Monday, 19 December 2016

‎Øyvind Owane Pedersen: Dunno by Owane - another album for your Christmas list

Dunno by Owane

1. Rekt 03:07
2. Fashion 03:51
3. Summer Jam 04:43
4. Quitting The Gym (feat. VNGR) 01:35
5. Nocturia 03:10
6. Defenestration (feat. Alexander A. Andersen) 05:41
7. Multivitamin Juice Pt. 1 05:45
8. Multivitamin Juice Pt. 2 02:33

Making this album took way longer time than expected, all songs were finished by March 2016, but endless problems occurred all the time once the post production started. Besides all problems, it's been fun experimenting with "new styles".
released December 19, 2016

Violins on «Rekt» & «Summer Jam» by Hugo Hilde
Vocals on «Defenestration» by Alexander Andersen
Arrangements on «Quitting The Gym» by VNGR

Written, programmed and recorded by Owane

Recording Engineer: Josef 7

Mixed and mastered by Simon Grove (Nerve Studios)

Artwork by Josef 7 & Owane

Blake Rurik, Raj Krishna: The Power Of One by OmnisighT available for pre order

1.Shift The Paradigm
3.Seven Sisters
4.Fall Of The Empire
5.The Power Of One

releases January 20, 2017

The Power of One EP:

Album cover by Azzurri Designs
Art Direction: Chris Warunki, Raj Krishna

All music by: OmnisighT

All lyrics by: Raj Krishna

Lead Vocals, Guitar (Lead and Rhythm): Raj Krishna
Guitar (Lead and Rhythm): Blake Rurik
Bass, Backing Vocals: Dave Shannon
Drums: Chris Warunki

Produced by OmnisighT
Engineered by Dave Shannon
Mixed/Mastered by Dave Shannon


Matthew Mills: performing at Cana Vineyards in Middleburg Virginia 2016

This was short clip of a performance at Cana Vineyards in Middleburg Virginia 2016

Matthew Mills performing at Cana Vineyards in Middleburg Virginia 2016

Michael Angelo Batio: Zeppelin Forever w/DV Mark Multiamp

On this video Michael Angelo Batio plays his Led Zeppelin tribute called Zeppelin Forever, using his DV Mark Multiamp. He introduces this live studio performance explaining what he likes about the Multiamp and how it pushes air exactly like a tradition amp.
Check out all the Multiamp features visiting DV Mark website:

Michael Angelo Batio - Zeppelin Forever w/DV Mark Multiamp

Eva Vergilova: Midnight playing - special performance with the Cheapcaster

Eva Vergilova: Midnight playing over a backing track :

Eva Vergilova Midnight playing

Martin Miller: Between You and Me - Live @ Off the Road Studios

How about some jazz on a solid body? ;) The next video from our live-in-studio performance is my original composition "Between You and Me". Enjoy!
Felix Lehrmann - Drums
Benni Jud - Bass & Vocals
Marius Leicht- Keys
Huge thanks to every member of the crew! (see end of video)

Between You and Me - Live @ Off the Road Studios

Jeremy Krull: The Mezzabarba MZero Overdrive - awesome chunky riff city

Here's a short but sweet (and pretty heavy) runthrough of Mezzabarba's flagship amplifier, the MZero Overdrive. Absolutely exquisite piece.

Special thanks, like really special thanks, to Trey Xavier for being present during the solo and melody filming (which was tracked 100% live by the way) to humor me while I got really frustrated and swore and said horrible things take after take. He also started and stopped the recording of the video during this part.

The Mezzabarba MZero Overdrive

In case you missed it

The Mezzabarba Skill

Jason Becker: Swiss Picks - The Becker Bleu Cheese!!

Swiss Picks

NEW for '17! The Becker Bleu Cheese!! A Tribute Signature pick created to celebrate the legacy of Jason Becker!! A legend, an inspiration, and a brilliant musician that has influenced so many of us, and continues to do so. In the rare occasion of a Signature pick, there has to be something unique that separates it from the pack. The Becker Bleu Cheese is comprised of Acetyl (Why give it a made up, goofy name? :)), which is a full sounding, well rounded tone most associated with Tortoise. We've beefed it up a bit and it's rougher texture gives a better hold. 

In choosing the color, it had to exude a positiveness and hope for Jason and his family, who have endured more hardship than anyone should ever have to go through. It's an honor to not only release this in Jason's name, but also to help the Becker family with future sales of his pick, which will cover the entire Swiss Picks line. To learn more about Jason, his music, and his struggle with ALS, please visit and the Jason Becker documentary "Not Dead Yet'. — with Jason Becker, Terry Rasor and Kiesel Guitars Carvin Guitars.

Drewsif Stalin, Eric Emery: Sledgehammer - BIAS FX

This was a fun one! Lots of Polyrythms, Double Drop D and a little guest spot from Eric Emery! More info below.

Bias FX Desktop is a Multi FX Amp simulator plugin for all of your Favorite DAW's and also works as a stand alone app for monitoring your guitar while recording. Check it out here:

Playing a Legator NRF8 300-PRO in Double Drop D

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Eric's Links:
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Filmed on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.
Edited in Final Cut Pro 7. Color Graded in After Effects with Vision Color LUT's.

BIAS FX: Drewsif Stalin Feat. Eric Emery - Sledgehammer (Rihanna Djent Cover)

Nick Andrew: Backseat Bicycle - extraordinary performance from the man who lives in a car.

There's a long story behind this video. I'll leave the details until I write book three (Backseat Bedroom is book one. I'm working on book two and living book three).
In August 2016, after living in a car for ten years I decided to make the move to living in a van. I then bought a second hand Vauxall Viagra, which was christened Geoff (I've since found out that his real name is Wolf!).
At the beginning of 0ctober the cambelt broke, leaving me totally destitute in so many ways. I had no money to get it fixed, no where to live, but still had to keep working and gigging. This took me to the bottom of life's barrel.

I remembered I had a bike at a friends house in Barnet (thank you Martin) and started cycling everywhere. On one journey my moods went up and down with the topography. Hopeful one minute then depressed the next. This is represented in the bulk of the piece.
I then received a phone call from my mate, Richard (Doc) Spooner (Philipp Fankhauser band). He told me that he'd put together a donation page to help with the cost of my repairs.
Sometimes I am a stupid eejit and don't naturally accept help. You can hear the inner conflict with my pride.
I eventually realise that there is a way out, which prompts the counterpoint section. That then leads to the support and unity in the last section, then we all fall over in exhastion!

I am amazed and humbled at the generosity that people showed.
I can never repay the debt, but I dedicate this wee tune with the greatest of thanks to all that donated or helped me in my darkest hours.

A Huge thanks to;

The Hooky Doughnuts;
Richard (Doc Spoons) Spooner
Jono Heale
Brad Snelling

Charles Twyman
Mara Sheldon
Nicky Cole
Tamarind Randall
Jacky Harris
Claire Faulkner
Louise Murphy
Richard Ecclestone
Caryl Carson
Clare Kewney
Rob McGregor
Adam Noble
Anonymous' friend
Richard Ecclestone
Barry Aaron
Anonymous' friend's secret lover
Richard Kirchner
Martin Harris
Martin Lawrie

Mick & Rat at MP motors

Rob of the RAC
Mike the recovery dude!

You can check out my book, 'Backseat Bedroom'.

Check out Zipper Tongue and our latest album, Above All Noise

All my other music can be found at

Backseat Bicycle by Nick Andrew