Monday, 2 January 2017

Yutsi Surya Pratama: Semesta Fana by Dunia

1. Evolvians 03:31
2. The Wanderers (feat. Soichiro Mizuno)04:04
3.Traverse The White Light 04:43
4. Be, and It Is 03:39
5. Ignition 1.6 (feat. Jeremiah Sormin)04:26

DUNIA are:
Yutsi Surya Pratama - Guitars and everything else
Joshua Deacon - Drums
Redhy Mahendra - additional guitar
Starting the "Semesta Fana" EP in January 2015, DUNIA has finally finished it on January 2017! A lot of time, blood, money, and sweat have been spent to make this happen. Sure, we love the process! As an independent musician, we believe in our community, H00mans (our fans), and our worldwide friends!
Released on January 2, 2017
All guitar tracks are recorded at Aion Studios.
Guitars used:
Delicore "Ikarus"
Delicore "The Wanderer"
Delicore "Apollo"
Ibanez RG 420 EG
FX used:
Kemper Profiler Amp
Ibanez TS9DX ERV Mod
Boss Digital Delay DD7
All bass tracks are recorded by Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana
Bass used: LTD F-205
FX used: Darkglass B7K to Kemper Profiler Amp
Drums are recorded at Joshua's cave
Drums used in recording is DW Collector Series Black Pearl
released January 2, 2017
All songs are written by Yutsi and Joshua, and recorded at Aion Studios and Joshua’s cave
Mixed and Mastered by Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana at Soundpole Studios
Guitar Solo on “The Wanderers” by Soichiro Mizuno
Guitar Solo on “Evolvians” by DUNIA’s additional guitarist Redhy Mahendra
Saxophone Solo on “Ignition 1.6” by Jeremiah Sormin
All bass tracks are recorded by Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana
Samples and other elements by Yutsi Surya Pratama
Artwork by Aion
© 2016 DUNIA Enterprises, all rights reserved

Pascal Corriu: Rust & Dust : So Far ( Made to be played LOUD )

Few months ago ,Axel Marchesnay , a fantastic singer ,talked me about doing a collab on one song . The musical chemistry was so great that we decided to work on more titles ..This the first track of a great recording afternoon ,for an upcoming rock album .Lionel Martinez is on drums ,Christian Favier gave us a hand on the bass . Axel wrote the lyrics and I composed the music . Recorded and mixed by Reynald Evrard , Filmed and edited by Xavier Queyrel and Bruno Perez ...More to come ...

Rust & Dust : So Far ( Made to be played LOUD )

Rob Scallon: The Scene Is Dead new album featuring Jeff Loomis, Sarah Longfield, Leah Woodward, Ola Englund, Garrett Peters, Pete Cottrell and Rabea Massaad

1.Gas Mask Catalogue (solo by Pete Cottrell) 03:31

2.Envy 03:07

3.Gateways (solo by Jeff Loomis)

4.And Ever


6.Jerome (solo by Rabea Massaad)


8.The Dial

9.Inferis Exterra

10.The Obscurity (solo by Sarah Longfield)

11.Rogue (solos by Ola Englund, Garrett Peters, Leah Woodward & Jeff Loomis)

The tracks on this album are named after no longer with us metal bands from the Chicago suburbs. This album is dedicated to them and all the other local bands that made up our local metal scene growing up.
releases January 30, 2017

Solos on
“Gas Mask Catalogue” by Pete Cottrell
“Gateways” by Jeff Loomis
“Jerome” by Rabea Massaad
“The Obscurity” by Sarah Longfield
“Rogue” by Ola Englund, Garrett Peters, Leah Woodward & Jeff Loomis

Drums written and programmed by Nick Pierce.
Mixed by Ryan “Fluff” Bruce
Mastered by Rob Ruccia

"The Scene Is Dead" out everywhere Jan 30th!
$1 gets your name printed on the album:
Preorder Vinyl:
Preorder CD:
Preorder digital on Bandcamp:

The album was made with extended range guitars. 4 tracks of which featuring the 9 string tuned to C# or double drop B. This song was written with the goal of sparingly using the extended low range for particular accents and leaving most of the riffing to regular guitar territory. And if I was able to shred well enough to play Pete's solo it would include all the strings...

The tracks on this album are named after no longer with us metal bands from the Chicago suburbs. The album is dedicated to them and all the other local bands that made up our local metal scene growing up.

Solo by Pete Cottrell:
Drums by Nick Pierce:
Mixed by Fluff:
Mastered by Rob Ruccia.

The guitar I'm using is a Schecter Hellraiser C-9

The white pick I'm using was given to me by Purple Plectrums
its much harder then the purple picks I use which is great for this type of stuff.

This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Cody Melcher, Rob Harper, Michael Christie, Charles Jones, Walter Zwinger, Brandon Ruf, Andy "VaultsOfExtoth" Wears, Josh Fittler, Stefan Gunn, Hypergnome, Aaron Frazier, Ryan Darden, Michael Schramm, Joe Thomas, Kasper Williams, Haroon Rahman & many other awesome people on my patreon page
Thank you so much!

Places on the internet I am...
2nd Channel:
Vine: @RobScallon

Andy James: STL Tones Signature Kemper Bundle

Andy James, one of the most technically proficient metal guitarists in the world today, has joined forces with STL Tones to create his own personal signature Kemper Bundle.
Using 6 of Andy’s dream guitar amp/cab/pedal setups, we worked closely together to create a signature collection that cater for all his playing styles. Andy's personal bundle contains 31 profiles, for details please read the info sheet below.

Profile Info Sheet -

1 6505 High Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)
2 6505 Mid Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)
3 6505 Low Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)
4 6505 High Gain Rhythm
5 6505 Mid Gain Rhythm
6 6505 Low Gain Rhythm

Fender EVH 5150iii -
7 5153 High Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)
8 5153 Mid Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)
9 5153 Low Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)
10 5153 High Gain Rhythm
11 5153 Mid Gain Rhythm
12 5153 Low Gain Rhythm

Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKII -
13 H&K High Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)
14 H&K Mid Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)
15 H&K Low Gain Rhythm (Maxon OD)

Lead Profiles -
16 6505 Lead w/efx
17 Mesa DC 10 Lead w/efx
18 PRS Archon Lead w/efx
19 Marshall JCM800 Lead w/efx
20 Peavey 6505 Lead Dry
21 Mesa DC 10 Lead Dry
22 PRS Archon Lead Dry
23 Marshall JCM800 Lead Dry
24 6505 Radio Effect

Clean Profiles -
25 AC30 Clean Neck Strat
26 AC30 Clean Bridge Strat
27 AC30 Clean All P/ups Strat
28 AC30 Clean Neck Jag
29 AC30 Clean Bridge Jag
30 AC30 Clean All P/ups Jag
31 AC30 Clean Neck Strat Dreams

All amp brands are trademarked by their respective owners and are in no way affiliated with STL Tones Profiles. You are purchasing a license to use these profiles for your own personal and/or professional use. The profiles are not for resale or any unlicensed distribution, free or compensated. The KPA Profiles simply seek to re-create the sound of the amplifiers listed and any use of the brand names is strictly for comparison and descriptive purposes.

Andy James: STL Tones Signature Kemper Bundle

Kinga Głyk, Irek Głyk, Piotr Matusik: Donna Lee - Kinga Głyk Trio - love it!



Kinga Głyk- uke bass
Irek Głyk- drums
Piotr Matusik - piano

Samuel Pawlas
Patryk Głyk
Tina Rzyczniok

Film edition: Patryk Głyk&Samuel Palwas

Mix: Patryk Głyk
Mastering: Patryk Głyk
Recording: Patryk Głyk

Donna Lee - Kinga Głyk Trio

Wagner Silva: Improvising Over "Funnels (Allan Holdsworth)"

Music of the great master Allan Holdsworth, who I am studying and improvising. Hope you like it.

Improvising Over "Funnels (Allan Holdsworth)" - Wagner Silva

Jason Becker: New Years Eve 2016 with Craig Rundels

In this special New Years Eve broadcast, we present to you, a guitar reveal with Jason Becker and Craig Rundels. Craig will be with Jason showing us a very cool new guitar which he is picking up from Jason. If you are a fan of Jason Becker this is a must watch.
On behalf of both of us, we would love to thank everyone for making the show what it is today. Thank you for all your support in 2016. We promise to work even harder for you in 2017 and bring you everything you’ve come to expect and more.
Happy New Year from Eric & Marc!
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New Years Eve 2016 With Jason Becker & Craig Rundels

Allen Hinds: Xotic / Soul Driven AH〜feat. ALLEN HINDS【デジマート製品レビュー】

Allen · Hinds tests his own signature drive pedal!
http: // ...
glossy tone, smooth phrasing, exquisitely controlled crunch sound with clever proper use of playing pick play and fingers interwoven the slide bar There is a guitarist with alliance, Allen Hinds. The overdrive pedal Soul Driven AH with his name was released from Xotic. In order to obtain overdrive sound closer to your ideal, Mr. Allen will review the confidence work developed by spending several years together with Xotic, making full use of the know-how on sound making!
Detailed product description from here ↓↓
Http: //Www.Digimart.Net/magazine/arti ...

Xotic / Soul Driven AH〜feat. ALLEN HINDS【デジマート製品レビュー】

Claudio Pietronik: Heart of Savanna - improvisation

Hey there, here's me improvising over my track "Heart of Savanna" (from the Jamtrackcentral package "Majestic Soloing) as my last jam of the year!

Here's the link for the "Majestic Soloing" package, where you can find backings and original solos:

Many thanks to the Jamtrackcentral team, and to Andrea Bana Anastasi for the mix, master and arrangement.

Gear used:
Kemper amp

Happy new year! :)

Jamtrackcentral's "Heart of Savanna" improvisation

Laura Cox: Jamming on my Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII

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First video of 2017!
I'd like to introduce you to my main amp : the Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII. It is very versatile and suits my music so well!
Gear :
-Bacchus Duke Laura Cox - The Duchess (w/ Lollar High Wind Imperial Pickups)
-Fender Telecaster Baja
-Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII
-Two Notes Torpedo Live (Cabinet Emulator)
Enjoy, and feel free to like and comment ;)
Laura Cox - Jamming on my Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII