Istvan Alapi: live Hungary 2011

Jimmy Hedlund: inspired to play by a little piece of cream coloured wood...

Joe Bonamassa: Beth Hart: Well, Well... Beth and Joe sounding hot!

Jimi Hendrix: Tina Hendrix organising ‎"If 6 Was 9" Jimi Hendrix 69th Birthday Party

Joe Satriani: Crystal Planet There were all of these little musical things... I don't think anybody noticed

Chris Brooks: Live4Guitar digging deep on the Aussie rocker

Timo Somers: Delain recording

Pat Cash: Tennis superstar lives 4 guitar!

Guthrie Govan, Hedras Ramos:Jam Tracks full of new things and supporting Jason Becker

Krisztian Lovrek: tributes to Marco Sfogli

David Gilmour: Mihalis

Johan Randén: Bronk... more cool fusion

Darius Wave: Hufschmid H6E.. ripping demo!

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion Voted "Best New Band of the Last 10 Years"

David Gilmour, Rick Wright: Echoes

Joe Bonamassa: Hot Licks #3

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Live in UK Cinemas for one day special showing

Dave Martone,Glen Drover: Live web cast this weekend - full details

Kiko Loureiro: Pau de Arara

Chris Broderick,Alex Skolnick: winter guitar retreat

News: Just completed picking my top 10 guitar idol

Terry Syrek: Shred Is Not Dead book

Matt Williams,Laurie Monk: I think the world needs chroniclers as well as creators