Brett Garsed: seven string

Mike Orlando: news round up

Paul Gilbert: feel the earth move!

Parker Wallace: SHRED slimer's tribute to sean baker!

Jeff Loomis: rock house dvd video shoot!

Joop Wolters: buy a bo-el... you know ya want one!

Milan Polak: "Torn" latest release

Kosta Vreto: msd distortion pedal

Parker Wallace: slimer goes country!

Borislav Mitic: features on new shrapnel compilation.

Edward Box: more promo for the new release

Jonas Tamas: chromatic rush

Alex Berserker: Tenochtitlán dweller shreds this!

Adam Ironside: that was yesterday

Todd Duane: suhr pt100 amp

Rob Balducci: violet horizon demo

Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan: budokan or bust photo gallery