Mika Tyyskä: tonight I'm Mr. Mika Konplerf!

About a year ago I was working on the final recordings of Mr. Fastfinger's album "The Way of the Exploding Guitar". One of the songs, "Creatures of the Midnight" had recently went though a dramatic re-arrangement editing. Now suddenly there was one more guitar solo to record.

I set up an audio sequencer to loop the backing of the solo and started improvising on the guitar. I think I spent at least an hour or more, testing out different ideas, tones and effects. Nothing felt right for the song and part, and I slowly started feeling hopeless with the case. I then rememebered seeing a clip of Mark Knopfler's (from Dire Straits) live concert on TV about a week earlier. I now felt his playing would fit the song perfectly.
Enter Mr. Mika Konplerf!