News: truth in shredding grabs guitarworld number 1 slot

OK... back to number 1 again... got a screen grab this time incase I disappear again! The top 10 is littered with the household favourites of guitar blog land... interesting to note TIS has significantly higher blog count, but the technique appears to count quality not quantity. The good news is fans of guitar who did not know about your blog before might know about it now... toodle pip.

1.Truth In Shredding lauriemonk Paul Gilbert 689 127
2.Rock House Blog The Rock House Blog David Gilmour 687 19
3.Modern Guitars Magazine Les Paul 564 0
4.Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Blog Fender 538 14
5.Gibson Lifestyle - Features Gibson 507 10
6.Guitar Noize guitarnoize Chickenfoot 440 7
7.i heart guitar Queensryche 366 18
8.The Guitar Channel dreg691 Alex Lifeson 325 4
9.Guitar Blog Fender 279 5
10.Steve Vai - Official News Updates 279

This is how the votes are counted:
Here's a quick overview of how we calculate our blog rankings:

The rankings are driven by linking between blogs. In general, the more links a blog receives from other blogs, the higher its score.
We also consider how many different sources are linking to a blog. 1 link each from 10 different sites is worth more than 10 links from 1 site.
We don’t count blogrolls, and instead only consider links that appear within recent posts. This keeps our rankings timely, but it also means that if you’re planning a vacation, you may want to consider recruiting all-star substitutes to help keep those links flowing.
The strength of the source factors into the value of a link. In other words, a link from the top-ranked blog is much more valuable than a link from this obsolete blog in our rankings–just like in real life. For the curious, this calculation involves iterating through the linking patterns multiple times in a technique similar to the original Google PageRank proposal–but on a much, much smaller scale.
We consider links created in the past 90 days, but depreciate their value over time: recent links are given more value than older links.
Note that our rankings don't incorporate any voting or commenting on our site - they're purely based on our analysis of other tracked blogs.

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