Giorgio Rovati: Funk Hip-Hop progression

Ed Archer,Kendall Bechtel: Fifth Angel ready to fly again

David Wallimann: Top 12 Fusion guitar contest.

John Petrucci, Ron Thal, Orianthi: TC Electronics

Richie Kotzen: Behind Blue Eyes

Terence Hansen: Guitar Nation 2010 - day 2 - acoustic tapper!

Marcel Coenen: Guitar Nation 2010 - London

Benjamin Lechuga: Pehoé - Steve Vai Scholarship

Piotr Wójcicki:ABC Trailer Guitar Improvisation

Dave Reeves: a lesson on pinch harmonics

Gustavo Di Padua, Francisco Falcon, Daniel Santana: musica moderna masterclasses Brazil

Kermheat: live clinic

Dimitar Nalbantov: Overloud solo

Beledo: more super live fusion.. this must be your lucky night!

Dean DiMarzo: Bright Size Life and the one man band approach

Joe Satriani: latest load out and rig rundown with Joe at the helm!

Marshall Harrison: Improvisation over Vai's The Riddle - super legato