Sunday, 7 August 2016

Maria Barbieri: YYZ - RUSH

This is my guitar cover of YYZ (Rush-original version), I hope you like it! :)

YYZ - RUSH - Guitar cover (with original solo) - Maria Barbieri

George Bellas, Marco Minnemann: Ballistic - what it would sound like if George and Marco fell down the stairs whist soloing

No song, no melody, no structure... Just George Bellas and Marco Minnemann going Ballistic!

George Bellas - Guitar
Marco Minnemann - Drums


Hideaki Yamakado: BIAS FX - Jam of the Month

Hideaki Yamakado: BIAS FX - Jam of the Month

Jam of the Month (August) -Hideaki - BIAS FX

Darren Housholder: Misty - key E flat 4 note chord Arpeggio inversions sweep + tap

Darren Housholder Shrapnel records Jazz Standard MISTY
key E flat 4 note chord Arpeggio inversions sweep + tap
Go pro 08/06/16

Darren Housholder: Misty - key E flat 4 note chord Arpeggio inversions sweep + tap

Sean Wayland, Ben Eunson, James Muller,Tim Miller: Foodland available on bandcamp

my original compositions and a great bunch of musos like Nate Wood, Sam Minaie, Ben Eunson, Kate Kelsey-Sugg, James Muller and Tim Miller.

1. Fried Chicken Modulation 05:53
2. Help Me 04:22
3. The Princess and the Pad 04:59
4. What is it 05:03
5. Foodland 05:13
6.Softly Softly 03:53
7. Thunderbirds 03:56
8. Salad 03:43
9. Im Back 03:58
10. Angourie 06:29
11. Solo piano Brooklyn Recording 06:38
12. Gerry Lopez 03:13
13. Onwards and Sideways 04:35
14. Scum Valley Demo 01:10
15. The Princess and the Pad Remaster04:57

released July 10, 2016

Yohei Kimura: Original Song 'This Day'

Guitar: Ibanez RG721FM
Effects :Positive Grid BIAS FX Desktop


Original Song 'This Day'

Antonello Giliberto: Recording some solos for the upcoming Gabriels album

Recording some solos for the upcoming GABRIELS album : FIST OF THE SEVEN STARS ACT2 "HOKUTO BROTHERS AND NANTO CHAOS"
↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ORDER THE ALBUM HERE ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
Official Website:
Antonello Giliberto - Guitars and keyboards
Dino Fiorenza - Bass
John Macaluso - Drums
Melodic, heavy, powerful, technical, neoclassical metal at its best.

Get in touch with ANTONELLO GILIBERTO:

Richard Daudé: Very cool guitar jam with 3 guitars - CBG Jam Tracks

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Very cool guitar jam with 3 guitars! Richard Daude with CBG Jam Tracks

Pete Sklaroff: Fretboard Magic! Coffee Break Grooves

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Download the backing track

Fretboard Magic! Pete Sklaroff with a CBG backing track

Mateus Asato: Let it ring - testing the Suhr Reactive Load

Mateus Asato testing the Suhr Reactive Load

Mateus Asato - Let it ring

Matthew Sickels: Tritone sweeps

Matthew Sickels: Tritone sweeps

Getting to know my new DUKE DEVILLE by MJ GUITARS!

Juan Dhas: Half Minute Lesson

Half Minute Lessons - Exclusive Music Lessons
Juan Dhas
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#HalfMinuteLessons #JuanDhas


Vincent Brzezinski: Shredding arpeggios: Destroyer Of Dreams

Conquering Dystopia album:
Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow, Alex Webster (bass), Alex Rudinger (drums)

Shredding arpeggios: Destroyer Of Dreams by Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow

Destroyer Of Dreams (full cover) by Conquering Dystopia

Allen Hinds: Ribore Akihabara 30 anniversary Xotic Presents

2016/7/16 was done in the studio Ribore within the G-REC to, and the effector of Allen Hinds model will be released in limited quantities from Xotic Effects, the seminar was actually using the Xotic Guitar of Allen Hinds model currently in use pattern.

[Ikebe musical instrument store] Ribore Akihabara 30 anniversary Xotic Presents: Allen Hinds guitar sound Seminar

Isao Fujita, Katzuya Shimizu: JShredathon - Ikebe musical instrument store - Guitar Triple Battle event

July 9, 2016 (Sunday) was held on, we will introduce some of the pattern of triple Battle event !!!
now, three companies that lead the digital sound processor industry has become a large attention next-generation guitar system "Axe-Fx", "Kemper Profiling but that is the subject of coveted from many players as possible to reach the wearing not frontiers follow the analog full use of digital technology in the contest! tip of the dream in Shinsaibashi Osaka Amp "," Helix ".3 companies aligned with the event is the world's first! to each company, are held demonstration and thorough commentary seminars by professional engineers and guest player, as much as possible the charm of the digital sound processor with thorough dissection! 3 companies using a common reproduction environment, it was to tell an easy-to-understand the differences between each of the personality and sound. Finally, the showdown at the summit by a luxury guest player three events "Axe-Fx × Profiling Amp × Helix Special guitar battle" also unfolds directly below!

[Ikebe musical instrument store] the world's first! ! ! Guitar Triple Battle event

Allen Hinds: Driving South, Monkey Swagger - soloing series in Guitar Techniques

This is part one of a six part soloing series in Guitar Techniques magazine with the LA guitarist, Allen Hinds. For the complete transcription of Allen's solo get Guitar Techniques issue 251 which was on sale 25th November 2015. Driving South was written and recorded for Allen by Jason Sidwell. Filming by Dave Clayton. For more on Allen Hinds visit
To subscribe and/or purchase the digital version of Guitar Techniques visit:­s-guitar-magazine/id451419414?mt=8
To get the print version visit

Allen Hinds - Driving South (1080 HD)

Allen Hinds - Monkey Swagger (1080 HD)

Al Joseph: Progressive Soloing Masterclass!

*NEW* Al Joseph's Progressive Soloing Masterclass!
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Inside the box set you'll be covering a whole host of ideas, concepts and techniques and here are just SOME of them: stop watch training, pentatonic exercises, arpeggio exercises, scale exercises, creative legato playing, string skipping, 'three to one' ideas, time feel and rhythmic subdivisions, mixed legato techniques (such as hybrid picking legato, modern legato, tapping legato etc), harmonic concepts such as triad pairs, lydian pentatonics and following chords.

It could take you a lifetime to gather all of this knowledge on your own and not only has Al already done this for you, but he's going to guide you through each and every section!

So if you're looking for a step by step process to reach your guitar playing goals of being able to play (and understand) kickass rock and metal solos then add this box set to your basket. For less than the price of a single (hour long) guitar lesson with Al, you can get over 5GB of lesson content to start learning and progressing today!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

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*NEW* Al Joseph's Progressive Soloing Masterclass!