Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Rohan Stevenson: New album preorder - with Sithu Aye, Jake Howsam Lowe and Stephen Taranto

Ro Han


- 4/4 time signatures ✔️
- Major scales ✔️
- Djeneric riffs ✔️
- 127 velocity drums ✔️
- 0 dynamics ✔️
- Every fader on full ✔️


Jokes aside, I have worked very hard on this over a period of years and I'm EXTREMELY happy with how it has come the point that I am enjoying listening to this album even now after the bagillion listens I've had in writing and producing it. Very proud, I don't even know how to express it. I really hope you all enjoy it when it comes out on OCT 30 😄. Massive thanks to my amazing guests Sithu Aye, Jake Howsam Lowe and Stephen Taranto for contributing some incredible solo's that add such a huge element to the final product. Yewwwwwww !!

Reece Fullwood: Eumeria - Where Is Album Number Two?

Exactly what it say on the tin. This briefly explains...
What we have been doing.
What we are doing now.
What we are doing next!
Peace out!

Eumeria Update. WHERE IS ALBUM 2!

Phil Demmel: Signature Jackson Pro Series Guitars - Machine Head

In this exclusive video with Jackson, Machine Head’s Phil Demmel explains who and what inspired the newest finishes to be added to his Pro Series signature lineup. Any guesses?

Demmel also gives a quick rundown of some of the other key features found on his signature guitars.

Get more product info here:

Machine Head Phil Demmel on his Signature Jackson Pro Series Guitars

Mario Camarena,Erick Hansel: Ibanez Prestige: Mario and Erick from CHON play "Story"

In this video, Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel from the band CHON play through the song "Story" from their album "Grow".

CHON formed in San Diego, CA in 2008 and has since taken the progressive rock genre by storm by mixing extremely catchy tunes with amazing musicianship. Find out more about the band by following these links:

Ibanez Prestige: Mario and Erick from CHON play "Story"

Flavia Messinese: Kiesel Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest

Flavia Messinese: Kiesel Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest

Kiesel Solo Contest | Flavia Messinese | #kieselsolocontest

Michael Dolce: Australia Masterclasses

Im excited to be on the road conducting a whole heap of masterclasses around Australia.(See Flyer below) you can book a seat at


Like the links below
!st DRAW CLOSES ON 3rd October-Masterclass ticket,Legato lesson package , Everything til Now album

2nd DRAW CLOSES 6th November -Evil angel Pickup,Mission Rewah ST pedal,GHS box of strings,Cilia guitar strap,Picks.…/…