Dhalif: virtual interwebs collaboration

A Split Screen COLLABORATION of After Forever - Energize Me

Vocals - Nadine Vaesen ( www.youtube.com/NadineV1986 )
Keyboards - John Anthony Almadin Mateo
Guitars - Dhalif Rhapsody ( www.youtube.com/dhalif )
Bass - Dhalif
Drums - Dhalif

Ernieball Musicman Guitars http://www.music-man.com/
Dimarzio Pickups http://www.dimarzio.com/
Awe-In-One Picks http://www.awe-in-one.com
Korg Keyboards http://www.korg.com

Would like to thank Nadine and John for involvement in this cover and my lovely girlfriend Antionette for putting up with my frustrations putting all this together. (She even had to listen to it a million times)

After Forever - Energize Me ( SPLIT SCREEN )