Gary Moore: SYMA, Budapest, 2009.11.13.

Kiko Loureiro: Laney competition!

Chris Broderick: Megadeth playing In My Darkest Hour at The Palladium in Dallas Texas

Michael Baugh: past times

Niels Vejlyt: new DVD on the way.

Edu Ardanuy,Maranhão,Athur Maia: tribute to beck

Milan Polak: 3 octave blues scale tapping lick

Darren Donohoe: Milan's TRex monster pedal competition

Ayman Mokdad: Jean Fontanille contest

Lucas Prado: Milan's TRex monster competition

Cinematar: earthman

Vincenzo Grieco: clinic date

Massimo Izzizzari: new amp and guitar endorsements

Fabio Perciballi: music box competition

Steve Lukather, Nuno Bettencourt: ripping it up

Atanas Shishkov: ain't no shine

Rusty Cooley: get some private guitar lessons with the master.

Thorsten Koehne, Jay Parmar: Edens Curse five star gig