Gary Moore: guitarist tributes pour in, including Alex Lifeson

Lots of tributes posted from guitarists great and small, here is another selection that I have gathered, no real order to the list, just as I found them.

Gary Moore (1952 - 2011) R.I.P : Parisienne Walkways (Live Montreux Jazz Festival '97)

Andy James:

Andy Timmons:
My fave Moore tune!!!

Andy James:
I think this is a great master class in creative control. Hey Andy, it was youre pawn kings version i heard first actually, then I checked this out. Awesome version you did of that song, and ladies and gentleman we are graced with the presence of a living legend in AT!

Music Video - Gary Moore - The Loner

Alex Lifeson:
"I was very saddened to hear the news of Gary's death. We toured together in the '80s and I remember him as a soft-spoken, gentle man with a quick smile. His influence as a guitarist is undeniable and his purity of playing and passion will live on in all of us who love the instrument he so cherished."

Doug Aldrich:
"I spent today rediscovering some of the work he did. Nobody ever played with more emotion than Gary Moore. He played with unmatched soul and melody. But he was also by far THE most ferocious, fearless and intense player I ever heard. No question.

"His playing made a huge impact on me.

Lalle Larsson:
RIP Gary Moore

Joe Stump:
"I'm deeply saddened about the tragic death of one of my all-time heroes, Gary Moore.

"Gary had a tremendous impact and influence on my playing. He's someone I've been listening to since the early '80s, and still listen to on a regular basis to this day. To me, he combined all of the elements that make hard rock guitar great — killer technique, great emotionally drenched melodic playing, and a massive tone in his hands.

"I remember hearing 'White Knuckles' on a metal radio show almost 30 years ago and being blown away.

"I love both his power blues-era material as well as his '80s-period hard rock and metal stuff.

"I learned every solo on 'Corridors Of Power', 'Victims Of The Future', and 'We Want Moore', as well as many other solos from a bunch of his other recordings.

Gus G:
"I'm very saddened by Gary Moore's passing. We've lost one of the greats.
His guitar style has heavily influenced me and I was lucky enough to see him live when he played in Greece for the first time back in 2008. I don't think I've ever heard more soulful playing and tone than Gary's.

Brian Robertson :
"When I first joined THIN LIZZY and we recorded the 'Nightlife' album, there was this track that we had to do, a song called 'Still In Love With You'. As it was time to record the guitar solos I refused to replace Gary's original solos. They were the best solos I'd ever heard at that point and I wouldn't let anyone talk me into changing that!"

Guitar legend Gary Moore dies aged 58