Ricky Garcia: new cd to feature jordan rudess

Charles Shaughnessy: funking improvisation

Orest Dziatyk: hawk's 2 string sweep exercise

Marc Guillermont: space animal fusion

Frank Gambale: yamaha clinic

Vincenzo Grieco: rock and blues licks lessons

t-cophony: tales from the river bank

Paul Gilbert: mmi clinic clips

Michael Bianco: summer afternoon tap

Kei Fujimoto: berserker

Scott Henderson: santo andre workshop

Michael Harris: more live tranz-fusion

Dave Martone: signs for magna carta and set to release cd with all star cast

Dave Martone: live in your face dvd

Alex Skolnick: trio tour dates

Calvin Prior: mini hendrix mints it

News: ie7 settings changed by microsoft affects all users

Jas Morris: inspired thoughts CD

John Petrucci: chaos in motion cover released

Hiram Bullock: rip