News: For sale Vintage 1967 ES 335 TDC 12 String

Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermoli,Alberto Rigoni: Twinspirits back to rock your world

Arnaud: Capricci Di Diablo

Gary Moore: Guitar Players last interview

Luca Guidarini: Hypno Monkey

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet - Truth In Shredding planning to attend

Andy James: Synyster Gates Style

Sydnei Carvalho,Alex Martinho: Underground from Double Vision DVD

Christian Clemente: squeezing the most out of an average jam track

Adrian Tracks: Fuzzy Fuzz From Outer Space

Chris Beaver: Bohemian Rhapsody Orchestra of Guitars

Temur Kvitelashvili: 21 Guitar

Alex Berserker: New Studio Sample

Paul Bielatowicz: facebook

Muris Varajic,Emir Hot: Technical Difficulties

Tony MacAlpine: new solo work announced

Jason Becker, Michael Lee Firkins: Not Dead Yet, more names for the show

Sam Coulson: super smoking and steaming strat shred!

Mats Moland Træen: Morley Contest

Joe Satriani: live in Paris !

Rick Graham: Andy James Competition video Solo Package