Fabrizio Chiruzzi: fusion improvisation and solo

Calin Grigoriu: tasty classic strat playing

Harry K Cody: Shotgun Messiah... lets build that time machine now!

Michael Angelo Batio: Jim Gillette When The Clock Strikes 12

Brian Carroll: Buckethead slaps the bass

News: Congratulations to JP from Strat O Blogster who feaures in the top 10 guitar blogs!

Jeff Mignot: shred white and sacre bleu!!!

Alex Forlani: guitar clinic demo

Joe Satriani: Hammersmith Apollo, London

Miki Birta: and Friends Club (live)

Jack Gardiner: Rockbox Boiling Point Pedal Demo

Jimmie Vaughan, Steve Miller: blue heaven

Juan Carlos Portillo: split musician!

Rob Chappers: ML2 spotted at Manson's guitar show!

Magnus Olsson: oh joy... Magnus got a video a camera... it must be Christmas already!

Guglielmo Malusardi: the Shred Baron, the doyen of guitar gurus'

Damir Puh: Call and response lick

Kosta Vreto, Anthimos Manti: Paul Dianno 2010

Denis Rexhepi: c-7 fr demo

Michael Angelo Batio: Nitro Live In Lincoln Nevada 1992

Morten Faerestrand: MFG live

Bill Berends: Big Bad Blues from the Berends Bros Band live

t-cophony: Reaching again

Robbert Hanenberg: brilliant tribute to Steve Vai