Allan Holdsworth: spring tour dates

Scott Jones: back to recording after a six year hiatus

German Schauss: high speed outside picking demo

Jeff Loomis: nevermore tour dates

Guthrie Govan: audio treats

Adam Fulara: portugal festival date with bob zabek and tommy emmanuel

News: get adverts you want

News: get your image found!

Carina Alfie: us clinic tour

Vinnie Moore: promo shmomo

Joop Wolters: tribute to eric johnson

News:new guitar record label

Nicolas Waldo: more crazy speed picking

Al Ridgway: spocktrometer goes all chromatic

Temur Kvitelashvili: back in the time machine... 1995 seems good to me!

Alexandre Therrien: flamenco fusion

Victor de Andres: riff king entry!