Adam Ironside: reviews Alan Williamson's Across Angry Skies

Chris Brooks: bedroom eyes rhythm playing

Miki Sugimoto: is Jikki S Mickeyfield

Neil Schon: NAMM interview

Yngwie Malmsteen: donates custom pickups to auction for Earthquake relief

pARTyzanT: pencil tapping guitar!

Marius Pop: guitar at warp speeds!

Adam Hughes Henry: I love the English cricket team so much I entered a solo for the shred this too competition!

Romy Salvador Sidin: Malaysia digging shred this too!

Chema Herrero: Marco Sfogli's shred this too

Tenyu Nakamura: bluesy Japanese shred this too

Derek Furr: do the funky on Marco's shred this too!

James Plasencia: moved by Damjan Pejcinoski... I'll shred this too!

Jacqueline Mannering: shred this views go ballistic 2!