Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Leticia Filizzola: Blues mutations part 2 - Guthrie Govan

Whata jam

Blues mutations part 2 - Guthrie Govan

Dan James Griffin: Dragons And Dandelions - Math Rock written by fairies.

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1. Reversal Lifetime Dreaming 01:22
2. Mindful Madness 01:54
3. Dragons And Dandelions 02:52
4. Adventures Of A Lifetime 02:38
5. A Dragons Last Breath 02:42
6. Memories Of A Lifetime 03:34
7. Oh Well... I'm With The Fairies Now04:02

Math Rock written by fairies.
released September 6, 2015

Artwork by Sophie Laughton.
Dan James Griffin - 'Adventures Of A Lifetime' - GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

Nita Strauss: Pandemonium - ripping metal original from Coop's lead guitarist

Written, recorded and produced by Nita Strauss
All guitars and bass by Nita Strauss
Drums by Josh Villalta
Keyboards by Katt Scarlett

Mixed and Mastered by Travis Huff at Nocturnal Studios
Drums recorded at Sable Studios

Video produced by Flarelight FIlms, LLC.
Directed by Brian Cox & Corey Soria
Production Assistant: Jack Carlise
G&E provided by Wooden Nickel Lighting


NITA STRAUSS - Pandemonium (Official Video)