News: vinyl is the best music medium, discuss

Petrucci forum and guitar messenger are discussing the merits of Vinyl... this is wired view of the vinyl comeback and these are my thoughts:

Vinyl is dead, I've got 500+ LP's doing nothing. They're too big, they scratch too easily. The "warm" sound is actually the noise of the physical diamond running over the dirt/dust/human skin particles and faults in the vinyl surface. Good things about LP's are the exotic covers, the sleeve notes, the vinyl colours eg Dark Side of the Moon on white vinyl.

To me CD's remains the best medium for overall storage at this point, but they too take up too much space... mp3's are a revelation, my whole CD collection fits easily on 160Gb iPod classic! Hard disk failures make me prefer the CD.

On line storage seems like the next place! Your music available all over the world where there is Internet access. In terms of quality of sound it does matter to me, my hearing has had 45 years of various noises that have affected the overall hearing quality.

The latest releases of vinyl are really about collecting and avoiding the problems of digital media which is easily copied and stolen by those who do not wish to recompense the artist for their work. Overall, I think I'm saying please don't go out and get a vinyl record player because of the sound quality!

Feel free to comment and join the debate.