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Jakub Żytecki: Tether from the forthcoming album Disperse album "Foreword"

Taken from the forthcoming album "Foreword". Release Date: February 24th, 2017.

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Disperse - Tether (Official Video)

Mark Holcomb: 12/8 Meter and How to Play "Prayer Position"

In this episode of Holcomb-Mania, Periphery's Mark Holcomb explores 12/8 meter, and shows you how to play some riffs from the Periphery song "Prayer Position." For tabs, check out:

Periphery's Mark Holcomb - 12/8 Meter and How to Play "Prayer Position"

Andrea Maccianti: Axe-Fx2 Friedman HBE FREE Patch FW Q 6.02

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Has 2 Scenes + User Cab.

Axe-Fx2 Friedman HBE FREE Patch (FW Q 6.02)

Scott Stine, Eddie Head: Hajis Kitchen - Ibanez 7 String Clinic Guitar Center - History Lesson

Scott Stine, Eddie Head: Hajis Kitchen - Ibanez 7 String Clinic Guitar Center

Hajis Kitchen - Scott Stine & Eddie Head Ibanez 7 String Clinic Guitar Center (Compete)

News: NEXI Industries Delivers Classic Crunch with New 1970’s Distortion Effect Pedal

NEXI Industries Delivers Classic Crunch with New 1970’s Distortion Effect Pedal

Put on your platform shoes and enjoy the vibe of NEXI Industries’ new 1970’s Distortion DIS-01. This electric guitar effect pedal provides a classic crunch with a warm, deep growl, allowing the player to achieve the vintage British tone used in many classic rock recordings. But “old school” tone doesn’t mean old school technology struggles. NEXI’s engineers have achieved that classic sound with analog design and a cutting-edge, plug-‘n-play design that accommodates the needs of today’s active players.

Like all NEXI pedals, the 1970’s Distortion was designed by boutique effect pedal creators, the self-declared “Vintage Analog Protection Squad,” who are committed to providing a unique tone without compromise. All NEXI pedals are true bypass and hybrid, and all are tailor-made to plug ‘n play. That means the 1970’s Distortion can be used standalone with a 9V battery or plugged right, an external power supply, or NEXI’s revolutionary pedal board. Aptly named “The Solution,” this heavy-duty board has a two-channel switch and three-step booster to satisfy every guitarist’s ego. It’s also equipped with covers that protect ports against dirt and beverage spills (splash-proof), a built-in tuner and power supply, and two USB charging docks for tablet or smartphone. Players can rock confidently, knowing that their board—and their 1970’s Distortion pedal—are safe and sound.

So whether a player is covering classic rock tunes or just wants to channel that vintage tone in a modern jam, the 1970’s Distortion pedal is their ticket back in time—all at the reasonable rate of €99.95 (approx. USD $105). Get a closer look and hear a demo at

Joey Tafolla: Joins with Leatherwolf for Hair Metal Heaven 2017

LEATHERWOLF joined by JOEY TAFOLLA; confirmed for Hair Metal Heaven 2017

January 4, 2017 - Southern California metal veterans LEATHERWOLF have announced the addition of guitar virtuoso Joey Tafolla of JAG PANZER fame to the line-up. Tafolla replaces Greg Erba whose last show with the band was last summer at Germany’s Bang Your Head!! Festival; he joins original members Michael Olivieri and Dean Roberts, long-time bassist Patrick Guyton, and lead guitarist Rob Math (LIGHTNING STRIKES, PLAYER).

States vocalist/guitarist Michael Olivieri on his Facebook page: “Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome the amazingJoey Tafolla as the new guitarist for LEATHERWOLF!! Joey is a great guy and great player! We're excited to have him a part of the Triple Axe Attack! We thank Greg Erba for his dedication to the band for the last number of years. A fantastic guitarist and an awesome dude!”

In other news, LEATHERWOLF have been confirmed for this year’s 80's metal extravanganza, Hair Metal Heaven, which is set to take place August 25-27 at O’Riley’s in Hull, England. Other bands on the bill include D-A-D, SPREAD EAGLE,SMASHED GLADYS and PRINCESS PANG. “We are extremely excited to make our return to the UK after almost three decades. The last time we played Britain was opening up for VOW WOW back in 1989 in support of ‘Street Ready’. Great memories! We can’t wait to finally rock for our British fans again who’ve been asking about gigs for years. See you in August!”


NAMM: McSwain Guitars to exhibit at NAMM’s Boutique Guitar Showcase

McSwain Guitars to exhibit at NAMM’s Boutique Guitar Showcase

Portland, OR: McSwain Guitars announced that it will participate as an exhibitor in NAMM’s newly introduced Boutique Guitar Showcase. The company will provide a hands-on display of a number of its latest models and designs.

“Given the limited production of many high-end builders, NAMM’s new Boutique Guitar Showcase is the perfect new forum to exhibit our latest models alongside a select community of luthiers and designers,” said Stephen McSwain, Founder of McSwain Guitars. “The boutique builder movement has never been stronger and we are excited to present some of our top collector models to the media and broader industry participants.”

In addition to its critically acclaimed, Red, White & Bullets model, the company plans to showcase its StaCool, Black Flag, Ace of Spades, Vintage and Machine Custom models amongst others. The guitars boast a unique blend of mahogany body and neck with aircraft aluminum top designs and custom inlays. McSwain signature design elements range from genuine .357 magnum bullet shell casings to custom sterling silver skulls stars.

The company proudly incorporates custom Arcane Humbucker pickups along with its patented ToneLayer aluminum fretboard binding.

Come and see what Guitarist Magazine describes as “a genuine piece of guitar craft….jaws hit the floor upon seeing it.”

McSwain Guitars will be at the NAMM show in Anaheim, January 19-22, Exhibit Hall C, Booth 4828N at the Boutique Guitar Showcase.

PRS: Simply Irresistible: S2 Vela Satin Limited Edition

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) January 3, 2017 – The S2 Vela Satin from PRS Guitars is a vintage-inspired guitar with loads of personality and tonal textures. Continuing in the style of the Mira and Starla models, the Vela boasts an offset body shape that is both elegant and edgy. The addition of a satin nitro finish for this limited edition gives the Vela added attitude, resonance, and a truly addictive feel.

The S2 Vela’s pickguard-loaded electronics feature a PRS-Designed Starla pickup in the bridge, providing a bright, punky tone, and the PRS-Designed Type-D Singlecoil in the neck that gives it some noteworthy bite. The coil-tap on the tone control allows the bridge pickup to split to singlecoils, providing a balanced tone that will cut through the mix with style. Anchoring this guitar is the PRS plate-style bridge with two saddles that were designed to compensate for intonation. This bridge harkens back to Paul’s early designs and traditional bass plate-style bridges, but is top-loading for easy restringing. Like the bridge found on Paul’s Guitar and some Private Stock models, PRS’s new plate-style bridge features brass saddles and an aluminum plate for maximum tonal sustain.

“The S2 Vela is hands down one of my favorite guitars of all time. Everything about it...the body shape, the bridge design, the pickup configuration...was carefully spec’d to fit the vibe we were going for. The satin nitro finish and tortoise shell guards on these limited edition models take it to the next level. Good luck resisting this beastly delight.,” said Jim Cullen, PRS Guitars Director of Sales.

There is no limit to the number of S2 Vela Satin Limited’s that will be made, but they can only be ordered between January 3, 2017 and February 28, 2017.

The excitement around the S2 series not only stems from the models it offers but from the very diverse group of artists who have embraced the series since its introduction in 2013. From punk to funk, S2 Series Artists include Jana Hunter and Walker Teret from Lower Dens, Marissa Nadler, Geoff Wigington from Waterparks, Jack Fowler from Sleeping with Sirens, Sam Harris from X Ambassadors, Louie Malpeli from This is All Now, Dave Knudson from Minus the Bear, and Vernon Reid from Living Colour and many more.

To explore the S2 Series and to see the new S2 Vela Satin Limited, along with the standard gloss and metallic finish offerings, please visit

News: Cort Guitars Introduces NDX Baritone Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Cort Guitars Introduces NDX Baritone Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Seoul, South Korea — Cort’s new NDX Baritone acoustic-electric guitar is designed for guitarists who want to play in lower-than-standard tuning, but struggle with intonation and thicker strings on standard acoustic models. The Baritone is the latest addition to Cort’s NDX Series, and has a slightly elongated scale length of 27’’, making it easier to play and stay in tune in the lower B tuning. With excellent sonic balance and unique design elements, the NDX Baritone provides an unique playing experience for guitarists of various styles.

Like other models in the NDX Series, the Baritone is a deep Florentine cutaway that allows unfettered access to the highest frets. It has a special deep body shape with exceptional depth (up to 125mm) and width (lower bout of 412.5mm, upper bout of 292mm), providing a big, deep and lush soundscape. The rich tone further resonates with Cort’s advanced scallop x-bracing, as well as the high-quality materials used.

The NDX Baritone’s solid Sitka spruce top has superior strength and flexibility, allowing the tone to resonate freely. A beautifully balanced sound is achieved with a low-end that’s deep and tight, complemented by a warm, rich midrange and a brilliant and clear high-end. The mahogany back and sides, a standard for premium acoustics for many decades, further expand the bright, natural tone.

The NDX Baritone’s ivory-bound body is finished in Natural Satin, NDX Series guitars also feature a double abalone rosette for a modern take on a classic design. The rosewood fingerboard has a unique, ring-type design inlay that’s exclusive to this series. Grover tuners with black buttons provide a bold accent on the headstock. The NDX Baritone comes with D’Addario EXP23 Coated Phosphor Bronze Baritone Acoustic Guitar Strings (B-E-A-D-F#-B).

Players can share the NDX Baritone’s rich tone with large audiences by using the built-in Fishman Presys Blend EQ with Sonicore pickups. This onboard preamp includes a microphone that can be blended in with the under-saddle pickup for a wider range of sounds. A notch filter control is also included to eliminate feedback. The small-footprint Blend also has a built-in tuner with LED display, a Phase switch, and a unique pivot design for instant 9-Volt battery access.

Offering high-end construction, design and electronics, the NDX Baritone is priced at an MSRP of $699.99. To learn more about Cort’s NDX Series, visit

Emmanuel Sansone: shred 2017

The Fast and Furious guitar demonstration… Shredding with Emmanuel Sansone from challenge THE BEST GUITARIST OF THE WORLD IN 10 VIDEOS…You like technic, quickness, slap in your face…That video is for you :)

shred 2017 the most fast and technic solo guitar ever played - Emmanuel Sansone

PJ d'Atri: recording new material with a host of great guitar players.

Philipp Johann D'atri

People of the earth, rejoice,
3 new Albums of PJ music are coming!
Stay tuned.. the first one, "SENTIERO" will come out in March, the second one "SPEED ISSUES - THE DUETS" will come out this summer and feature collaborations with my heroes Jennifer Batten (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson), the one and only Cody Carpenter, maestro Carl Verheyen (Supertramp),Rafael Trujillo (Obscura), Timo Somers (Delain), my virtuoso brothers Andrew Jay, Justin DeFreece,Josh Kraft & Thomas Eder
and finally some serious Synthwave record... oh YES.
:D — with Powernerd Paddy, Thomas Raven,Roland Rockatansky, Undead Factory, Verena Mandragora, Barbara Maria Hutter, Vincenzo Salvia and Kiesel Guitars Carvin Guitars.

Kurt James: Vintage Van Halen tone match - 1966 Marshall plexi Super PA JTM 100

This is my vintage white back plexi after countless hours of tweaking caps, resistors and tubes. Listen to the result. The amp is going direct into a marshall 4x12 straight cab, no FX. Vintage Ibanez destroyer guitar, .009 gauge strings.

Vintage Van Halen tone match - 1966 Marshall plexi Super PA JTM 100

Aluminum Chassis, Mustard Caps, MONKEY TONE!

1966 Marshall Super Amplifier P.A. JTM 100 MK III

Andy Othling: Lowercase Noises - Sketch #46

Here's to a new year. Hoping to bring you many more sounds in 2017.

Walrus Audio Deep Six
Old Blood Noise Procession
Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl
Chase Bliss Tonal Recal
Earthquaker Devices Avalance Run
Strymon El Capistan
Montreal Assembly Count to 5

Lowercase Noises - Sketch #46

Keith Merrow: Horizon Devices Precision Drive Pedal Demo

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Keith Merrow - Horizon Devices Precision Drive Pedal Demo

Mats Moland Træen: Dilemma short musical etude

Mats Moland Træen: Dilemma short musical etude

A short little composition for solo guitar I wrote. Enjoy!

Virgil Donati, Marco Sfogli, Alex Argento, Andrea Casali: IceFish Pledge Music Update 1 Teaser!

IceFish is an NEW and exciting progressive project featuring drummer Virgil Donati, keyboardist Alex Argento, guitarist Marco Sfogli, and singer/bassist Andrea Casali - Artist Page. Pre-order the new album through PledgeMusic for behind-the-scenes rehearsal videos, session footage, lesson, interviews, and more!

IceFish Pledge Music Update 1 Teaser!

Frank Gambale: Rig Rundown - Premier Guitar

Article & photos:

We caught up with Frank Gambale while he was on tour with Chick Corea’s Elektric Band in Nashville to talk about how to conjure up a ton of tones with only a few ingredients.

Frank Gambale tours exclusively with a handful of his signature guitars. On the electric side he brings a pair of Carvin FG-1 models (his No. 1 is shown above). Over the years, Gambale has experimented with a variety of tonewoods, but this particular one has a maple body with a maple top. For strings, Gambale prefers D’Addario ProSteel (.009–.042).

Gambale runs his signature DV Mark Multiamp FG. It’s a three-channel affair that can pump out up to 500 watts. The Multiamp also houses any effects Gambale would need during a set.

To continue learning about Gambale's setup, visit:

Rig Rundown - Frank Gambale

Lukasz Kulczak: Prog/Fusion Guitar Improvisation - tasty modern rock fusion soloing

Lukasz Kulczak: Prog/Fusion Guitar Improvisation - tasty modern rock fusion soloing

LuKi - Prog/Fusion Guitar Improvisation Solo

Martin Miller: Blue in Green (Miles Davis) - Live @ Off the Road Studios

NEW LIVE VID! This is us shredding like crazy over the Miles Davis classic "Blue in Green". We're not sorry. Happy new year, folks :*
Felix Lehrmann - Drums
Benni Jud - Bass & Vocals
Marius Leicht - Keys
Huge thanks to every member of the crew! (see end of video)
Off The Road Studios
Ibanez Guitars Ibanez Germany Laney Amplification IQS Strings

Blue in Green (Miles Davis) - Live @ Off the Road Studios

Richard Hallebeek: Recording dvd 'Chord Creativity' for TrueFire (2017 release)

Q1 2017 will see the release of my second instructional dvd for TrueFire called ‘Chord Creativity’. Here’s some footage from my personal cam at the recordings that took place November 7/8/9 2016; On the DVD, I will talk about:

- Hitting Chords
- Chords In Pentatonic
- Chords In Modes
- Chords In Melodic Minor
- Octaves With A 3rd Inside
- Chords In Symmetrical Scales
- Quartal Harmony
- Powerchords
- The Blues
- Drop 2 and Drop 3 Voicings Explained
- Harmonizing A Melody: All Chords With Melody Notes On High E And B Strings

Every subject comes with one or more musical examples and will have a backing for you to play over!
The backing tracks contain tracks played by: Virgil Donati, Randy Brecker, Brett Garsed, Jimmy Johnson, Frans Vollink, Niels Voskuil

Richard Hallebeek - Recording dvd 'Chord Creativity' for TrueFire (2017 release)