Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Troy Sanders, Kyle Sanders: Mastodon Vs. Hellyeah in the Orange Amps Classic Video

Mastodon’s Troy Sanders Battles Hellyeah’s Kyle Sanders

Troy & Kyle Sanders Ask The Question: Is the Orange 4 Stroke Better Than The OB1?

Launched today is a new comedy short featuring Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and Hellyeah’s Kyle Sanders set in an alternate future. See the video https://youtu.be/qdLOnVjv1mc

Years after losing to his brother, Kyle Sanders of Hellyeah, in the final of the 2016 Orange Amplifier Classic competition, Troy is now a broken man. Sitting on a squalid sofa, he binges on junk food watching himself play at the height of his career. As he gorges himself, he flicks to a replay of the battle that began his terrifying slide into obscurity. The video documents a nail-biting fight to determine who is the best bassist, a true clash of bass titans.

Troy and Kyle are aided and abetted by an array of Orange bass gear. Kyle opens the battle using two 4 Stroke 500’s through an OBC810 Cab. Troy fights back with his double OB1-500 amps through a OBC115 and OBC410H full stack.

See the tragic story that led to his downfall at https://youtu.be/qdLOnVjv1mc.

The 4 Stroke is a class AB solid state amp with all analogue circuitry. It features a full tone stack which allows for an unparalleled level of control over EQ.

The key to the OB1’s unique sound is Orange’s footswitchable blend circuit which adds a veneer of controllable gain and increases harmonic content at the upper register of the input signal.

To find out more about the gear they use go to https://orangeamps.com.

Luís Kalil: Sunset Daredevil new album from 16-year-old Brazilian guitar prodigy


Sophomore album "Sunset Daredevil" out now. BRAZIL - 16-year-old Brazilian guitar prodigy Luís Kalil has teamed up with Revolver Magazine to launch a new music video for the song "If," taken from Kalil's sophomore album Sunset Daredevil.

Kalil states: "'If' is a song that talks about the power of this word - how many possibilities and parallel lives it opens in our mind, how much it influences ourselves and our future decisions. I always wanted to write a song about it because it's something that everyone goes through. The melodies and riffs really touch me, and once I wrote it I knew it would be perfect for my first music video.

"The music video was produced by the prizewinning film-maker Ulisses da Mota, who brought an awesome crew to work along with us. I'm really excited about it and I hope everyone can get the same feel listening and watching this!"

Featuring nine original tracks, including six instrumental and three with Jonathas Pozo in charge of the vocals, Sunset Daredevil was produced by Renato Osório and mixed and
mastered by Benhur Lima. Cover artwork comes courtesy of Tiago Masseti.

Sunset Daredevil can be purchased now via Bandcamp at:

1. Sunrise
2. Story Of My Life
3. After The Fray
4. Delusion Ways
5. Sunset Daredevil
6. If
7. Here I Stand
8. Angel City
9. Hazard

Luís Kalil released his first album, Insight, in 2015 at the age of just 15-years-old, showcasing technical prowess and the ability of playing and writing with great maturity for his young age. Since the release of Insight, Kalil has performed in both Brazil and the U.S., where he became the first Brazilian guitar player to play the EMGtv studios in Santa Rosa, Calif. Kalil also demonstrated his skills at the ESP booth at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif.

Stay tuned for more information on Luís Kalil and Sunset Daredevil.

Luís Kalil online:


Andre Casagrande: Saturna - progressive metal São Paulo

Saturna by Andre Casagrande

You can listen and download the full EP at:
Special Thanks to Henrique Ribeiro.

Video by Julio Cesar Filmes

Custom Guitar by Dante D. Lucca

Mix and Master by Diego Castro - Hard Base studio

Email: andrecasagrande2@gmail.com

1. Saturna Feat. Vini Castellari 04:27
2. Titan 04:29
3. Interlude 00:53
4. Supernova Feat. Bruno Ladislau 03:07
5. Borderline 05:46

released June 1, 2016
tags: #djent djentcore metal metalcore progressive djent progresive rock progressive metal São Paulo

Andre Casagrande | Borderline

Juninho Silva, Hyro Edu, Andre Casagrande: Heartless by Mazze - instrumental progressive metal from São Paulo

Members: Juninho Silva - Guitar Hyro Edu - Guitar Lufe Marcondes - Drums

Feat André Casagrande
released August 30, 2016
Produced/mixed by Juninho Silva
Mastered/reamp by Marcelo Braga (Aeon Audio)

Giulia Coletti: Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Udine, Italy

This is my entry for the Ibanez Flying Fingers Competition 2016.

My first Iove was a RG1570 Prestige (you can see it on the back) and still remains my favorite for the defined sound, precise and clear tone.
Then came a PGM30 (in the video), followed by an Iceman 700 (always on the back).
Ibanez means versatile and reliable instruments, with attention for innovation.
As well as for many guitarists, my personal guitar heroes are Ibanez players, so I’m grateful for the passion and enthusiasm they convey.
Happy to be part of the big family of Ibanez lovers!

Thanks for watching!

Recorded with: Ibanez PGM30, AxeFx Ultra, Planet Waves Cables, Focusrite Interface, Reaper
Filmed by Tancredi Cassina with Nikon D750


Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Giulia Coletti, Udine, Italy

LorePaz: Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry #kieselsolocontest

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Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry - Lorepaz #kieselsolocontest

Alex Lifeson: Interview and Celebrity All Star Concert St.Jude Children’s Research

Alex Lifeson interviewed by Alex Kluft.
9th Annual Medlock Krieger Celebrity Invitational and All Star Concert benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Alex Lifeson: Interview and Celebrity All Star Concert St.JudeChildren’sResearch

Nick Johnston: Remarkably Human - new album coming end September - pre order available

Remarkably Human - Available September 27th
Featuring Gavin Harrison, Bryan Beller and Luke Martin

Physical/Merch - http://nickjohnstonmusic.com/
Digital - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/rem...
Video by - Grant Cooper (https://www.facebook.com/grantcooperfilm)

Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human