Matias Kupiainen: extensive 2010 euro dates announced

Ronnie James Dio: diagnosed with stomach cancer

Ron Thal: at the Gibson Showroom in Berlin 2009

Toni Lloret: shredding with a student

Michael Angelo Batio, Yngtchie Blacksteen: forum shredathon

Floyd Fernandes: jazz floyd 2

Alex Berserker, Bernardo Martinez: internet collaboration

Brett Garsed: Vladivostok Jazz Festival 2009

Marcos De Ros: music from a none existent movie?

Ignazio Di Salvo: acousticlass

Lai Youttitham: internet jam collaboration 2

Emil Werstler,Evyal Levi: datth guitar lesson

Rob Chappers: Monkeylord looking for new names for the band

Krisztian Lovrek: when the guitar cries

Floyd Fernandes: vibe improv

Vincenzo Grieco: italian master class

George Marios, Rick Graham,Tom Quayle: more tea vicar?