Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sam Birchall: Partially Stars - Guitar Play-through

Mixed and Mastered by Adam Skantze at DeadSurfaceStudios.

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Sam Birchall - Partially Stars (Guitar Play-through)

Eva Vergilova: Deep Purple "Mistreated"

Deep Purple "Mistreated" by Eva Vergilova

Marco Sfogli: The Wormhole Experience - Perseverance Preview


Valerio Lucantoni: Drummer/Composer/Arranger & Producer
Marco Sfogli: Guitar
Feliciano Zacchia: Keyboards
Lorenzo Beverati: Bass

Alex Argento: Mix & Master

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The Wormhole Experience - Perseverance Preview

Kee Marcello: Live In London 2016


Kee Marcello performing at a secret warm up gig at The Cavern in London in preparation for his 2016 UK tour.

KEE MARCELLO - Live In London 2016

Sam Bell: Chill Guitar Solo - inspired by some of Tame Impala's amazing textures

I made a backing track earlier inspired by some of Tame Impala's amazing textures and 90s vibes..., I resisted uploading another noodling guitar video that I typically do... I tried to improvise a 'structured' melody over the whole thing. Enjoy!

Sam Bell: Chill Guitar Solo

Gonçalo Crespo, Francisco Vala: Short-Lived

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song by:
Gonçalo Crespo:
Francisco Vala:
video by Vazão

"Short-Lived" is an instrumental track that's meant to recreate the way we feel about happiness and how we experience it. The way the song darkens and becomes heavier at a fast rate resembles the fact that we, the human race, struggle hard and passionately to get to certain points in life only to get there and wish that we'd be somewhere else. We can never be satisfied with what we have, thus happiness is "short-lived".
Gonçalo Crespo & Francisco Vala | Short-Lived (Official Video)

Dan Mumm: Haunted - Original Song 2016

"Haunted" - original song written, recorded and performed by Dan Mumm.

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Video shot, edited and produced by Maxxxwell Carlisle.

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Dan Mumm - Haunted - (Official Music Video) 2016 Original Song