Dallton Santos: further adventures in improvisation

Pete Laramee: running with scissors

John Petrucci: liquid tension experiment shows

Dimitar Nalbantov: abandonment

Andy James: found some more notes just lying around and rearranged them into some more hot metalcore shred

Zakk Wylde: when it all comes together it flows and when it doesn't ...

William Dotto: the return of the chordal tapper

Walter Trout: blues guy has uk tour dates

Vinnie Vincent: tribute building

Mel Galley: passes away at the age of 60

Joe Satriani: vodcast online IX

News: dean shredder seach goes crazy!

Wim den Herder: congratulations on graduations

Joop Wolters: warming up for new york visit

Pop Voravit: warp speed clips