Arnaud: 99 Euro Charvel went to a loving home

Igor Paspalj: Axe Fx Ultra - Dynamic Response #2

Marco Sfogli: The Rhythms #2

Romain Roo Chapus: the Grinch Tapping Jingle Bells

Brian Larkin: Silent Night - Vigier Fretless

Komkrich Chouylai: SM Fuzz Competition

Ashly Badgett: SM Fuzz Contest

Hussein Haddad: SM Fuzz Competition

Nobby Conrad: SM Fuzz competition

Bub Zulu: SM Fuzz Competition

Roberto Restuccia: SM Fuzz Competition

Északi Szabolcs: SM FUZZ Competition

Łukasz Kulczak: SM Fuzz Competition

Kenny Serane: SM Fuzz Competition

Sarah Longfield: Ukulele and voice.

Jack Thammarat: BOSS BR-80 Jam

Lucas Araujo: Sunny in groove style

Joe Bonamassa: 2011, A Year in the life

Tony MacAlpine: tour dates to include VIP packages

Remi Nicouleau: Freaking Funky Bluez

Top Ten: 10 slabs of monstrous guitar for your collection

Wayne Krantz: Tim Lefebvre Keith Carlock at 55 bar 2003

Remi Nicouleau: Scottster Wrantzenstein's Monster