Jason Becker: 40th birthday special!

Cesar Huesca: tribute to steve vai!

Alberto Gonzalez: shred this competition entry

Daniele Gregolin: funk fusion improvisation

Chris Geden: shred this competition entry

Jan Laurenz: rock mode, speed picking and hell licks!

Hedras Ramos: a double hedras delivers a bach invention

Rob Chappers: monkey lord one guitar order form

Adrian English: metal to infinity review 90/100

Lorenzo Venza: utopia band

News: guitar hero 5 new controller announced!

Dave Kilminster: acoustic dates

Ray Gomez: mi 1986, full series

Robben Ford: blau tv 1997 part II

Homero Bittencourt,: tribute to planet x

Dave Martone: vox clinic, one tonight!

Scott Mosher: oceans of night cd available

Renat Bikchurin: bach invention in F

Angel Ruiz: shred this competition entry

Mark McGuigan: shred this competition entry

Tom Quayle: guitar pr0n - blue video!