Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tom Geldschläger, Per Nilsson, Christian Muenzner: Hannes Grossmann II - The Crypts of Sleep

Hannes Grossmann II - The Crypts of Sleep
Han Solo II: Help creating Hannes Grossmann's second solo album "The Crypts of Sleep"

Lineup on "The Crypts of Sleep"

Morean - Vocals (Dark Fortress, Alkaloid)
Danny Tunker - Rhythm and lead guitars (Abhorrent, Alkaloid, ex-Aborted)
Linus Klausenitzer - Bass (Obscura, Alkaloid)
Hannes Grossmann - Drums (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, ex-Necrophagist)
Fountainhead - Solo guitar (ex-Obscura)
Per Nilsson - Solo guitar (Scar Symmetry)
Erik Rutan - Solo guitars (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel)
Christian Muenzner - Lead guitars (Spawn of Possession, ex-Obscura,ex-Necrophagist, Alkaloid, Eternity's End)

Hannes Grossmann - "The Crypts of Sleep" Indiegogo Campaign

Yvette Young: GoPro - Covet - Hydra White Oak Music Van Nuys, California 2016

Yvette Young from Covet performing Hydra at White Oak Music and Arts in Van Nuys, California on March 24, 2016.

Special thanks to Yvette for letting me put my GoPro on her awesome custom Strandberg!

Covet - Hydra (Live)

news: PRS Guitars Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Private Stock with June Guitar of the Month

PRS Guitars Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Private Stock with June Guitar of the Month

What better way to celebrate then with Paul’s Guitar?

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) June 9, 2016 – PRS Guitars is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Private Stock with a revival of the program that started it all: Guitars of the Month. Each month in 2016, the Private Stock team will be offering a unique design in limited numbers that will highlight the fine craftsmanship and remarkable playability that the Private Stock team is known for while utilizing some of the most deluxe materials available. For June, PRS is releasing a Paul’s Guitar model. Personally designed and appointed by Paul Reed Smith, Paul’s Guitar is a highly musical instrument that features two 408N treble and bass pickups and a versatile coil tap system. This Private Stock edition features slightly modified brushstroke bird inlays and “Strad” purfling along the fingerboard, headstock, and truss rod cover. Only ten of these instruments will be made for June 2016.

“When Private Stock built the first Paul’s Guitar, I knew we had something special that I would be playing for a long time. I really liked the newly designed brushstroke birds, and the new single coil toned 408 pickups. Now I could get with my guitar exactly what I was shooting for…a big fat sound that was wonderfully clear combined with a super resonant guitar which I loved.” said Paul Reed Smith.

The original Guitars of the Month were cased between December 1994 and March 1996. They provided the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and led directly to the creation of the Private Stock program, with the first “official” Private Stock instrument casing on April 19, 1996. Paul Reed Smith has been leading the department for the last several years, driving innovation, quality craftsmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail.

“Private Stock is very special to me. It is an amazingly passionate team working with our most treasured materials and new designs. These craftsmen are building heirloom quality pieces of art that play and sound as good as any guitar I have ever played. I am very proud to be celebrating 20 years of Private Stock with the Guitar of the Month program and the Paul’s Guitar model” Paul Reed Smith.

Specifications include: Curly maple top, African ribbon mahogany back and backplates, 22-fret, 25” scale length “Pattern” curly Peruvian mahogany neck, African blackwood fingerboard with gold mother of pearl “modified” brushstroke birds and mother of pearl, maple, and gold mother of pearl “Strad” purfling, mother of pearl sidedots, African blackwood headstock veneer with Gold mother of pearl “modified” Brushstroke eagle and a mother of pearl “June” engraved “new” banner as well as mother of pearl, maple, and gold mother of pearl “Strad” style purfling, African blackwood truss rod cover with mother of pearl, maple, and gold mother of pearl “Strad” purfling, Persimmon high gloss nitro finish with Cherry Smoked Burst, 408N treble and bass pickups with volume and tone controls, 3-way toggle switch, and two mini coil-tap switches, gold/nickel Gen III tremolo with locking saddles, Phase III locking tuners with African blackwood buttons, hybrid hardware, 10 gauge strings, and a Private Stock 20th Anniversary black comet tolex case.

To see this guitar and to learn more about the 20th Anniversary Guitars of the Month program including a list of dealers and distributors that offer PRS Private Stock instruments, please

Scott McGill: Skype Lessons - Fusion Guitar Chords Part 2--Allan Holdsworth Type Chord Work

Highly respected guitar teach available for Skype Lessons:

This is my second clip demonstrating Fusion Guitar Chords. Here I demonstrate Fusion Chordal Playing reminiscent of Allan Holdsworth in this video sample of my Skype Guitar Lessons Sessions. I demonstrate how to generate these chords, apply them to existing tunes and write original material with them.

Skype Guitar Instruction-Scott McGill-Fusion Guitar Chords Part 2--Allan Holdsworth Type Chord Work

Tom Quayle, Dan Smith, David Beebee, Dave Brons: The Guitar Hour live stream - Season Two Episode Two

The Guitar Hour live stream - Season Two Episode Two

starts 9:45 (and no I did not go to Steve Vai )
The Guitar Hour - S2 Episode Two

Francesco Congiu: JTC Jam Of The Month june 2016

JTC Jam Of The Month june 2016 - Francesco Congiu

Francesco Filigoi, Giacomo Santini: Abiogenesis - Visualize

Abiogenesis are:

Jei Doublerice - Vox |
Francesco Filigoi - Guitars |
Giacomo Santini - Guitars |
Don Antonio Pavone - Bass |
Stefano Reynoldz Brognoli - Drums |

Video filming & effects | HardCut Media
Video mounting & editing | Francesco Filigoi
Mixing & mastering | Ermin Hamidovic


Davi Filho, Fernando Molinari: Baião Two - performance playthrough

"Baião de Dois"
Composição/Composition - Davi Filho e Fernando Molinari
Guitarra/Guitar - Davi Filho
Baixo/Bass - Fernando Molinari
Bateria/Drums - Bruno Valverde
Davi Filho
E-mail -
Facebook - - (@davifilho123)
Youtube -
Fernando Molinari
E-mail -
Facebook - - (@molinarifernando)
Youtube -
Built By Elements, de/by Fernando Molinari disponível em/available on:
CD Baby -
Obrigado por assistir/Thanks for watching!

Davi Filho e Fernando Molinari - Baião de Dois (Guitar/bass brazilian fusion)

Jeremy Yong: 11 year old with a Fusion Guitar Jam 2015

Official Website:

Jeremy Yong (aka "Jed") - Fusion Guitar Jam 2015

Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas (specific ocean)
Kemper Profiling Amp Power Head
Kemper Profiler Remote
Mogami Platinum Cables

Special thanks to: Chris Brooks & T Tofa

Jeremy Yong (11): Fusion Guitar Jam 2015 - Little Big Shots - young kid guitarist guitar prodigy

Scott McGill: Skype Guitar Instruction - Violin Studies for Guitar Wohlfart Op. 45 No. 1

Scott McGill

This session demonstrates how learning Violin Etudes on the Electric Guitar can help technique, memorization, and help generate new improvising ideas and devices/licks for Rock, Jazz, Metal, and Classical players.

Skype Guitar Instruction-Scott McGill-Violin Studies for Guitar Wohlfart Op. 45 No. 1

Jared Dines: How to tell people that you're a metalhead

If you or a loved one has been struggling with coming out as a metalhead, don’t worry. You are not alone. Millions of people around the world feel the same way you do. I hope this video has given you some courage in coming out as a metalhead yourself.


DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to make light of "coming out". It's a very serious matter that takes a lot of courage. I just thought what if people "came out" as metal heads. Thanks for watching!

How to tell people that you're a metalhead

How to tell people that you're a metalhead (BLOOPERS)

Oz Noy: tells about his musical life and career as a guitarist.

Oz Noy tells about his musical life and career as a guitarist.

Learn more about Oz Noy:

Oz Noy - Artist Interview

Oz Noy "Smooth Spring" TonePrint for Hall of Fame Reverb

Oz Noy "The Slapper" TonePrint for Flashback Delay

Richard Hallebeek: presents "Richard´s Solo Delay" TonePrint for Flashback Delay

Richard Hallebeek plays his "Richard´s Solo Delay" TonePrint for Flashback Delay
The TonePrint "Richard's Solo Delay" works and sounds similar to a reverb effect. It smooths up the guitar tone adding a nice ambience that won't wash out any details in the sound. It also offers the option to add modulation for an even bigger sound.
Learn more about Flashback Delay:
Learn more about Richard Hallebeek:

Richard Hallebeek presents "Richard´s Solo Delay" TonePrint for Flashback Delay

Kelly Simonz: Blind Faith live Opus#1

『~Enter The New World 2016 Live in Kagoshima~』
Caparvo Hall, Kagoshima

Opening SE~Enter The New World~
1. Journey To The Gate
2. At The Gate Of A New World
3. In The Name Of Love
4. Bound For Glory
5. I Am Your Judgement Day
6. Opus#1
7. Tales Of The Viking
8. Stay With Me Forever
9. Nobody Is The Same
10. Revelation
11. The End Of The Beginning
12. Allegro Maestoso ~Drum SE & Yama-B in~
13. N.W.O
-Encore 1-
-Encore 2-
15. Now Your Turn


Scott Hughes: Stella By Beerlight - available for Skype lessons

Getting warmed up before a Skype lesson with this unique "Stella By Starlight" backing track.

Speaking of which - hit me up for details on SKYPE lessons!!

Dean Brown: presents his "Low and Fast Squeeze" TonePrint for HyperGravity Compressor

Dean Brown returned to the world of compression - and with good reason. His TonePrint "Low And Fast Squeeze" compresses the low strings so that all six strings sound more even. It offers the player extreme tonal control.
Learn more about HyperGravity Compressor:
Learn more about Dean Brown:

Dean Brown presents his "Low and Fast Squeeze" TonePrint for HyperGravity Compressor

Adam Ironside: The SkyPainter - new album is Released


So it's been a while! The SkyPainter is now out!
Thankyou to everyone who pre-ordered, stay tuned to find out who won the Irontone CryBaby wah...


The SkyPainter is Released

Ben Azar: JTC RockTheFunk June 2016

It's about time I publish something more funky with some stratish tones. Using my custom shop 60s relic Fender strat into a Wampler Pedals Dual Fusion pedal (vintage mode) and my Fender Deluxe amp. Enjoy the vibes :)

Check out

Ben Azar - JTC RockTheFunk June 2016

Sam Beck, John Alsop: Echo Spiral - Code Talker Playthrough

Echo Spiral:

Echo Spiral - Code Talker (Playthrough)

Bireli Lagrene, Antonio Faraò, Gary Willis, Lenny White: What is This Thing Called Love - Live @ Blue Note Milano

"What is This Thing Called Love"
performed by Bireli Lagrene, Antonio Faraò, Gary Willis, Lenny White
Blue Note Milano 27-04-2016

Bireli Lagrene - guitar
Antonio Faraò - piano
Gary Willis - bass
Lenny White - drums

Check Out the Blue Note Calendar!

Filmed and Edited By
Audio By

B. Lagrene, A. Faraò, G. Willis, L.White - What is This Thing Called Love - Live @ Blue Note Milano

Marco Sfogli: Clinic Cagliari

Marco Sfogli: Clinic Cagliari

Richard Daudé: JTC Jam Of The Month - June 2016

Recorded with my Red Devil (Vigier Bumblefoot) and my other Red Devil (Le Lead by Two Notes) hope you enjoy ;)

Richard Daudé: JTC Jam Of The Month - June 2016

News: Rocktron Launches New MicroHUSH

Rocktron Launches New MicroHUSH

Rocktron, world leaders in guitar noise reduction, are proud to launch the MicroHUSH, the world famous HUSH noise reduction pedal in a micro chassis. It wipes out hiss, unwanted feedback and pickup buzz while maintaining music signal integrity and takes up less space on pedalboards.

Pedalboard space is always at a premium. The compact rugged chassis of the MicroHUSH has minimal impact on pedal-rigs and maximum impact on guitar related noise problems. It is a true bypass pedal: when turned off it is out of the signal path.

Easy to use, for the best results simply plug in the MicroHush after distortion boxes, wahs, noisy vintage effect and turn the threshold control knob until the noise goes away. Like all Rocktron HUSH products, the MicroHUSH tracks the signal all the way to ensure no chopped off notes or altered sustain and achieves up to 65dB of signal clean up. (Please note to eliminate 60 cycle ground loop hum, Rocktron recommend using the Buzz Kill AC Audio Isolation Transformer.)

The MicroHUSH specifications are: -
Input Impedance470kΩ
Output Impedance1kΩ
Maximum Input+5dBu
Maximum Output+5dBu
Current Consumption15mA
Power Requirement9V DC OnTap Universal Power Supply (sold separately) is recommended. 2.1mm Jack Negative Tip/Positive Barrel
Dimensions3 5/8" x 2 1/8" x 2"
(92mm x 54mm x 48mm)
Weight5.3oz (150g)

The MicroHUSH is the latest member of the renowned HUSH family that includes the HUSH Super C, HUSH Pro, HUSH Ultra, HUSH the Pedal and HUSH 2X. The new MicroHUSH is currently being used out on tour by Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats), Marc Rizzo (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy) and The Used.

For more information visit

Bryan Baker: shares his pedal board configuration and load out.

Bryan Baker

Updated the micro-board with a riiiiidiculous vintage chorus from Aria (check those things out, they're serious) and the completely awesome Gunslinger MOSFET Distortion from my boys at @digitechfx and ‪#‎dodpedals‬. Definitely in the top 3 of distortion pedals I've ever played. Massive response.

Jeff Loomis: Seymour Duncan - Blackout Contest - win Jeff's pickups

Jeff Loomis knows what he wants to hear from his guitar, whether playing solo or as a member of iconic metal bands like Arch Enemy and Conquering Dystopia. Now you can experience the clarity, attack and body that his pickups offer. Enter today to win your very own set, signed by Jeff and includes a signed, framed photo card as well!

Contest ends June 30, 2016

Rick Graham: Preview of A New Tune

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Preview of A New Tune - Rick Graham Guitar

Leandro Martins: As The Wind live at Cine Brazil Vallourec

Leandro Martins - As The Wind (at Cine Brazil Vallourec)

My Friends, this is one of the songs from my DVD! I recorded it in May 2015 in Brazil, it has 9 instrumental songs and great musicians playing with me!

Beethoven Jr - Bass
Fillipe Glauss - Guitar
Bruno Leonidas - Percussion
Andre Bastos - Drums

Leandro Martins - As The Wind (at Cine Brazil Vallourec)

AJ Rebollo, Sky Acord: Issues - The Realest - Guitar Playthrough


AJ proudly uses Fractal Audio Systems, Kiesel Custom Guitars and Ernie Ball strings.

Issues - The Realest (Sky Acord Bass Playthrough)

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: plays "Confessions of a Medieval Monument" on EMGtv

This final video in our series of performances with Tony MacAlpine certainly has the flavor of a neo-classical piece, but with Tony's unique tone and feel. Tony and his band perform "Confessions of a Medieval Monument" live on EMGtv, featuring fellow EMG artist Nili Brosh along with Pete Griffin on bass, and Aquiles Priester on drums. Tony and Nili are both playing the EMG 57-7H and EMG 66-7H humbucker pickups for seven string guitar. These pickups beautifully capture the singing harmonies between these two guitar players.
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Produced by:
Band Members:
Tony MacAlpine
Nili Brosh
Pete Griffin
Aquiles Priester

Tony MacAlpine plays "Confessions of a Medieval Monument" on EMGtv