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Alejandra Mesliuk: with Martín Agharta DíazAwen - progressive metal tapping from Buenos Aires

Awen by Alejandra Mesliuk-Martín Agharta Díaz

1.Espejismos (by Alejandra Mesliuk)05:03
2.Yin Yang (by Alejandra Mesliuk) 03:523.Perfumes (by Alejandra Mesliuk)02:31
4.Siendo (by Alejandra Mesliuk) 02:23
5.Wuivre (by Martín Agharta Díaz) 02:34
6.Transtemporal (by Alejandra Mesliuk-Martín A.Díaz) 03:43
7.Bonus Track: Punto de Conciencia (en vivo en Espacio de Debate y Cultura La Casa) (by A. Mesliuk- M. Díaz) 05:37

"Históricamente es usada para describir la inspiración divina de los bardos en la tradición poética Galesa."
1.Espejismos (A.Mesliuk)
2.Yin Yang (A.Mesliuk)
3.Perfumes (A.Mesliuk)
4.Siendo (A.Mesliuk)
5.Wuivre (M.Diaz)
6.Transtemporal (A.Mesliuk - M.Diaz)
7.Punto de Conciencia (A.Mesliuk - M.Diaz)

Alejandra Mesliuk: Tapping 7 Strings Guitar
Martín Agharta Díaz: Tabla, Mandolina, percusión
Anastasia Shemyakina: Didjederoo en "Wuivre"

Grabado entre Septiembre 2015 y Marzo 2016 en "Fenix Home Studio" y "Agharta's Bunker".
Edición y mezcla: Martín Díaz - AWEN
Masterizado en Agharta's Bunker.
Ilustración: FerGris
Adquirí el Disco en formato físico escribiendo aalejandramesliuk@gmail.comcredits
released May 20, 2016

Brandon Brown: Infinity etude playthrough - Scottish guy currently at Berklee College Of Music in Boston

Short little track i made and I hope you enjoy it! :)
19 years old from Scotland currently studying at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston.
facebook page :

Brandon Brown | Infinity (Original)

Andreas Šala: Releases Play-Through Video for New Song “Hue”

Guitarist Andreas Šala Releases Play-Through Video for New Song “Hue”

Andreas Šala, guitarist and composer who plays with bands Subscale, The Ralphand If And When We Die, released a play-through video for the song “Hue” taken from his upcoming solo album Pleasure Dome.

Asked about the inspiration for the new song and the album overall, Šala who playsWreck Guitars’ BlueMorpho 6 in the video, said: “Well I wanted to make a solo record for quite some time now but I just couldn't decide in which direction I want to take it. But when I got my hands on the BlueMorpho melodies just started to pour out of me and I knew what I had to do. I felt like a kid again.”

Pleasure Dome differs from the albums he releases with Subscale and The Ralph in that is more ambient and minimalistic. “I wanted to do something a bit different. For the past 5 years I was composing mostly metal for The Ralph so I wanted to take a step back. I'm a huge Joe Satriani fan (and 80's/90's instrumental music fan in general) and I always liked "bigger than life" melodies so it seemed like a logical step to make a guitar driven instrumental album,” Andreas continues.

As mentioned, Andreas uses Wreck Guitars’ 6-string model BlueMorpho. “I was going for a blend of a old-school ’80s lead sound and modern rock/metal sound. I record everything digitally so I have more room to manipulate the sound later on in the mixing process. The guitar goes straight into my audio interface (an old-school E-MU 0404USB) with nothing in between. I use mostly Ignite Amps products — Emissary for the amp simulation and NadIR for loading the cab impulses. For the cab impulses I use mostly Catharsis' IRs. BlueMorpho is loaded with Dolezal pickups which are pretty hot and punchy which was great for tracking rhythm guitars.”

Watch a playthrough video for the new song “Hue” below, and follow Andreas on YouTube. Make sure to check Andreas’ other band The Ralph on Bandcamp andFacebook.

Visit Wreck Guitars official website and Facebook page

Alex Machacek: FAT in the basement - the best fusion grooves

Alex Machacek: FAT in the basement

FAT in the basement #2

FAT in the basement #1


Artist: Alex Machacek  Rent or Buy these videos

Alex Machacek (Demystifying The Fretboard)
Guitar, Fretboard Knowledge, Soloing, Playing Through Changes, 12 Tone Rows, Etc.

Length: 36:41

Description: In this “Demystifying The Fretboard” guitar lesson, renowned Austrian guitarist Alex Machacek shows you how to master your entire neck. Alex discusses and demonstrates his 12 tone system for opening up the entire fingerboard so that you’re able to play melodically and chordally in all positions of the guitar. If you are looking to gain mastery over your guitar neck, this guitar masterclass is for you.

Topics Covered: Guitar, Knowing The Neck, 12 Tone Rows, Positions, Exercises, Scales, Chords, Modes, Mini Positions, Pentatonics, Soloing, Playing Through Changes, Using Rules and Restrictions, Superimposition, Motifs, Etc.

Alex Machacek (Guitar Rhythm Studies)

Guitar, Rhythm, Exercises, Soloing, Comping, Syncopation, Odd Times, Etc.

Length: 39:41

Description: In this “Guitar Rhythm Studies” lesson, renowned Austrian guitarist Alex Machacek shows you his method for rhythmic training on the instrument. Alex breaks down rhythm strengthening exercises, comping techniques, odd meter patterns and more. If you are looking to improve your rhythmic accuracy and vocabulary, this guitar masterclass is for you.

Topics Covered: Guitar, Rhythm, Subdivisions, 16th Notes, Triplets, Exercises, Utilizing Rhythm in Solos, Rhythm Section Interaction, Comping, Rhythm Playing, Ghost Notes, Odd Time Patterns, Syncopation, Techniques, Groupings, Etc.

Alex Machacek has performed and/or recorded with FAT, UK, Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donati, Gary Husband, Matt Garrison, Hadrien Feraud, Marco Minnemann, Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Sipe, Scott Kinsey, Don Byron, Planet X and Many More.

Ticco Janardana: featuring Shadu shah, Coki Bollemeyer, Gugun GBS

Ticco Laksana - Guitar
Shadu Shah - Bass
Yandi Andaputra - Drum
Coki Bollemeyer - Guitar
Gugun GBS - Guitar

Ticco Janardana Project feat.Shadu shah, Coki Bollemeyer, Gugun GBS - Janardana

Jeff Beck: First New Studio Album In Six Years


Eight-Time Grammy® Award Winner Jeff Beck’s First New Studio Album
In Six Years Set For Release From Atco On July 15

This Summer, Beck Will Also Release His New Book BECK01, Tour With
Buddy Guy, And Lead A Special Career-Spanning Concert At The Hollywood Bowl

LOS ANGELES – On Jeff Beck’s forthcoming studio album LOUD HAILER, his first in six years, the legendary guitarist combines fluid fretwork with topical lyrics to make a powerful statement about everything from the love of power, to the power of love. LOUD HAILER will be available on Atco Records, an imprint of Rhino Entertainment, on July 15 on CD ($18.98), LP ($21.98), and digitally.

Loud hailer, which is another name for a megaphone, is a suitable moniker for an album that isn’t shy about speaking its mind. The two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer explains: “I really wanted to make a statement about some of the nasty things I see going on in the world today, and I loved the idea of being at a rally and using this loud device to shout my point of view.” The album’s first single, the riotous rocker “Live In The Dark,” will be unleashed soon.

To help him write the 11 tracks on LOUD HAILER, Beck enlisted two fierce young females from London: singer Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg. It was a chance meeting with Vandenberg last year at a birthday party for Queen drummer Roger Taylor that eventually led to the trio’s collaboration. “She invited me to one of their shows, and I was blown away,” the guitarist recalls. “When we got together in January, I explained the subject matter I had in mind, we sat down by the fire with a crate of Prosecco and got right to it. The songs came together very quickly; five in three days.”

Beck produced LOUD HAILER with Filippo Cimatti, who also works with Rosie and Carmen. In addition to the core trio, the album also features drummer Davide Sollazzi and bassist Giovanni Pallotti, who were both recruited by Cimatti.

Bones lends her powerful voice to nine of the 11 songs on LOUD HAILER, including the intense album opener “The Revolution Will Be Televised,” the reflective ballad “Scared For The Children,” the funk infused “O.I.L.” and the tranquil album closer “Shrine.” The album is rounded out by two signature Beck instrumentals in “Pull It” and “Edna.”

A few days after the album’s release, Beck will launch a summer tour of the U.S. with blues legend Buddy Guy. And on August 10, Beck, with special guests to be announced shortly, will make his Hollywood Bowl debut for a very special, career-spanning concert that celebrate 50 years of ‘dynamic music making.’ “It will be head teacher Beck in a gown and mortar board in front of the class giving everyone a history lesson,” he jokes. The show will also include an orchestra.

Over the course of Beck’s illustrious 50-year career, the trailblazing guitarist has earned many accolades. He has twice been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. First, as a member of the Yardbirds in 1992 and then again, as a solo artist, in 2009. Rolling Stone ranked him as one of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” and he has earned a total of eight Grammy Awards during his long career. In addition, Beck has been a guest performer at scores of sessions with everyone from Stevie Wonder and Buddy Guy to Tina Turner and Mick Jagger. Throughout his career, Beck routinely makes the fantastically difficult sound effortless.

In addition to recording LOUD HAILER, Beck has been hard at work on his first official book, BECK01 (Genesis Publications, Available on July 12, this signed, limited edition book explores Beck’s passions for hot rodding and rock ’n’ roll.

Inspired by the sleek curves, luxurious finish and iconic imagery of the hot rods he builds, BECK01 is hand-bound in leather and aluminum with every book numbered and personally signed by the author, Jeff Beck. The guitarist’s handpicked selection of more than 400 rare and unseen photographs and items of memorabilia is narrated with an original manuscript of nearly 20,000 words, making BECK01 the definitive visual and historical record of the dynamic musician. Included is an eloquent forward by John McLaughlin that begins, “Jeff Beck is my all-time favourite guitarist, what do I say after that?” Indeed.

Track Listing

1. “The Revolution Will Be Televised”
2. “Live In The Dark”
3. “Pull It”
4. “Thugs Club”
5. “Scared For The Children”
6. “Right Now”
7. “Shame”
8. “Edna”
9. “The Ballad Of The Jersey Wives”
10. “O.I.L.”
11. “Shrine”

Jeff Beck Summer Tour w/Buddy Guy (*except where noted below):

July 19 The Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY
July 20 Theater at Madison Square Garden New York, NY
July 22 Foxwoods Resort Casino Mashantucket, CT
July 23 Borgata Spa & Resort Even Center Atlantic City, NJ
July 24 Sands Bethlehem Event Center Bethlehem, PA
July 26 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ
July 27 Wolf Trap Vienna, VA
July 29 Constellation Brands – Marvin Sands Arts Center Canandaigua, NY
July 30 Meadow Brook Rochester Hills, MI
July 31 Ravinia Festival Highland Park, IL
August 3 Ascend Amphitheatre Nashville, TN
August 5 Starlight Theatre Kansas City, MO
August 7 Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre Englewood, CO
August 10 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles, CA
August 11 Chumash Casino Santa Ynez, CA *
August 12 Pala Casino Pala, CA
August 14 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA *
August 16 Masonic Auditorium San Francisco, CA
August 17 Luther Burbank Center for the Arts Santa Rosa, CA *
August 18 Jackson Rancheria Casino Hotel Jackson, CA
August 20 Maryhill Winery Goldendale, WA
August 21 Woodland Park Zoo Amphitheater Seattle, WA *

More dates TBA

*Jeff Beck ONLY on these dates

**All dates on sale now, with the exception of Saratoga, CA: On sale TBA

Tom Hess: How To Drastically Improve Your Guitar Playing Using Circuit Training To Strengthen Your Guitar Practice

How To Drastically Improve Your Guitar Playing Using Circuit Training To Strengthen Your Guitar Practice
By Tom Hess
Want to transform your guitar playing skills while enjoying your practice sessions more than ever? Here’s what you need to do: implement circuit training to make your guitar practice a lot more effective. Circuit training uses a combination of different exercises for a set duration of time.
Here is how circuit training will help you get much better results from your guitar practice:

1. It’s a much more efficient use of your time. Instead of using a lot of time to work on just one technique, you work on several. This improves your guitar playing very fast.

2. It is enjoyable. Circuit training takes away the redundancy of repeating the same exact exercises over and over again.

3. It strengthens your guitar playing fluency. In order to use the skills you learn in actual music, you need to combine a variety of guitar techniques together. Circuit training is excellent for this.

4. It helps your mind maintain its focus. It is hard to concentrate when you play the same exercise over and over in a repetitive manner (your mind becomes bored). Circuit training rotates through different exercises, solving this problem. This also makes your guitar practice time more effective.

Here Is A Guitar Practice Training Circuit Example:
Warning: Make sure you warm up your hands thoroughly before you start your practice session!
As soon as you have warmed up, complete these steps:

1. Run through an entire scale for seven repetitions while exclusively using legato technique at EIGHTY percent of your fastest speed. Note: one repetition equals playing through the scale one time both ascending and descending.
Now, quickly move onto the next step:

2. Playing at 85% of your maximum speed, use palm-muting to play a basic power chord with a rhythm of three notes per click (triplets) for 20 beats of the metronome. As you do this, limit yourself to only playing with downstrokes.
Now, quickly move onto the next step:

3. Playing at 85% of your maximum speed, use hammer ons and pull offs to play trills on any two notes of your choice (for best results, play in all areas of the fretboard). Additionally, switch to a different pair of fingers every 8 beats. Once you’ve used every combination of fingers at least 3 times, you are done.
Now, quickly move onto the next step:

4. Play any string skipping lick you can think of for eight repetitions at EIGHTY percent of your fastest speed.
Now, quickly move onto the next step:

5. Playing at 30% of your maximum speed, play through any 3 note per string scale while purposefully not using your index finger (you can only use your middle, ring or pinky) 3 times in a row.
Now, quickly move onto the next step:

6. Play a scale sequence or rhythm guitar riff of your choice while using double picking (picking every note two times) for a total of ten repetitions.
Continuously go through this circuit without stopping for 25 minutes.

Here Is How To Successfully Complete This Guitar Practice Circuit:
-As you play with legato technique, only pick the first note to be played on any given string. Then, use hammer ons/pull offs to play the rest of the notes.

-BEFORE you begin practicing, plan the exact exercise and metronome speeds you will need ahead of time. Avoid pausing between steps to think about which exercise to play next and which tempo you will need to set your metronome to. Have this written down in front of you and ready to go before you start.

-Try to take no longer than 10 seconds to transfer from one step to the next.

-After you’ve finished the circuit, move immediately back to step one and begin again.

-Get rid of any extra tension in your body as you practice. This is crucial for building up stronger endurance as you practice. This video will help you remove excess tension in your guitar playing:

-Never play guitar if you experience pain! While it is normal to experience fatigue (a dull, burning sensation), it is not normal to feel sudden sharp stabs of pain... this is a sign that you need to stop immediately.

In summary, this circuit training approach should be used to compliment your guitar practice, NOT to replace it entirely. For best results, use it with other guitar practice methods to become a better guitarist even faster.

Use this circuit training method along with your usual practicing methods two times per week for 4-5 weeks total. You’ll quickly see that your guitar practice is becoming more efficient and fun.
Discover how to make your guitar practice a lot more effective.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a highly successful professional musician, guitar teacher and composer. With his correspondence guitar lessons, he has helped thousands of guitarists improve their guitar skills. To become a better guitar player go to and watch free guitar video lessons, learn about effective guitar practice, and read guitar articles.

Gary Hoey: announces new Dust & Bones CD and upcoming show dates

Dust & Bones Tracklist:

1. Boxcar Blues
2. Who's Your Daddy
3. Born To Love You
4. Dust & Bones
5. Steamroller (tribute to Johnny Winter)
6. Coming Home (featuring Lita Ford)
7. Ghost Of Yesterday
8. This Time Tomorrow
9. Back Up Against The Wall
10. Blind Faith
11. Soul Surfer

Tour Dates
Jun 3 Family Arena - w/ Boston and Blue Oyster Cult (solo performance) St. Charles, MO Tickets All Ages
June 17 Saint Rocke Hermosa Beach, CA Tickets 21+
June 18 Ramona Mainstage Ramona, CA Tickets All Ages
June 20 Guitar Workshop Plus San Diego, CA Tickets All Ages
June 25 Lowell Summer Music Series - Boarding House Park Lowell, MA Tickets All Ages
June 30 Biscuits & Blues San Francisco, CA Tickets All Ages
July 1 WaMu Theater w/ Boston Seattle, WA Tickets All Ages
July 2 Rockbar Theater (New Location!) Reno, NV Tickets
On Sale Soon
July 22 Callahan's Music Hall Auburn Hills, MI Tickets All Ages
July 23 Arcada Theater St. Charles, IL Tickets All Ages
July 24 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI Tickets All Ages
Aug 19 Havana New Hope, PA Tickets All Ages
Aug 20 Mexicali Live Teaneck, NJ Tickets All Ages w/ Adult
Aug 21 Blues N Brews Festival - Nashoba Valley Ski Area Westford, MA Tickets All Ages
Jan 19-23 2017 Rock Legends Cruise V Ft. Lauderdale, FL Tickets All Ages

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse return to the UK for a full headline tour in support of their fifth studio album


Eden's Curse return to the UK for a full headline tour in support of their fifth studio album, set to be released by AFM Records in late Autumn.

The dates are as follows:


Special guests on the tour are Sheffield's C.O.P. UK, whose vast touring experience with the likes of Saxon and Helloween has begun to pay off in earnest. They signed to German giants UDR Records, home of Motörhead, Saxon, Alice Cooper & Europe, who released their latest album 'No Place For Heaven'.

Evolve will be a new name to most - for now! This quintet from Montreux, Switzerland, came to prominence last year when they won acclaimed Rock & Metal producer Dennis Ward's (Unisonic, Krokus, Angra, Eden's Curse) song writing competition. Paul Logue of Eden's Curse happened to be on the judging panel and championed the band's cause. It therefore seems fitting that Paul should extend an invitation to the talented Prog Metal outfit to come tread the UK's hallowed boards with Eden's Curse in November. They are hotly tipped to impress!

Curtis Fornadley: Instant Karamel! New Music - Funky instrumental rock

Instant Karamel! New Music from Curtis Fornadley

"Instant Karamel!" Funky instrumental rock that taps into the vibe of early rock fusion.

Curtis Fornadley – guitar
Rob Chismar – drums
Joe Villa – bass
Alexis Angel – organ

Mixed by Ronan Chris Murphy
Mastered by Stephen Marsh