Andre Tonelli: Moto Perpetuo

Martin Miller: The Pat Metheny Lick lesson #3

George Marios: a little late night groove -House full of bullets

Petr Henych: Frank Gambale tribute live - Little Charmer

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Jay Parmar: Guitar Training Resource

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Roman Kiselev: You Don't Know What Love Is

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Rony Janecek,Henry Toth: 14 year old shredding it up!

Bastien Mickael: Blue Bug Competition

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Joop Wolters: demo's new hand wired pickups

News: Shred Junior says it's nearly Christmas! Let's Rawk!!

Joe Satriani, Dave Martone: Dave is the Black Swan to Joe's Worm Hole Wizard

Jake Reichbart: new Hal Leanard DVD announced

Michael Dolce: number one at Radio station, USA

Chris Broderick,Michael Schenker, Leslie West, Michael Angelo Batio: set for Dean NAMM jam

Reb Beach, Doug Aldrich: Whitesnake UK 2011 tour dates

Anouck Andre: footprints, testing new guitar pedal

Guerbovik: Guitar addiction contest

Irsad Guntara: Guitar Addiction Constest - Indonisia

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