Goncalo Pereira: working on fourth solo album

Gretchen Menn: the end of thin sound makes me Happppppy!

Francisco Meza: The Restless Mind new CD

Rob Chappers: Heart of Fire Competition - GLOBAL!

Guthrie Govan: order your super sweaty package !

Daniele Gottardo: Superfingering and Melodic Construction

Jessica Gardlund: sounding great on soundcloud jams

Rune Berre: Suhr Mega Jam

Rick Graham: Columbo backing track...1,2,3 Jam!!!

Johnny Hiland: Dava Picks demonstration

Niels Vejlyt: Die Today - Stethnic - pre order

Bela Fleck: Flecktones US tour dates

Tosin Abasi: new Weightless CD due in the fall

Fletcher Barton,Dave Fiuczynski: Berklee Blues jam

Florian Hofer, Atma Anur: Shadowed Light - Bottom Of The Sea

Darius Wave: Hufschmid Guitar Competition - scorcher!

John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess: Dream Theater - A Great Documentary

Harry Kapeliaris: the fusion selections

Andy Wood: Down From Up - Menace to Society

Alex Martinho: pre order the stunning new fusion CD

Tom Richardson: original fusion track