (feat. Anton Davidyants)03:53
6. Infatuous 7 (feat. Ray Russell) 04:06
7. Deflated 8 03:19
8. Megane '97 03:07
9. Mini-Bitz 2.0 03:47
10. Unbound (feat. Rob van Bavel) 05:12
11. Infatuous 7 - alternative take 04:05
12. Advanced Planning - alternative take04:13

all songs written and produced by Sebastiaan Cornelissen

Martin Miller, Anton Davidyants, Gary Husband, Ray Russell. Rob van Bavel & Frans Vollink

During the whole process of making this album, I've tried to do things a little bit different compared to my previous releases.
I've done quite a few and every project has been quite a long term adventure, coming across so many problems, delays, set-backs and all other issues you can think of. That's all rather normal and 'no biggy' because it is part of the game.

But just as a personal statement, I set a goal for myself a few months ago to decide on a deadline and without looking back, doing the impossible. 1st of May 2016, no matter what… and without rushing just to finish a tune. I feel I gave it my very best, and I'm actually really proud of how it turned out!

I was brought up listening to albums (vinyl and cassette tapes at the time), in a time where artists and bands didn't release 15-track records, due to the available space on the LP, I guess. But I enjoyed those a lot. Having tunes on there where you could kind of feel they had to choose the best ones. In this case, there are loads more compositions on my laptop. Because of the deadline, it was important to pick out the ones that were gonna work out the way they were meant to be.
But I did not do that alone. The contributions by Anton Davidyants, Martin Miller, Ray Russell and Gary Husband have been so helpful, inspiring, amazing and meaningful for the project! Can't thank them enough!

The title "Spirit vs. Origin" was inspired by this amazing new microphone company called Aston. They sent me a few mics before I got started with this project. I got blown away by the sound and many of the tracks on the album actually emerged out of experiments with the 2 models. I would make a loop out of recording the weirdest things and one thing would lead to another every time.

I sincerely hope you will appreciate my efforts and, well, meet you at the next deadline?


Big thanks to Hoshino Benelux (Jeroen Bakx), Sonic Distributions (James Young), Tama drums, Evans drumheads, Promark Sticks, Zildjian, Focusrite, my loving family, Rania Mebarki, Peter Huppertz, Helge Rudolph, Steve Lukather and the Tristan-brothers & sister of course.

Dedicated to my most wonderful two sons Caspar Tristan & Lewis.
released May 1, 2016

Rob Chapman: Win My Entire Rig - Open to all ability levels - 400,000 followers on YouTube!

**Email your video link with "400K COMPETITION" as your subject to**

*** RULES ***

1) Write a riff in any style using just the first four frets of your guitar. Open strings are allowed.

2) You can use any tuning and any number of strings.

3) You can use any stringed instrument.

4) Upload your video to YouTube with "Rob Chappers Rig Competition" in the title

5) Email your link to with "400K COMPETITION" as the subject. If this is not your subject, I might not see your email.

This competition is open to ANY COUNTRY and ANY AGE and will be closed on midnight UK time, July 1st 2016.

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Tone City Model V Distortion
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Tone City All Spark Boost Pedal
American Stage Cable
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American Stage Cable
NYXL Strings
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American Stage Cable
NYXL Strings
Gravity Picks

NYXL Strings
Gravity Picks


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Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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HUGE COMPETITION - Win My Entire Rig - Open to all ability levels

Bryan Baker: Guitar sounds fun - awesome guitar skills

Bryan Baker, Brian Charette and Andy Sanesi

Bryan Baker, Bryan Ladd, Nick Falk

Bryan Baker Live In Sweden

John 5: Visits Planet of the Apes for New Video

The latest video in a monthly series of releases from guitarist John 5 pays homage to the legendary sci-fi characters of Planet of the Apes with his new single "Here's to the Crazy Ones".

The song is available for purchase wherever digital music is sold.

Available to buy as a single wherever digital music is sold.
Directed and edited by Matt Zane of Lord Zane Productions.
Make-up by Laney Chantal, Miranda Jory and Karloffornia Casey

Brad Kypo: F̴AL̶SE͜ F͡L̡A̵G- Limited Edition Physical CD by Three Wise Monkeys - great instrumental fusion from Sydney

Three Wise Monkeys performing EVOLUTIONS live at Newtown Social Club 19Feb2016

1.Ruse De Guerre 06:27
2.False Flag 02:30 video
3.Conundrum 04:32
4.Snowden 04:21
6.Cyb3r T3rRoi$t 03:04
7.Mimicry 03:03
8.Fukushima 04:30

Richard Tull: solo When Angels Die A Clever Thief

Playthrough of my solo from the new WHEN ANGELS DIE song "A Clever Thief"

Richard Tull - WHEN ANGELS DIE "A Clever Thief" solo playthrough

Daniel Weiss, Lior Ozeri, Sharon Petrover: Square To Check - Ground Lift - top notch prog-fusion power trio

Square To Check - Ground Lift
From the new EP "STIR FRY" (more videos coming up)
Buy It Here:

Wanna see us play near you? LET US KNOW!  SquareToCheck@Gmail.Com

Daniel Weiss- guitar
Lior Ozeri - bass
Sharon Petrover - Drums

Recorded and filmed live
November 27th, Live at Mitzlol Studios in Tel Aviv Israel

Production Credits:
Produced by Yoav Efron
Keys and Sequencing - Yoav Efron
Recorded,Engineered and Mixed by David Louria
Assistant Engineer Jonathan Barak
Trippy bubbles effects - Oren Peer
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - U.S.A "
Filmed by Or Paz and Yoav Efron
Video Edit: Lior Ozeri and Daniel Weiss

Special Thanks to:
Ofer Froind,Kobi Farhi,Eyal Amir,Hush Paz,Evgeniy Mamontov,Eilon Peri
and all the cool people we had fun with on this cool journey

join us on:


- Square to Check’s new E.P “Stir Fry” is a breath of fresh air that puts musicality and melody before flash and fireworks. Highly recommended! "-progressive music planet

- It goes without saying that this is top-rate stuff needing to break out of the EP world and into a label like MoonJune, perhaps Music For Nations.
imprint purveying intelligence, class, and cool-ass bravado.
Mark S. Tucker (progdawg / FAME / Veritas Vampirus)­­weisssharon-petrover-square-to.html

Square To Check is a young progfusion power trio presently taking the EP route in the game but supplementing their short discs with videos that tip in in-the-moment dynamism visually augmenting already highly sterling work. The latest such exposition is a look-see for "Spaghetti Champions"an amusing scenario juxtaposing all the fret-and-skinswork shenanigans As you'll see and hear, the combo's metier is upbeat speedy snazzy jazzy fusion most frequently in rock tempo loaded to the high water mark with chops, complexity, and high spirited intensities crossed between scholasticism and trash-the-textbooks explorations. Should readers be familiar with music history over the last half century, and I know a bunch of ya are, you'll hear elements of Minimum Vital, Durutti Column, Isotope, even a little Flash, backchecked Holdsworth, tons of the Euro 70s vanguard, and so on, fingers and drumsticks flying, mucho added keyboards in places, heady fare and then some.

Square To Check - Ground Lift