Hedras Ramos: 3000 guitar fans can't be wrong!

Paul Gilbert: gc sessions!

Kevin Ferguson: international guitar competititon

Gentaro Satomura: shred alert!

Lori Linstruth: makes it to the cover of aardschok

George Lynch: souls of we live dates

Russ Parrish: steele panther give us limeys' a treat!

Robben Ford: soul on ten new cd

Remy Hansen: burning the pgm frm1 fireman

Joop Wolters: guitar lesson number 1

News: guitar world november edition

Marcel Coenen: solfeggietto

Matias T Rengel: shred this from argentina!

Osman Cenan Cigil: shred this from izmir, Turkey

News: guitar player superstar 2009 players announced.

Lorenzo Venza, Marco Sfogli: marco sfogli to guest on upcoming utopia CD!

Edward Box: vendetta heretic nation promo!

Angel Ruiz: goes disco!

Rob Chappers: has gas trouble!

Zack Kim: aerodynamic

Anton Tsygankov: kraken janus custom

Vinnie Moore: 8 part guitar lesson posted

Guthrie Govan, Dave Kilminster: 73 notes of doom

Milan Polak: getting rave reviews for the new CD.

Paul Gilbert: light my fire

Derryl Gabel: get online lessons from one of the best

News: boss frv1 63 fender reverb demo

Vladimir Maisiuk: shred this belarus style!