David Valdes: win a dvd

Andy Timmons: new tour dates

Paco Hernandez: 12!!!

Kelly Simonz: forever live in esaka

Luke Fortini: shred ideas in neo classical

Theodore Ziras: live in athens

Edu Ardanuy: demo in pointlessness

Harry Kapeliaris: new myspace

Jason Becker: new cd and happy birthday and rusty cooley

Ben Randall: rehearsal sessions for guitar idol

Marco Sfogli: live in caserta

News: guitar messenger gets a forum

Torben Enevoldsen: fatal force II on the way

Gary Schutt: loss 4 words

Jason Macedo: new web site and video

Rick Graham: from classical to fusion

Jordan Rudess: music through pictures

Alex Masi: three new cd's, european and usa tour dates