Saturday, 11 June 2016

Bryan Baker, Hadrien Feraud, Andy Sanesi: KILLER show available for download - name your price

Bryan Baker
The KILLER show last night featuring Me, Hadrien Feraud and Andy Sanesi at Alvas Music is now available as a free download over on my Bandcamp page. This is also the first gig to debut my pick-less, totally finger style right hand technique on electric, something I've been shedding for years and finally have together. Check it out. Free music. The new normal. Enjoy.

On June 10th, 2016 Bryan Baker, Hadrien Feraud and Andy Sanesi played a concert at Alva's Showroom in San Pedro, CA. This album documents that show in its entirety, broken monitor wedges and all.
releases June 11, 2017

Bryan Baker - Guitar
Hadrien Feraud - Bass
Andy Sanesi - Drums and Sampling

Samantha Fish: an evening with SFB with a host of live performance from the talented instrumentalist and singer

Samantha Fish: Great live performance from SFB at Whitewater Charlotte 2016

Great live performance of Samantha Fish and her band at Whitewater Charlotte 2016

Samantha Fish: Whitewater Charlotte 5/19/2016

Samantha Fish: Two Evenings with SFB live at Chan's, Woonsocket, RI 2016

Samantha Fish Band, Chan's, Woonsocket, RI
June 2, 2016
Samantha Fish, Go-Go Ray, Christopher Alexander.

Samantha Fish Band, Chan's, 5/29/15

Samantha Fish Band, Chan's, 6/2/16

Samantha Fish: from the Blues Cafe 2015

Samantha Fish: SFB in the Rothschild Pavilion from the Blues Cafe 2015

Samantha Fish @ the 2015 Blues Cafe

Samantha Fish: Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise 26

Marc Guillermont, Bill Evans: Live at the FROG 2012

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A fantastic collaboration between heavyweight musicians who are superstars in their respective countries. Grammy Award winning American saxophonist Bill Evans teams up with Indian drummer par excellence Ranjit Barot bringing together bass God Etienne Mbappe from Cameroon and guitarist Marc Guillermont from France. A truly international collection of music stars presenting a truly unique and international sound.
Live at the FROG : Bill Evans & Ranjit Barot with Etienne Mbappe and Marc Guillermont

Mohini Dey, Gary Husband, Ranjit Barot: Singularity from Bada Boom

BASS:Mohini Dey

Track:Singularity from Mr.Ranjit Barot's Album-BADA BOOM

James Norbert Ivanyi: Carriers Of The Plague - Psycroptic

Jamming 'carriers of the plague' by Australian death metal band psycroptic.

James Norbert Ivanyi - Carriers Of The Plague - Psycroptic

Lita Ford: Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund 2016-05-22 Featuring Bobby Rock on drums - Jack Lue Series

Lita Ford @ Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund 2016-05-22 Jack Lue Series

Full Series:

Full Series:

Some live video from the performance

Lita Ford - Cherry Bomb At Los Encinos State Park

Featuring Bobby Rock on drums at Los Encinos State Park

Lita Ford - Can't Catch Me

Charly Sahona, Fabien Paraillac: Sahona - Caught in Heaven - promo video

Music video for Caught in Heaven performed by Sahona.

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Sahona - Caught in Heaven

Ignazio Di Salvo: Scrapple from the apple

It's been a while I don't post a jazz video!
Back on Charlie Parker time.. It's been a while I didn't play in this style... Spending a bit of time on my old transcriptions now.
I'm using an Ibanez Am205 and a Multiamp... I like the sound!
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Ignazio Di Salvo: Scrapple from the apple

Damjan Pejcinoski, Emir Hot: "Devojko Mala" Gypsy Jazz Style Guitar

Me and Emir Hot playing this classic tune by Darko Kraljic in gypsy jazz style.
For Gypsy jazz lessons visit by Damjan Pejcinoski
Guitars: Damjan Pejcinoski, Emir Hot
Bass guitar : Goran Geshovski
Recorded at Dragomir Herendic strudio
Mixed by Zoran Kreco
Video edit by Nikola Filipovic
Thanks to Daniela Hot and Ivana Cingovska for their appearance
Damjan Pejcinoski - Hot -

Damjan & Emir Hot - "Devojko Mala" Gypsy Jazz Style Guitar

Alejandra Mesliuk: Denial of Truth - A Persuasive Reason

Short solo for the song Denial of Truth, of my band A Persuasive Reason, from the CD "Spire".

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Ale Mesliuk- Denial of Truth (A Persuasive Reason)

Check out Alejandra Mesliuk's latest release

Awen by Alejandra Mesliuk-Martín Agharta Díaz

1.Espejismos (by Alejandra Mesliuk)05:03
2.Yin Yang (by Alejandra Mesliuk) 03:523.Perfumes (by Alejandra Mesliuk)02:31
4.Siendo (by Alejandra Mesliuk) 02:23
5.Wuivre (by Martín Agharta Díaz) 02:34
6.Transtemporal (by Alejandra Mesliuk-Martín A.Díaz) 03:43
7.Bonus Track: Punto de Conciencia (en vivo en Espacio de Debate y Cultura La Casa) (by A. Mesliuk- M. Díaz) 05:37

"Históricamente es usada para describir la inspiración divina de los bardos en la tradición poética Galesa."
1.Espejismos (A.Mesliuk)
2.Yin Yang (A.Mesliuk)
3.Perfumes (A.Mesliuk)
4.Siendo (A.Mesliuk)
5.Wuivre (M.Diaz)
6.Transtemporal (A.Mesliuk - M.Diaz)
7.Punto de Conciencia (A.Mesliuk - M.Diaz)

Alejandra Mesliuk: Tapping 7 Strings Guitar
Martín Agharta Díaz: Tabla, Mandolina, percusión
Anastasia Shemyakina: Didjederoo en "Wuivre"

Grabado entre Septiembre 2015 y Marzo 2016 en "Fenix Home Studio" y "Agharta's Bunker".
Edición y mezcla: Martín Díaz - AWEN
Masterizado en Agharta's Bunker.
Ilustración: FerGris
Adquirí el Disco en formato físico escribiendo aalejandramesliuk@gmail.comcredits
released May 20, 2016

Naia Izumi: Relaxing with ambient improvised guitar

For the techies. I'm switching amongst 3 different reverbs for my reverb sounds Old blood endeavours darkstar and procesion , the new MXR ms300 and carbon copy delay. With a little bit of reverb from my Bogner Goldfinger 45. oh yes and an old boss rc2 looper.
recorded with 2 condenser mics

Relaxing improvised guitar music #2

Andrea Maccianti: jamming some Mixolydian improvisation

Andrea Maccianti: jamming some Mixolydian improvisation

Mixolydian Licks/Improv - Andrea Maccianti

Kevin Suter: Prismatik - New Album "All That Settles Is Dust - ambient progressive metal from Florida

Kevin Suter

Comes out on June 17th - If the album does well I'll do a limited signed physical run a while after - so stick around!

1.Defunct Punctuation
2.Dualist Dogma
3.Wistful Atoll
4.Heretic's Vestige
5.Sigils Gate
6.Ritual Horizon
7.Under Devotion
8.Colorless Grief

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Kevin Suter - Cognition Playthrough