Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ben Azar: 5th Anniversary - dedicated to Lily Azar

Today is my 5th anniversary with my one and only love Lily Azar!!! Words cannot describe my love for her and how she makes my life complete so I decided to write a little tune about it

Gear: Benjamin Miller - 7 String Guitar with Bare Knuckle Pickups, Nailbombs, Strymon​ Timeline and Bigsky, Fender​ Deluxe amp

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Ben Azar - 5th Anniversary

Kelly Simonz: Enter The New World 2016 Live in Kagoshima

『~Enter The New World 2016 Live in Kagoshima~』
Caparvo Hall, Kagoshima

Opening SE~Enter The New World~
1. Journey To The Gate
2. At The Gate Of A New World
3. In The Name Of Love
4. Bound For Glory
5. I Am Your Judgement Day
6. Opus#1
7. Tales Of The Viking
8. Stay With Me Forever
9. Nobody Is The Same
10. Revelation
11. The End Of The Beginning
12. Allegro Maestoso ~Drum SE & Yama-B in~
13. N.W.O
-Encore 1-
-Encore 2-


Neil Zaza: Somewhere in Time Hotone XTOMP

Neil Zaza plays "Somewhere in Time" showing Hotone's XTOMP pedal. Recorded in ADR Studio in Avezzano, Italy.
Neil Zaza-Guitar
Directed and edited: Samara Cuadrado
Camera Assistant: Alberto Reyes
Executive Producer: Andrea Di Rocco
"Peach" can be found here:
"Peach" backing tracks:
Guitar tabs:
For more information on the amazing XTOMP by Hotone, visit:

Neil Zaza "Somewhere in Time" Hotone XTOMP

Yngwie Malmsteen: Miami Strat overload for Young Guitar 2016 July

Young Guitar 2016 July, cover-Intro is Yngwie Malmsteen! When struck interviewed Yngwie House of Miami, a special message from the person public open!
Magazine latest exclusive interview surrounding new "WORLD ON FIRE" to "king" of the special archive covering all Vu, will deliver the ultimate "YJM" large feature such as a special appendix CD-ROM in conjunction playing !! Post No. : Http://Youngguitar.Jp/yg/yg-201607

イングヴェイ・マルムスティーン『WORLD ON FIRE』特別コメント

Rob Chapman: Vox Starstream - the latest evolution in onboard guitar electronics

Vox Starstream - the latest evolution in onboard guitar electronics
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Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.
I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.
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Vox Starstream - the latest evolution in onboard guitar electronics

Rick Graham: Some Tones With A Carl Martin LoGain

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Some Tones With A Carl Martin LoGain - Rick Graham Guitar

Sam Coulson: Jamming on my Pedal Board

I made a few changes since the previous video.

A few pedals got switched out since the previous video.

current signal chain

Jim Dunlop Rotovibe
MXR dyna comp
J rocket Flex Drive
Fulltone Plimsoul
Hand wired Tube screamer
BOSS Loop Station 1
Digitech Wammy pedal 4th gen
TC electronic flashback
TC electronic hall of fame

I used my custom fender stratocaster with Dimarzio pups and a floyd rose into a Yamaha THR5

Hope you enjoy!

Jamming on my Pedal Board - Sam Coulson

Timo Somers: Aristides 060 signature guitar Think Pink

I made a song to inspire people to sit down and think for a little while, as I feel many don't do this enough.

Played on my Aristides 060 signature guitar going in a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. Shot with a Zoom Q8 cam.

I use Dunlop Super Bright strings, Timber Tones signature picks and Gruvgear Fretwraps
Timo Somers - Think

Zakk Wylde: Rig Rundown - with premier guitar

Article and photos:

PG’s John Bohlinger hung with Zakk Wylde before soundcheck during the Nashville stop of the Generation Axe tour. Wylde, an intimidating muscle-bound shred monster turned out to be perhaps the nicest guy on the planet, is a renaissance man, and a titian of industry. Zakk humbly took us through his rig full of newly-launched Wylde Audio wares.

The guitars Wylde tours with are the same off-the-shelf models that are available through Wylde Audio. Typically, the Black Label Society frontman hangs on to one axe through an entire set and on this particular night this Warhammer model got the call. It features a mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, Floyd Rose tremolo, and a set of Wylde’s signature EMG pickups.

Wylde also plays this Wylde Audio Viking V. It has nearly identical specs as the Warhammer, but with a pinstripe finish.

To continue learning about Zakk's gear, visit:

Stel Andre: Chill Sessions 3 promo

Buy and download the lesson

Stel Andre Chill Sessions 3 promo

Jack Gardiner: talks about upcoming Portavella Guitar Camp in Spain featuring Guthrie Govan


First of all, please pardon my Spanish...

I'm really excited to announce that I'll be teaching at Portavella Guitar Camp in Spain this year alongside some of the most amazing players in the world right now - Guthrie Govan, Toni Martinez, Mike Zagora, Diego Godoy and many more!

It's going to be seriously cool... Please check out the link for more info

For Lessons:

Portavella Guitar Camp - Guthrie Govan - Jack Gardiner - Toni Martinez - Mike Zagora

Eric Steckel: Great Jam at the Maui Sugar Mill 2016 - blues from the heart

Eric Steckel: Great Jam at the Maui Sugar Mill 2016 - blues from the heart

Great Jam with Eric Steckel at the Maui Sugar Mill~5/30/16

Eric Steckel tearing it up at the Maui Sugar Mill Blues Jam 5/30/16

Gerson Antezana: two from the incendiary lick catalogue

Gerson Antezana: two from the incendiary lick catalogue

tapping pentatonic & string skipping

tapping diminished lick

Ian Bemolator: JTC Jam Of The Month April 2016

JTC Jam Of The Month April 2016 - Ian Bemolator

Alberto Rigoni: Overloaded - bass play through - Marco Sfogli guitar

Bass play through of "Overloaded" from my fourth prog rock metal album with my new Warwick Corvette Custom (bridge pickup).
More info about Overloaded album:

Alberto Rigoni - Overloaded - bass play through

Tiago de Moura: Rock Guitar playing with Feeling

Tiago de Moura: Rock Guitar playing with Feeling

Guitarra Rock- Feelings by Tiago de Moura

News: Unplug for Summer with PRS Guitars SE Acoustic Factory Authorized Sale

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) June 1, 2016 – Shorts, sandals, and sunlight aren’t the only things to look forward to this summer. From June 1st through July 31st, 2016, PRS Guitars is celebrating summer with a factory-authorized MAP (minimum advertised price) holiday on PRS SE Angelus acoustics.

Unplug and relax with one of PRS Guitars four SE acoustic models: the A10E, A20E, A30E, and Alex Lifeson thinline signature model. All SE acoustics are designed with meticulous attention to detail and provide professional quality and dependability for players of all levels at an excellent value. High-quality specifications across all four models include solid wood tops, bone nuts/saddles, PRS’s hybrid “X”/classical bracing design, and the trademark PRS bird inlays and headstock design. The Angelus cutaway body shape provides easy access to the upper frets, and undersaddle electronics come standard on all models (tone and volume soundhole controls) for added functionality and flexibility.

Where players can decide which model suits their playing style, and where the models diverge, is in the wood combinations. The A10E features all-mahogany body construction for warmth and punch – perfect for solo singer-songwriters and players who need to find a non-competing place in the mix of the studio or stage. The A20E pairs a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides and rosewood fretboard and bridge for lush tone with a uniform string-to-string balance – great for players who back and forth between heavy strumming and more fingerstyle/single-note playing. The A30E is appointed with rosewood back and sides and an ebony fretboard and bridge for an overtone-rich sound of bell-like highs and full bass response for percussive players who really like to dig in. And, finally, the SE Alex Lifeson thinline acoustic, designed with the Rush guitarist to mirror his Private Stock model, is a powerful, road-worthy guitar.

During the promotion period, MAP on these models is:

* SE A10E: MAP Holiday $499 USD. (Standard MAP is $599).
* SE A20E: MAP Holiday $599 USD. (Standard MAP is $699).
* SE A30E: MAP Holiday $729USD. (Standard MAP $829).
* SE Alex Lifeson Thinline: MAP Holiday $699 USD. (Standard MAP is $799).

For complete specifications, artist testimonials, and to see and hear PRS SE Angelus acoustics, please visit:

PRS SE acoustic guitars are sold through authorized dealers and distributors. A list of which can be found at

Yohei Kimura: Gianluca Ferro‘Dark Matter’cover (BIAS FX test)

Guitar: Ibanez RG721FM
Effects :Positive Grid BIAS FX Desktop
cable: Xotic XGC-1


Gianluca Ferro‘Dark Matter’cover (BIAS FX test)

Peter Ciluzzi: Something About Circles - Acoustic Guitar

Listen/Buy CDs, Guitar Tabs, and downloads at:
Apple Music:
Visit Peter Ciluzzi at: and

Peter Ciluzzi - Something About Circles - Acoustic Guitar

Luke Fortini: C64 Ghosts'n Goblins (metal version)

Original soundtrack for Commodore 64 by Mark Cooksey (1985).
Arranged and adapted by Luke Fortini.
Guitars,bass,keyboards and drum programming by Luke Fortini.

C64 Ghosts'n Goblins (metal version) by Luke Fortini

Steve Vai: Modern Primitive / Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition) pre order

Steve Vai: Modern Primitive / Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition) ***** Release Date June 24, 2016

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of Passion and Warfare comes a special 2CD edition of the album which includes the first-ever release of Vai's Modern Primitive songs and recordings. Based on song sketches and works-in-progress penned, and recorded, by Vai following the release of Flex-Able, the artist's debut album, in January 1984, the music on Modern Primitive has been completed by Steve for release as a full album bonus disc in the Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Edition.
Track List
Disc: 1

01. Bop! - Steve Vai feat. Mohini Dey
02. Dark Matter
03. Mighty Messengers
04. The Lost Chord
05. Upanishads
06. Fast Note People
07. And We Are One
08. Never Forever
09. Lights Are On
10. No Pockets
11. Pink and Blows Over, Pt. 1
12. Pink and Blows Over, Pt. 2
13. Pink and Blows Over, Pt. 3
Disc: 2

01. Liberty
02. Erotic Nightmares
03. The Animal
04. Answers
05. The Riddle
06. Ballerina 12/24
07. For the Love of God
08. The Audience Is Listening
09. I Would Love To
10. Blue Powder
11. Greasy Kid's Stuff (Mixed Twelve)
12. Alien Water Kiss
13. Sisters
14. Love Secrets
15. Lovely Elixir
16. And We Are One
17. As Above
18. So Below

Alex Stornello, Andrea Martongelli: Jean Pierre

Me and my Former Student the Great Andy Martongelli as Special Guest playing a fantastic solo at 02:44
PIANO: the incredible Ivano Borgazzi


Tom Lippincott: The Half Diminished Sound

Half diminished (also known as minor seventh flat five) chords are a familiar structure to most jazz guitarists and occur in many, if not most, standards. Even beginning-level players usually know a couple of half diminished voicings to plug in when needed. However, because this sound isn't as common as major, minor, dominant, and even fully diminished chords, jazz guitarists are often not as well-versed with half diminished as with the other sounds.

Many players who can otherwise improvise and comp comfortably and effortlessly through a tune might stumble when a half diminished chord comes up. It's understandable that we aren't as familiar with concepts that we don't use as frequently.

This class will focus, in detail, on the often ignored, but beautiful and ethereal-sounding half diminished chord. First, we will find chord voicings and arpeggios all over the neck with exercises and suggestions for improving fluency. Then, we will investigate many different uses of the half diminished sound so that it can be implemented over just about any of the commonly played harmonies in jazz.

This class will help you become more comfortable soloing and comping on half diminished chords, and it will also give you new ideas for using half diminished chords and arpeggios superimposed over other harmonies to create new and exciting sonorities.

The Half Diminished Sound covers:

- Basic structure and sound of the chord
- All voicings on the guitar of the half diminished/minor seventh flat five chord
- Half diminished arpeggio fingerings, both along individual strings and across the strings by position
- Exercises for gaining fluency with the chords and arpeggios all over the neck
- Explanation of different techniques for adding color tones to half diminished chords, with numerous examples
- Thorough exploration of using half diminished sounds to represent harmonies from the major and melodic minor scales, both as chords and as arpeggios, with multiple example of each
- Use of half diminished chords to create harmonized melodic minor scales
- Finding the four half diminished chords contained in the diminished scale and using them as chords and arpeggios to create fresh sounds on diminished chords
- single note solo etude demonstrating material from the class on the chord changes to "Upper Manhattan Medical Group"
- Chordal etude using a harmonized melody utilizing the concepts from the class, also using the chord changes to “UMMG”
- Running time: 95 minutes
- Includes 22 pages of written examples and exercises
- All musical examples from the video are provided in music notation, tablature, and chord grid form.
- Each example performance in the video is titled and numbered for easy navigation.
- MP3 backing tracks for written examples, as well as full-length tracks for improvisation practice

The Half Diminished Sound | by Tom Lippincott

News: Make’n Music Announces Limited Edition American Standard Offset Telecaster

Make’n Music Announces Limited Edition American Standard Offset Telecaster

Limited Edition FSR Offset Guitar in Butterscotch Blonde – to be made available

Chicago, IL June 1, 2016 - International musical instrument retailer Make’n Music announces the “8th Wonder of Fender’s Magnificent 7”, a Limited Edition American Standard Offset Telecaster®. This is an incredibly distinctive instrument that combines design elements from two iconic Fender models -The Fender® Telecaster® and the Fender® Jazzmaster®. Only 25 pieces of this exclusive initial run will be offered in Butterscotch Blonde.

Company owner, Teddy Gordon states, "Ever since the first official Fender® ‘Telemaster-style’ electric guitar was ordered by Make’n Music back in 2005 and delivered in 2008, this unique Jazzmaster® / Telecaster® Hybrid design became an instant classic – coveted by offset lovers everywhere. Originally conceived in a dream and brought to reality by the Fender® Custom Shop, this configuration is now officially referred to as the Offset Telecaster®. Copied by many but never before seen in the official Fender® production lineup, it’s an innovative concept and a truly original instrument. It has long been our hope to bring this traditionally ‘Custom Shop only’ offering to USA production for a more player friendly price point. We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.”

The Limited Edition Fender® Offset Telecaster® features a highly distinctive offset body shape and combines it with the clear, bell-like voice of a Custom Shop Twisted Tele single-coil pickup in the neck position and a vintage-style Custom Shop Telecaster® single-coil pickup in the bridge position. The neck features a very comfortable Modern “C” profile with a 9.5” radius and Medium Jumbo frets for incredible playability. What appears to be a typical strings through the body American Vintage Telecaster® bridge with 3 Brass Saddles is actually unique in that those 3 saddles feature adjustability for intonation on all 6 strings. The electronics include a 3-way pickup selector switch, Master Volume and No Load Tone control. To cap things off, another unique feature is a premium Swamp Ash body finished in Butterscotch Blonde.

Features & Specifications

· Exclusive Make’n Music Limited Edition (25 piece initial run)

· Butterscotch Blonde Finish w/ 1-Ply Black Pickguard

· Satin Neck Back with Gloss Fingerboard and Headstock

· Premium Swamp Ash Body

· 1-Piece Maple Neck

· Modern “C” Profile

· 25.5” Scale Length

· 9.5” Fingerboard Radius

· 22x Medium Jumbo Frets

· 1.685” Nut Width

· Double Action Truss Rod

· American Vintage Telecaster® Bridge

· 3x Brass Saddles (6-string individually intonatable)

· Strings through the Body

· Chrome Hardware

· Limited Edition Neck Plate

· 3-way Pickup Selector Switch

· Master Volume Control

· No Load Tone Control

· Custom Shop Vintage-Style Single-Coil Pickup (Bridge)

· Custom Shop "Twisted Tele" Single-Coil Pickup (Neck)

· Hardshell Case

· Accessory Package with Cable, Strap and Cloth

· Manufacturer’s Part Number – 0171504750

This Make’n Music exclusive 25 piece limited run of the American Standard Offset Telecaster, is available for pre-order now at for only $1499.99. Reserve yours today with a deposit of only $295. The guitars are expected to ship in Mid. / Late July.

About Make'n Music

Make'n Music has been the original home of tone since 1973 and for over 40 years we've been committed to meeting the needs of our customers. Make'n Music offers a hand-picked selection of premium boutique and custom gear. Our Northbrook, IL showroom is open and comfortable with private, soundproof demonstration rooms for a pleasant shopping environment while our website is regularly updated with an incredible array of custom electric guitars, tube amplifiers and effects pedals. Knowledgeable and courteous sales professionals are always available to help make sure the gear you want is the best choice to suit your needs. Whether you're looking to pick up a new hobby, push sonic boundaries or simply tweak your tone, Make'n Music is the place! 

For ordering information, please contact Teddy Gordon at 312-455-1970 or via email

News: Zoom Introduces the H4n Pro, Offering Superior Performance and Upgraded Features

 Zoom Introduces the H4n Pro, Offering Superior Performance and Upgraded Features

Hauppauge, NY, June 1, 2016 — Zoom North America today unveiled the newH4n Pro Handy Recorder

With the H4n Pro, Zoom has taken everything creators love about the original H4n and brought it to the next level. Featuring advanced microphones, high-performance mic preamps, and an extremely low noise floor, the H4n Pro delivers high-quality four-track audio recording for music, film, podcasting, and beyond. 

The H4n Pro’s state-of-the-art, built-in condenser mics capture sound with remarkable clarity and definition. Newly updated to handle up to a thunderous 140 dB SPL, creators can count on distortion-free X/Y recording in even the loudest environments. 
The Pro’s two XLR/TRS inputs utilize the same high performance, low-noise mic preamps as the acclaimed Zoom H5 and H6 Handy Recorders. The improved noise floor (-120 dBu EIN) allows for audio capture with less noise and fewer artifacts. 

The new rubberized, ergonomic body is perfect for use in the field. Newly added locking combo connectors ensure mic cables stay secure. A headphone/line out jack makes it easy to send high-definition stereo directly to a camera, while a built-in monophonic reference speaker provides quick audio reference in the field.

The H4n Pro also features three recording modes, built-in studio-grade effects, and the ability to function as a 2-input/2-output USB audio interface. 
The Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder will be available in stores June 1, 2016 for $219.99. For more information including specs and images, visit or contact Zoom North America at

Sebastian Salinas: Guitar Symphony Book and MP3's covering Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, Tapping, arpeggios, scales, modes and many more

E BOOK for guitarists ! printable PDF 213 pages + 2 CD`S MP3 examples. Includes lessons on Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, Tapping, arpeggios, scales, modes, etudes, Transcriptions, Composition, Theory, etc. Written in English by guitarists:
Hiitar Cuesta (Ecuador)
Vandré Nascimento (Brazil)
Carina Alfie (Argentina)
Pablo Soler (Argentina)
Moises Olvera (Mexico)
Sebastian Salinas (Argentina)
George Engelbrecht (South Africa)
Clara Isabel Munoz Lara (Venezuela)
Mark Satcher (Spain)
► Price: send $10 dollars via Paypal to

In spanish: libro electrónico (E Book) para guitarristas a la venta! Comprando "Legions Of Virtuosity" tendrás lo siguiente:
Libro PDF imprimible de 214 páginas.
Ejemplos musicales en TAB y partitura.
CD 1 con ejemplos en audio MP3
CD 2 extra con 9 tracks de los guitarristas participantes.
Diagramas de escalas, arpegios y acordes.
Lecciones para principiantes, intermedios y avanzados que te mantendrán ocupado por meses (y años).
Ejercicios efectivos y divertidos escritos por 9 profesores de guitarra y guitarristas profesionales.
Con este libro aprenderás efectivamente:
Alternate picking,
Sweep picking.
String skipping.
Desarrollo de velocidad y precisión.
Recursos y estudios de música clásica para la guitarra eléctrica.
Nuevas herramientas para aplicar en tus solos y composiciones.
Mucho más.
► Costo $10 dólares o $170 pesos Mexicanos (menos de lo que cuesta una clase privada).
Formas de adquirir este libro eléctronico (E Book).
Por Paypal a la cuenta:
Por depósito en cuenta en Electra / Banco Azteca. Pedir número por privado.
Por transferencia bancaria. Pedir número por privado.
Una vez hecha la compra recibirás en el mismo día tu libro en tu E mail.
Cualquier otra duda estamos a tu disposición para responder.