Saturday, 15 October 2016

Gavin Iedema: Mask of earth stage

Gavin Iedema: Mask of earth stage

Gavin iedema - Mask of earth stage

Mohini Dey, Esani Dey: Rehearsals with drummer Gino Banks

Catch us rehearsing at our jam pad for the upcoming gig season!
Bass – Mohini Dey
Guitars – Esani Dey
Drums – Gino Banks

Location Courtesy – Sound n Light Professionals, Charkop, Kandivali (W)

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Rehearsals with Mohini Dey ft. Esani Dey and Gino Banks

Jakub Żytecki: DispersE - Enigma of Above Paris 2016

Recorded live @ Le Gibus, Paris - Europe Tour 2016

DispersE - Enigma of Above (Live @ Paris 10.13.16)

Greg Howe: Jamming with Greg Howe

Hi Folks! I´m so happy to share with you the most epic moment of my career! Here I´m jammin with the incredible Greg Howe, one of the best guitarist of all time. Enjoy and leave your comments please!



Epic! Magic! Super Awesome! Jammin With GREG HOWE! TCDG

Marco De Francesco: Baba O'Riley - impressive performance You Experienced?
MusicOff Artist Showcase - Promuovi gratuitamente la tua musica originale!
Cover strumentale eseguita da Marco De Francesco in unica ripresa live.
In questo video Marco utilizza, come sempre, i suoi fedeli strumenti Schecter, Hughes&Kettner e Rotosound di cui è endorser.
Buon ascolto!!­l
Resta in contatto con MusicOff!

Marco De Francesco - Baba o'riley | MusicOff Artist Showcase - The Who

Cameron Allen: "Tales Never Told" - track from upcoming new album

This is a track from my upcoming new album, Ex Nihilo. Hope you enjoy!

Cameron Allen - "Tales Never Told"

Rex Carroll: demonstrates an easy concept to expand your lead guitar thinking

In this free guitar lesson, Rex Carroll demonstrates an easy concept to expand your lead guitar thinking. For more information about one-to-one personalized lessons directly with Rex online, please visit:


Jeff Kollman: Fbomb 3 & Free The Tone Delay

Jeff Kollman showcasing 2 pedals at his Malibu studio.
Free The Tone -flight time Delay
and the Fbomb 3 -The fbomb 3 is a very musical distortion pedal which comes from the fuzzface family.. You order it at

Jeff Kollman - Fbomb 3 & Free The Tone Delay

Alex Hutchings: Performance, Liverpool

This is an awesome piece performed by Alex Hutchings at his masterclass in Liverpool at Dawsons Music. I feel very privileged to have seen this. He's such a great player. Enjoy!

Alex Hutchings Performance, Liverpool

Kostas Alexakis: Alex K - Emotional Melodic Guitar Solo 2

Hey Guys , this is my newest melodic guitar solo , a lot of people have been asking me to do a new one so here you go ! Thanks for all the views and comment on the first solo i did !
Here's the first video :

and the backing track is this:

Emotional Melodic Guitar Solo 2 By Alex K

Colm Lindsay: Teen Town - Weather Report - Galway Guitar Night

Adam Nolan (Tenor Sax)
Seán Carey (Bass)
Cathal Ryan (Drums)
Keith Adams (Keys)
Colm Lindsay (Guitar)

Our arrangement of the Weather Report song "Teen Town", live at the Galway Guitar Night, 4th October 2016.

Teen Town (Weather Report) - Colm Lindsay & Band live at the Galway Guitar Night

Allen Hinds: Magic Major and Minor Seconds with Jude Gold

Interviewed by Jude Gold on NO GUITAR IS SAFE audio podcast, ALLEN HINDS (starting at 0:55) demonstrates his trademark minor seconds in this exclusive video clip. Guitar: Xotic. Amplifiers: RedPlate combos in stereos (thanks to BOSS DD-500).

Allen Hinds' Magic Major and Minor Seconds

Sebastien Garsia: playing an NG Multiscale guitar.

Sebastien Garsia: playing an NG Multiscale guitar.

NG Multiscale - Sebastien Garsia

Francesco Fareri: Sweepey Todd - ESP E-II Horizon FR7

This is a sweep picking studio I created for my guitar lessons but I thought it was enought interesting to put in my new album... maybe as bonus track, anyway that's it!
Sweepey Todd Album Version

FRANCESCO FARERI proudly uses and endorses:
ESP GUITARS / EMG Pickups / Blackstar Amps / GHS Strings / Backline
Guitar Lessons in Rome or by Skype
Francesco Fareri: Sweepey Todd (ESP E-II Horizon FR7)

Niki Nussbaum: Jeff Loomis Shred Lick guitar lesson

Here's a Jeff Loomis inspired lick from:
Shouting Fire at a Funeral

Also few tips that have been helping me to improve my alternate picking. Feel free to share some of your tips / suggestions below.
Better videos to come.

Skip to 3:07 for the lick slowed down with Tabs

Thanks for stopping by & keep practicing!


Jeff Loomis Shred Lick & Guitar Picking Speed tips

Vinai Trinateepakdee: 'New Horizons' |

Vinai Trinateepakdee: 'New Horizons' |

The ‘Melody Maker’ himself, Vinai T returns with his brand new track titled ‘New Horizons’! This incredible new song really highlights what we love most about Vinai’s playing; a focus on inspirational yet catchy melodies, mixed with a virtuosic approach to composition and guitar technique. This is a player who really knows how to bring out his strengths on the instrument to create amazing songs that will stick in your head, and make you want to grab your guitar every time!

This song features plenty of essential guitar techniques and is an exemplary performance showing you how to incorporate everything from slides, bends, and vibrato to hammer ons, pull offs and alternate picking seamlessly into one epic track!

You can learn each and every note of this wondrous song using the accurate JTC TAB/Notation alongside the full video, audio tracks, and track notes. Then, when you’ve got it all down we have the full backing track for you to practise and jam over!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

*NEW* Vinai T's 'New Horizons' |

สรรเสริญพระบารมี บรรเลงกีต้าร์โดย วินัย ไตรนทีภักดี

Tosin Abasi: Trying out some pick-less improvisation for instructional DVD "THUMP!"

Trying out some pick-less improvisation over this wonder Machinedrum track. Check out my instructional DVD "THUMP!" to learn more about the techniques I'm using as well as my approach to harmony, song writing and gear!

THUMP improv

Joe Bonamassa: "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother" - Live At The Greek Theatre


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Joe Bonamassa - "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother" - Live At The Greek Theatre

Luis Galang: At Least It's Edible Play-thru

I got to get into a studio with the band to get this recorded professionally. This was supposed to be my entry to Guitar Idol 2016, but decided not to join so I can enter another contest on a local noontime TV show to which Im currently in the finals already.

Hope you enjoy.

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Max Rufo takes care of Luis' guitars

Guitar: Jackson JS23
Positive Grid - Jam Up

Clothes by Von Dutch

At Least It's Edible Play-thru - Luis Galang