Rafael Nery,Deh Valençay: Tagima Dream Team 2011

Tomo: String Insanity 2011

Juninho Betim: promo for new Guitar for God CD

Ally Salem: tribute to the late Gary Moore

Jack Zucker: countdown take

Ricardo Marins: Expo-Music 2011

Malina Moye: Black Cat and K-yotic at Bospop

Nahuel Schiumarini: Mama pickup endorsement

Alex Hutchings: Kiev jam session

Jack Thammarat,Alex Hutchings: On the way duet

Dave Celentano: two handed tapper feature

Bruno Monello: improvising melodic rock solo

Rob Chappers: Flying V Midnight Blues Jam

Alex Hutchings: Live at BKK 2011

Fabrizio Leo: clinic date announced

Rob Chappers: Win a 1-on-1 session with James LaBrie

Eddie Van Halen: Atomic Punk 2008

Maranhão,Deh Valençay: Tagima Dream Team

Luigi Rinaldi: Homage for Satan

Derryl Gabel: Outside Secrets Part 4 DVD

Paul Wardingham: new exclusive merchandise and online lessons

News: Grooveyard records update

Bela Fleck: featured on digital frets magazine

Paul Gilbert: Playing Jaden Rose Custom

Fred Brum: Atonement

Diego Gomes: original promo video

Michael Landau: Livermore 2011

Michael Lee Firkins: Ultra Pink Panther medley

Mateus Starling: The Cross - great original fusion

Ulf Katschrowski: 6th Live4guitar Competition

Calvin Prior,Parker Wallace: feature in Octobers Terrifying Young Guns