Andrea Accorsi: Tapping lessons series

Ayman Mokdad: Chain reaction, guitar idol III

AOR Michael: Laney AOR 100 demo

Agus Pindo: another incredible two handed player from Indonesia

Giovanni Agostini: tapped birthday greetings!

Karim Hamdi: aka Ron Govan Alex Argento - Synchronal Steps theme

Allan Hinds: Xotic Day Live at Alvas Music

Gianluca Russo: Dry Tone Jammin'

Ivy Park: sunny jam!

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News: Tone King Talent Search 2011

Oscar Morales: excellent tribute to Guthrie Govan - Fives

Dreamfullofzen: "Desert God" for the people of Eygpt

Emiliano Zapata: Dm ballad jam

George Lynch: Guitar tricks video Interview about Celestion speakers

Daniele Gottardo: Cardiology live Urbino at MITH

Robben Ford: linearock interview

Taiga Motoyoshi: JFusion... JWOW

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Derek Sherinian: signs three album deal with Mascot Records

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Halycon: album name Pastures EP, excellent Nu Fusion

Guthrie Govan:The Music Zoo 2011

Greg Howe: Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller Nakhodka, Russia

Guthrie Govan: Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann NAMM bash

Jordan Rudess: youtube interview

Kevin Glasgow, Alex Hutchings: Kams Palace live at Glasto

Sam Bell: ladies and djentalmen I bring you nu fusion from campana

News: beware the copyright troll visiting you.

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Nili Brosh,Tony Macalpine: to join Seven The Hardway?

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