Isao Fujita,Shane Gibson,Hiroshi Shibasaki: Spark7 tour 2011

Japan Tour Spark7 two thousand and eleven!!

ten / six ~ 10/11 members
Isao Fujita (G)Shane Gibson (G) ,
Kiyomi Otaka (Org)
Yabuki Taku (Key)
Philip Bynoe (B)
Thomas Lang (Dr.) Guest ... . Hiroshi Shibasaki (G)
(10/11 only) ten / 6 Silver Elephant two Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo-10-6-B1 Open thirty past seven p.m. Start 19:00 adv ¥ 5,000 ¥ 4,000 day 10 / 8 sash Shizuoka Itaya-cho, Naka-ku Hamamatsu 100-10 Open seven p.m. Start 18:00 adv ¥ 5,000 ¥ 4,000 day ten / 9 Jack Lion Yokoe 20-25 chome Ibaraki, Osaka Open 6 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Start adv ¥ 4,000 day ¥ 5,000 10/11 Buddy Hall B2F 1-77-8 Futaba Asahigaoka Nerima Ward, Tokyo Open 19:30 Start half past six p.m. the day ¥ 4,000 ¥ 5,000 advance from the start 8 / 6 advance ticket booking all venues. Spark7 annual tour! Shane Gibson is a member of KoRn yuan (G), Kiyomi Otaka was organist in the strongest essential Spark7 (Org), Mr confident in one of the best keyboard player. Suguru Yabuki Perfect (Key), to the rhythm and Steve Vai, Philip Bynoe familiar with bassist Nuno Bettencourt (B), Thomas Lang is said to have the world's best technique (Dr) celebrate! ISAO new album released nationwide from 10 / 7 "Gravity Core" tour that saw引Ssage a frantic roar! ! Aug 7, 2 011 Toshimi Session @ Kichijoji Silver Elephant Toshimi Nagai (B) Yabuki Taku (Key) ISAO (G) greater Tsutomu (Ds) Open 18:30 Start 19 o'clock came out! Toshimi Session! ! Aug twenty-one, two thousand and eleven of Power Duo @ Yokohama-Joe Hey Abe Studies (Gt) ISAO (Gt) S. Sano (Ba) significantly Tsutomu (Ds) thirty past six p.m. Open seven p.m. Start Tekuyuni partner age, Manabu Abe and the number of years? The session! Aug twenty-two, two thousand and eleven IK Groovin '@ Yokohama-Hey Joe ISAO (G) Round bear Hisanori (Ds) at home this Ryosuke (B) , Shoko Nagasaki (Key) Open 18:30 Start thirty past seven p.m. Aug twenty-five, 2,011 organist overexquisite de S @ XYZ → A. Session Hachioji , Kiyomi Otaka (Org) ISAO (G) Yoshihiro Naruse (B) Takashi Sasaki (Ds) Open Start pending the Kiyomi Otaka's participation in the session. Mr. Naruse base, the drum will welcome Cassiopeia Sasaki original. Antarctica feeling the full!Aug 26, two thousand and eleven Unit @ Hey, Yokohama-Joe Yabuki Taku Taku Yabuki (Key) ISAO (G) of this house, Ryosuke (B) Shin Watanabe (Ds) 18:30 Open Start 7:00 p.m. Mr.. Suguru Yabuki science Perfect Face participate in the unit's! Sep 23, two thousand and eleven Session @ Stormy Monday Kannai Toshimi Toshimi Nagai (B) Kozo Suganuma (Ds) ISAO (G) Open Start undecided out again! Toshimi Session! ! This is a guitar trio with maven for two more. Sep 24, two thousand and eleven Cube-Jack Ray @ Lion ISAO (G) Ikuo (B) , Koji Hasegawa (Dr.) Open Start thirty past six p.m. 6:00 p.m. W / Slow Starter America, Stoic is the only time in Osaka, many years! ? Cube rainy-Ray miraculously aligned members (laughs)! - Installation is only playing. Oct fifteen, two thousand and eleven After Spark7 @ Kichijoji Silver Elephant ISAO (G) , Junichi sandpile (B) T. Xing (Ds) other members unknown unknown Open Start live after Spark7 Japan Tour.

From Spark7-Japan Tour 2008 : ISAO, Shane Gibson(G), Kai Kurosawa(B), Thomas Lang(Ds), Kiyomi Otaka(Org)



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