News: Hufschmid Competition

I've recently built this prototype guitar to celebrate the new Chinese Year of the Dragon! (I'm from 1976) And I've really enjoyed the previous "Albinodroid competition" experience.
This gave me the idea to make this new guitar competition and watch some of you great players having fun!

The contest is open to any kinds of styles of guitar playing and techiques, what I want is to watch you play at your full potential, be creative, play what you want as long as you make a quality video in which I can see you play! (blues, jazz, jazz-fusion, metal etc.)

In order to enter this competition you will need to:

-subscribe to
-become a Hufschmid Guitars fan on facebook
-Tell me why you feel you want to win this unique instrument and upload a video as a "Video response" to this competition video.

-The title of the video must be Hufschmid Guitars Competition, also add these words to the video tags + year + of + the + dragon
-Promote your video on internet
-You must be 18+ and if you win this contest, you will be fully responsible for the shipping costs of the instrument.

I will personally pick a happy winner on the 20th October!
Be creative, good luck!
music in this video by Leonardo Guzman performing on his Hufschmid H6 Albinodroid (happy Albinodroid competition winner!)
important: no matter how great of a guitar player you are , if you upload a video response in the last competition days, your entry will not be considered.
Hufschmid Guitars Competition

Hufschmid Competition


  1. Hey guys, important annoucement:

    The competition is shortened and will end September 20th! So dont miss your chance to win this unique guitar!

    Thank you Laurie for posting this!

    Kind regards from switzerland,

    Patrick Hufschmid


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