Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Frank Gambale: Chick Corea electrik band Gambale solo Catalinas 8-18-16 - on fire!!

Chick Corea Electrik Band reunion at Catalina bar and grill 8-18-2016. 5 of the best of all time reunited! Frank Gambale on fire just like always! Got a match :-)

Chick Corea electrik band Gambale solo Catalinas 8-18-16

Michel Top: Kiezel Solo Contest - #Kieselsolocontest

Michel Top: Kiezel Solo Contest - #Kieselsolocontest

Marcelo Barbosa: Dancing Heart - promo video

Guitar: Marcelo Barbosa
Battery: Thomas Lang
Guitar and Guitar Base: Marcelo Sá
Low: Giovanni Senna
Keyboards: Bruno Wambier

Musical Production: Marcelo Sá
Executive Producer: Marcus Vinicius Cocota
Mixing and Mastering: Caio Duarte (BroadBand Studio)
Single Art: John Duarte

Actress: Barbara Albuquerque
Director: Caio Cortonesi

Rental: Backstage Dance Center

Marcelo Barbosa - Dancing Heart

Tomasz Andrzejewski: My first lick for ESP with tab!

My first lick for ESP.
Notes/tab on foto album:

Lick of the ESP week 1.

Stel Andre: Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry - #kieselsolocontest

Hey people, here's my entry! Congratz to all the amazing players so far and to this amazing company, Kiesel. #kieselsolocontest
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Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry - Stel Andre #kieselsolocontest

Steve Hackett: The Total Experience Live In Liverpool (BluRay)


Artist: Steve Hackett
Format: BluRay
Label: People Like You Records
Release Date: 24.06.2016

Former Genesis guitarist STEVE HACKETT renowned for his incredible, moody playing style and sense for creating otherworldly melodies recently had several reasons to celebrate. In 2015 for instance, his solo record “Wolflight” hit the charts in Germany and the UK whereas his first solo record, “Voyage Of The Acolyte” turned 30 years old! Known as a fantastic live performer, Hackett and his fantastic backing band including Roine Stolt, Gary O’Toole, Roger King, Nad Sylvan, Amanda Lehman, Rob Townsend as well as a guest appearance by his son John were touring on this occasion with a diverse set presenting classic Genesis tracks plus highlights from Hackett’s solo albums. Recorded and filmed in Liverpool in October 2015, “The Total Experience Live In Liverpool” commemorates the “Acolyte to Wolflight with Genesis Classics” tour and offers a stunning set-list including solo tracks from the epic “Shadow Of The Hierophant” to “Love Song To A Vampire” as well as Genesis highlights including “The Cinema Show”, “The Musical Box”, “Firth Of Fifth”, “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”, “Can-Utility and the Coastliners” and more during the second half of the over two and half hour long main show. In addition to that, both the standalone Blu-ray and the 2CD/2DVD deluxe package offer documentary footage allowing an intimate look behind the scenes. “The Total Experience Live In Liverpool” is essential for all Hackett supporters.

Drewsif Stalin: TABPxDSME - The World Is A Colder Place Now

Some video from recording the album! Coming on September 9th!

TABPxDSME - The World Is A Colder Place Now (Studio Video)

Eric Johnson: Wrapped In A Cloud - EJ

Eric Johnson - Wrapped In A Cloud - EJ (2016)

Jake Guy: Mullet Season - sizzling metal track 2016

Jake Guy: Mullet Season - sizzling metal track 2016

Thank you all for your patience & support with this channel. I truly appreciate your time in viewing this new clip, especially when there's so much other content out there these days to choose from. Feel free to comment, share or even subscribe if your new to my work etc. I'm on facebook too, so you might find some extra/alternative footage there from time to time. Always open to questions about playing/music, add me!

Watch in HD, and play it loud, if possible.


Jake Guy "Mullet Season" (New Track 2016)

Rob Scallon: How I record ukulele metal

I ramble about how I go about recording metal on ukulele.
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How I record ukulele metal