Monday, 8 August 2016

Matthew Mills, Davide Lo Surdo: announce all the dates and cities and support act for Italian Tour October 2016

Matthew Mills

I am happy to announce all the dates and cities for my Italian Tour for October of 2016 the official tour poster has all the venues and dates. For all my Italian friends I hope to see you there!!! — with Davide Lo Surdo, Rachel Farge-Mills and Jimi Mitchell.

Per Nilsson: Les Paul - Mattias IA Eklundh's Freak Guitar Camp in August 2016

I did a clinic at Mattias IA Eklundh's Freak Guitar Camp in August 2016, and happy camper Anders Morén were kind enough to let me have a go on his Les Paul, good fun! I never felt entirely at home with Les Pauls, but I dug this particular one quite a bit.

PER NILSSON picks up a LES PAUL at the 2016 Freak Guitar Camp

Deepak Moktan: Mysterious Feelings

This video was recorded live at Joon recording studio and luckily this is the first take i did whilst going for the recording.
This is personally one of my favourite style of guitar playing which has got lots to do with feelings,note selections and sustains.
Thanks Samir shrestha for lending his precious time and equipments for recording this video and Samik Sapkota for the studio time,edits,audio and mixing of this recording.
Thank u all for watching and please leave your comments,like,share and subscribe my channel for more of my guitar videos!!
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P.s.I used a Fender Stratocaster miked straight through a Fender Mustang Combo Amp for this lovely guitar tone here.

Deepak Moktan: Mysterious Feelings

Matheus Novaes: Erudite Stoner - now name your price on bandcamp

Erudite Stoner
by Erudite Stoner

1. Spiritual deliverance 03:22
2. Alienist 02:54
3. Ride to Nowhere 04:19
4. Far away from city walls 03:09
5. There is no home 03:58
6. Waiting for the storm 02:51
7. Sand Path 04:13
8. Roads to Somewhere 07:16
9. Left Behind 01:41

released December 8, 2015
tags: metal doom instrumental neoclassical post-rock shoegaze Brazil