Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lari Basílio: A little piece of my original song called "New Time".

A little piece of my original song called "New Time".
Album/DVD: The Sound Of My Room - Lari Basilio.

Digital: https://goo.gl/joWSYo
Physical: http://goo.gl/y5mTwg

Um trecho de "New Time". Música autoral que faz parte do meu álbum e DVD "The Sound Of My Room".


New Time - Lari Basilio (Album version)


Daniel Realpe: "The searching" Guest Solo

Enjoy this guest solo I did for Andreas Hoerl song "The Searching"

"The searching" Guest Solo by Daniel Realpe

Chowy Fernandez, Ramiro Arias: Kava Hu - The Unwanted Child - Studio Video

Kava Hu's "The Unwanted Child" new studio version featuring Chowy Fernandez (Pronoia) and Ramiro Arias (Anomalía)

Written by Cesar Cuculic and Matt Cuculic
Produced, mixed and mastered by Matt Cuculic from BajogroundProdz.
Video by BajogroundProdz, Matt Cuculic and Sebastian Elm. Additional editing by Guido Bianchi.

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Kava Hu - The Unwanted Child (Studio Video) Feat Chowy Fernandez and Ramiro Arias

Ray Suhy: Guest solo on "Open Coffin Orgy" by Six Feet Under

I got the chance to layer some guitars up at the end of the new song by Six Feet Under called "Open Coffin Orgy". It was amazing to get to get to play some guitar track with Chris Barnes!! Their new record "Crypt Of The Devil" drops soon. Preorder it and listen to the full length version of "Open Coffin Orgy" here:

Ray Suhy: Guest solo on "Open Coffin Orgy" by Six Feet Under

Jess Lewis: Amazing Grace - Jairus Mozee

Really like Jairus's take on this so thought I'd learn it
Guitar is a Eternal Guitars hollow strat http://www.eternal-guitars.com/?page_...

Jess Lewis - Amazing Grace (Jairus Mozee)

Simon Peter King: has kindly created a jazz backing track channel

Simon Peter King

::: ANNOUNCEMENT ::: I've just started a jazz backing track channel on YouTube. Real instruments, played by a real person, me, and it's FREE to use! Please feel free to use it to jam with and practice, also to post your playing with them too, there's five or so on there so far, I hope to be adding lots more over the next few months. All I ask is that you tag my artist page (first comment) in your posts and link to the channel, and subscribe to the YT obviously! If you'd like me to make any specific backings, let me know. Happy jazzing

Sarah Longfield, Rob Scallon: Discussing their methods of Tracking Guitar

Answering one/or some of your questions every Thursday!
Totally original. No other YouTubers do anything like this.
Sarah's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/MissSmiles4u
We get a question on whether we mic amps to record our guitars or plug into a computer, then we completely forget micing a cab is an option and talk about our preferred ways to record into a computer.
keep in touch...
Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/RobScallonFacebook: http://tinyurl.com/RSfanpageInstaBLAM: http://instagram.com/robscallon/Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/twitter78Tumblr: https://RobScallon.tumblr.com

Stéphan Forté en Masterclass à MLC Academy Marseille

Tracking Guitar? w/ Sarah Longfield

Scott Van Zen: Game Of Tones - great slide guitar

Scott Van Zen was a Mike Varney Spotlight from April 1989

I just got finished watching the last episode of Game of Thrones and got inspired to do something dark :)

Scott Van Zen Game Of Tones

Kelly Simonz: Sunset - Gary Moore - super tribute from live clinic


SUNSET (GARY MOORE) performed by Kelly SIMONZ

Marcel Coenen: Practising .... Sun Caged stuff, for the 20th of May show

Practising a piece of a Sun Caged song that we will play at our farewell show the 20th of May 2016 in Weert, The Netherlands, it is slowly getting there, not perfect yet but that is what practise is for ! :)

Practising .... Sun Caged stuff, for the 20th of May show

Jayce Landberg: "Kusamura" Live At Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm

Jayce Landberg performing the song "Kusamura" from the album "Break The Spell" available at cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=MICP-1­0724 Official site: www.jaycelandberg.org

Jayce Landberg -"Kusamura" Live At Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm

Drayen Labie: Janek Waltz Studio - fusion performance playthrough

Found on my hard disk this video made with an old digital camcorder. It's my final live take of my original composition Janek Waltz at the Helix Studio. This tune is based on a traditional Caribbean rhythm called ""Mazurka" The title was tracked 100% live with the other musicians.
Gabin Lesieur (keys, piano...), Emeline Fougeray (Bass) , Karl Lairet (Drums). Not the best quality but i wanted to share the document.

The tune is available on my first mini-album (Kissa I Lé - http://www.drayen.com).
Thanks for supporting instrumental music.

Drayen Labie.
You can buy the album here : http://www.drayen.com/guitariste/en/a...

Janek Waltz Studio

Ivan Chopik, Ola Strandberg: Guitar Messenger Strandberg Guitarworks [4K] NAMM 2016

http://GuitarMessenger.com - Ola Strandberg discusses the latest innovations from Strandberg Guitarworks at NAMM 2016, including their first offering for bassists!

Ivan Chopik, Ola Strandberg: Strandberg Guitarworks [4K] NAMM 2016

Sam Coulson: Burning Pentatonics Lesson 1 and 2

Part 2 of a lesson series on fast runs within the minor pentatonic scale.

This lesson focuses on alternate picking a 12 note pattern within all 5 positions

I'm focusing as much as possible on a one finger per fret technique.

I'm running a pretty clean rig to focus on good technique. I used my Fender American Deluxe strat into a Fender Bassman. I used a tiny amount of drive from an MXR pedal. I also used a subtle amount of chorus.

I hope you enjoy the lesson! Hit that like button for more like this.

Burning Pentatonics Lesson 2 - Sam Coulson

Burning Pentatonics Lesson 1 - Sam Coulson

Jack Thammarat: Shadows And Light | JamTrackCentral.com

Jack Thammarat - Shadows And Light | JamTrackCentral.com
Download Link: https://jamtrackcentral.com/store/ser...

Check out this absolutely awesome full play through of Jack's latest track 'Shadows And Light'. Here's what we said about the full package:

World-class guitarist Jack Thammarat returns with an outstanding Blues/Rock Ballad track that you can learn in 20 inspiring bite-sized licks!

These licks are full of emotive ballad ideas, sweet melodies, and epic faster phrases making this the perfect pack for both intermediate and advanced players; there really is something for everyone here! Even if you're a beginner player we've got you covered, as we've included the slow licks, slow backing tracks plus full TAB/notes for you to study!

For those of you who love to get inside the theory behind the tracks you'll find: Aeolian, Minor Pentatonic, Blues, and Harmonic Minor scales, as well as Major Pentatonic, Mixolydian and a special guest appearance of the Mixolydian b6 scale.

On the technique front you'll see plenty of perfect examples of how to add effective articulation into your lines to give them a second layer of depth, including hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bending, vibrato, double stops, hybrid picking, chromatic passing tones and pedal point licks!

Once you've mastered each and every lick you can then piece them all together to create the final full play through of Jack's brand new song 'Shadows and Light'. And if that still isn't enough, we've included the full backing track too for you to practise Jack's song, jam out your own solos, or put into practice the ideas Jack presents in the incredible licks!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and fast/slow/full backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

Jack Thammarat - Shadows And Light | JamTrackCentral.com

Kosta Vreto: Guitar Masterclass + Metalizer set for 5 June 2016 at Prova Studios!

ON presents a Shred unique Guitar Masterclass with Kosta Vreto-In 5 June 2016 at Prova Studios!
Opening Act: Metalizer (Nikos Protonotarios) Sponsors are Prova studios, Shred on, Rockoverdose.gr, Tv War @ Mad Tv, Jazzbluesrock.gr,Guitarspot.gr, Rockgreece.gr, Rocktime.gr, Hardmusic.gr, kithara.gr, rockgreece.gr, Mythofrock.gr, Noizy.gr, Rockway.gr. Click Share this event and win double invitations! Sending necessary to 'Name your entitled 'Guitar Clinic' in shredoncon@yahoo.gr to Shred oN invites you to a unique seminar with Kosta Vreto (Wardrum / Jaded Star / Storm String Quartet / session guitarist / composer / solo artist) to be held in June 5 at18:00 at Prova Studios, Constantinople 56 in Taurus. in between tours abroad and recording the new album Wardrum, the Kosta Vreto comes in Prova studios to present compositions from the past, but also the upcoming record of work, answer questions and share their knowledge and opinions about improvisation, composition, orchestration, harmony, scales and everything about the technique in electric guitar- Alternate-Hybrid-Fingerstyle Picking, Sweep picking, Tapping, Legato and Arpeggios. the seminar aimed at guitarists of all kinds and whatever epipedou.I entry price is 15 euros for the fund and € 10 for booking. For information-reservations please contact us at 6983396080 or kostas_vretos@yahoo.com Nikos Protonotarios Bio: Nikos Protonotarios or else "The Metalizer" is guitarist and most know him from his online show METALIZING which adapts music from cartoons kai soundtracks of films like video games. O Nikos Protonotarios is freelancher musician with various projects to his credit as he has worked with many companies abroad like tucan 1 in Colombia and nosemilk in America.He is also the musical producer of ComedyLab.gr where for two consecutive years participated in musical comedy shows both in Athens and on tours throughout the country, together with their Mikeuis, Jeremy, Maliatsi. Finally our Metalizer promises a year full of surprises as well prepared with his band "Mid Winter Flame" a rugged Metal album and several live performances! To emphasize that Nikos beyond guitar, the band is vocalist Previous Kosta vreto Shred On lessons: Part 1. Travel Far away: https: //www.youtube.com/watch; v = LduvZ ... Part 2. Rebirth:https: //www.youtube.com/watch; v = Rgx7Y ... Previous Shred ON Metalizer lessons: Demetalizing 'power rangers' theme:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAjbY .. . Links Contact: Kosta Vreto: https: //www.facebook.com/Kosta-Vreto -... Nikos Protonotarios aka (Metalizer): https: //www.facebook.com/nikosprotono ... Shred ON Youtube: https : //www.youtube.com/channel/UCVtw ... Shred ON Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/Shred-On-494 ...

Shred ON - Kosta Vreto (Wardrum) Guitar Masterclass + Metalizer!!! 5thJune

Daniele Gottardo: The Nuts -Giant Nuts = a second preview from the new Nuts Trio album

Download your digital copy at: https://hyperurl.co/djjdek
Release date: May15 on:
Track List:
1. Koko
2. Milestones
3. Oleo
4. Purple Haze
5. Mr. P.C.
6. Confirmation
7. Move
8. Tenor Madness
9. Come as You Are
10. Vegan Fitness
For any booking inquiries, please contact:

*NEW* Daniele Gottardo & The Nuts - Giant Nuts (Preview #2)

Francesco Marras: Time Flies promo video - classy rock instrumental

Francesco Marras : guitars and bass
Daniel Flores : drums and keyboards
Audio recorded at : Screaming Shadows Studio by Francesco Marras, Sound vs Science by Daniel Flores
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Flores at Sound vs Science Studio
Video filmed by Giovanni Saturno
Assistent Cristian Demuro
Editing by Francesco Marras

Special thanks:
Giovanni Saturno, Cristian Demuro, Daniel Flores


Fredrik Halland: Being A Session Musician

Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California, offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary music performance, recording, guitar making and music business. If you're serious about your music, your education, and your career, take a look around the site to see what MI has to offer, then contact us for more information about how we can help you reach your goals.

Fredrik Halland Being A Session Musician