News: imposters claim to be spinal tap members

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News: appleseed available on blu ray

News: truth in shredding spike IV thanks for al lthe visitors!

News: the beginning of the end for file sharing... jail sentences!

Kenny Serane: fusion on the torpedo and elmwood clinic

Tristan Klein: demos the PRS single cut

News: guitar idol to have live online voting for the final?!?!?!

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Chris Brooks: jamming on the dimarzio choppers

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Frank Gambale: akira jimbo cd 2008

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Jonathan Kreisberg: with drummer ari hoenig

Jonathan Kreisberg: new for now cd

Jeff Beck: live in japan dvd

Jeff Beck: the nagano sessions dvd

Carl Verheyen: with Steve Morse, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson: Trading 8s

Ed DeGenaro: less is seldom more

Allen Hinds: bogner alchemist demo

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