News: guitar girls unite!

A network of female guitar players. Women guitar players of all genres are welcome to share ideas, skills, music and videos. Introduce us to your music and playing style. Girls with guitars:

Welcome to Girls With Guitars, a network of female guitar players that spans all genres, ages and backgrounds.
Some may ask, "Why do the girl guitar players need a website?" I'm happy to tell you why. I'm lucky to have a long and fairly illustrious career as a female guitar player. I've been a professional guitar player/concert performer/session player/recording artist for over 30 years (Yikes! How's that possible?). After all this time people still come up to me and ask, "Why don't more women play the guitar?" I'm still surprised by the question even though I've heard it hundreds of times and I've finally figured out a way to give people an answer. The answer is on the pages of Girls With Guitars.
Look through these pages and you'll see my friends who just happen to be some of the best female guitar players in the world. I'm proud of every one of them. Here you'll find musicians who are concert performers, teachers, community workers, dance musicians, traditional players, songwriters, masters of the fingerboard, rhythm players, session players and more. We're the real definition of "girls who play guitar". We are not represented by the guitar trade magazines but we make our living playing the guitar and we work every day.
If you're thinking of joining, come on in! Tell us about yourself and your music. We look forward to meeting you.
Please feel free to post your gigs on the calendar located below the photos.

Play on gals!
Thank you,
Marcy Marxer

PS - We now have "Chat" located on the right side of the main page. Thanks, Paige!


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